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Discussion on Article:
Crytek to Adopt AMD Mantle Mantle API for CryEngine.

Started by: tedstoy | Date 03/28/14 08:29:14 AM
Comments: 13 | Last Comment:  04/08/14 12:55:32 PM

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Making games for PS and or Xbox will require support for Mantle as it is designed to use the AMD chip and graphics where as if the games are to be aimed for the PC's then DX form M/S will be needed so it likely the new DX will have to use Mantle in their programming.
1 2 [Posted by: tedstoy  | Date: 03/28/14 08:29:14 AM]
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ms will prob end up using directx 12 in the xbox one while the ps4 will prob end up using mantle.
0 0 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 03/29/14 05:05:37 AM]
no the Ps4 will NOT use Mantle, it will be Using OpenGL ES
0 0 [Posted by: Rollora  | Date: 03/31/14 04:15:39 AM]
None of the above is right. I've read somewhere that Sony has their own APIs a low level one and a high level one.
0 0 [Posted by: Zingam  | Date: 03/31/14 07:48:24 AM]
In fact only wrong here is you. You slide off on Sonys PR marketing spun offs. Yes its their own API based on guess what?! OGL
0 0 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 04/03/14 06:36:37 AM]
nope. never. xbox will use dx12, ps4 will use the sony version of openGL and the 0 overhead opengl driver model.
0 1 [Posted by: amdzorz  | Date: 04/01/14 01:14:09 PM]

Good. Can we write a mantle API to wrap PhysX and offload that from the CPU? ;-)
0 0 [Posted by: digitalgriffin  | Date: 03/31/14 01:32:08 PM]

"Moreover, once the engine gets Mantle support, it will take a long time before game developers take advantage of that."

Are you sure about that?

AMD already said if anyone make games for XB1 or PS4, the main part for porting to Mantle is already there.
2 0 [Posted by: Hung Mai  | Date: 04/01/14 03:53:25 AM]
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wrong. xbox will only use dx12. ps4 will only use sony's private version of the 0-overhead opengl client.
0 1 [Posted by: amdzorz  | Date: 04/01/14 01:15:18 PM]
yes, that those will be the only part of the game they will need to replace. the rest of the game will be able to function just like it did on the console.

this in sharp contrast with the dx11 on windows where most games require extensive rewrites to be able to work around the bottlenecks of the dx11 API and get acceptable performance.

that's what AMD ment when they said that with mantle porting from consoles would be far easier.
0 0 [Posted by: Countess  | Date: 04/08/14 12:55:32 PM]

I said that months before..........
1 1 [Posted by: mudi1  | Date: 04/01/14 09:28:24 PM]

I'm pretty sure Crysis was DX10.

And according to Wiki, was released in 2007 not 2006... which sounds about right to me also.
1 0 [Posted by: JBG  | Date: 04/02/14 02:33:09 AM]
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Yuuuup. It's that borken dx10 patch over dx9.0c nvidia released a decade ago.
And CryShitTec finally announced some change in that broken engine which so favorably healed nvidias gpu sales.
IMNSHO. I really dont think thats no news at all because they desperately need change in their dinosaur engine. I guess (tead. Hope) they'll sunk along their seven years old tech, research years not included in cumulative years.

Bybye crycrytech hope you'll sunk as decades need to do bare tech implementation is not at all evolutionary moment. and hopefully we all wont need to cope with your broken tech implementation benchmarks.
0 1 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 04/03/14 06:41:38 AM]


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