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Discussion on Article:
Athlon 5350 and Sempron 3850 Processors (Kabini) and Socket AM1 Platform Review. Four Cores for Less

Started by: cduchesne | Date 05/23/14 04:28:08 PM
Comments: 175 | Last Comment:  11/29/16 07:29:57 AM

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I cannot figure out why every review site has to use such a large power supply to test a chip that tops out around 25-30W. The power numbers are worthless if you are not using a sub 200W or preferably sub 60W PSU.
5 1 [Posted by: cduchesne  | Date: 05/23/14 04:28:08 PM]

What Kabini needs is to be supported by name brands like HP, Dell and Lenovo. If they wanted, these companies could use Kabini in very affordable desktop compact systems for simple web browsing and email... the sole activities of about 90% of users.
3 1 [Posted by: BernardP  | Date: 05/23/14 11:04:08 PM]

lol, nice bullshit with power consumption. PSU 700+W for 25W TDP platform? WTF?
No, 45W CPU load for Kabini, looool. Very wrong guys, very wrong...
I tested it too and I had 35W for all system in CPU load.

PS:Maybe you can add next measurement. Nobody will running in practice LINX or OCCT and + Furmark. Its stupid. What about practice power consumption. Example game playing or wathing at 1080P video at this platfrom?
3 2 [Posted by: FlanK3r  | Date: 05/24/14 03:24:03 AM]
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I run my 5150 (runs @ 1.6Ghz) with an Asrock mobo with DC port (just like a laptop) and it rarely hits 25 watts in normal usage varies between 18-23 mostly. I only use it to run windows 7 as an HTPC to replace a cable box, but it still does a great job of it and was a lot cheaper than the Celeron J. Oh yeah and it is even smaller than the old cable box. Actually, I don't think too many USERS run FurMark & SuperPi on their HTPCs just to see how many watts a CPU is capable of using???
0 0 [Posted by: Freebird  | Date: 07/11/14 08:38:14 AM]

The author does a good job to focus on all the negatives of the platform. Very pessimistic review.
Also it is funny to see someone saying that AMD did nothing to improve Kabini for the last year when Beema is already one month old. And we know how much better it performs with much lower power consumption.
And of course AM1 can support overclocking. But only ASUS added overclocking capabilities in it's motherboards. MSI didn't.
Also Beema ended up just too much similar as a design with Kabini and it was introduced just too close to the introduction of AM1 platform. So Beema compatibility with just a BIOS update for today's AM1 boards is not necessary something to think as impossible. Nice pointing at future DDR4 and the possibility Beema to have a DDR4 controller, but thats not really a problem. The author seems to forget things like AM2 and AM3 processors working on the same AM2+ motherboards.
2 1 [Posted by: john_gre  | Date: 05/24/14 01:08:13 PM]

I'm amused by this review article for several reasons. It's hard not to sense disdain from the author about the kabini product.

The entire article seems a bit negative, however ends on a much more positive mood - I was a bit WTF?

1) the author points out that the Athlon 5350 costs $55, while the J1900 costs $75, and the 3rd model costs $82. That's a price hike of of 40% & 50%. Now... at no stage did I see the Intel chips even get close to beating the Athlon chip by more than 25%. So why the negativity? It seems the Athlon chip is in fact punching above its weight (as far as cost).

2) These are entry level chips designed to handle the everyday tasks of web browsing, music, video, downloading + NAS/HTPC/file server functions + basic casual gaming. These AMD chips cost very little and seem to run quite efficiently - I'd say this pretty good. I can save $40 or more, which can go towards a bigger HDD. Kinda makes sense that the AMD platform is more suitable..
2 1 [Posted by: Iftekhar Ahmed  | Date: 05/25/14 06:40:50 AM]

This review appears to be an attempt to appease a bully boy and or to curry favour to the biggest advertisers and advertising placement people. It really smacks of bias, a fan boy would have been really proud of this review.
0 1 [Posted by: tedstoy  | Date: 05/26/14 07:41:39 AM]

People, people, people...

If you've been around this website for more than a few months you know it's very customary for reviews or editorials to appear that are inflammatory and often totally incorrect. These generate tremendous "hit count" for the website as knowledgeable people are insulted by the cronyism that exists in these articles. Don't lose sleep over obviously untrue, bias reviews that are contrary to reality and objective reviews reported by reputable website.

In recent months X-Bit's website has been a mess and this may be due to financial or other issues. Increased site hit count leads to increased revenue. Clearly this site IMO is not functioning as a respectable, honest website would so take everything you read here with a large grain of salt. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet because it is often the Mis-information highway full of prejudice and fraud - often for profit.
0 1 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 05/26/14 11:36:03 AM]

I find it humorous that the celeron with its ancient GPU was able to play the heavy duty 4k clip and the "newamazingbbq" amd graphics pegged and dropped frames
0 0 [Posted by: amdzorz  | Date: 06/22/14 04:45:50 PM]

Is the AM1 compatible with Windows8?
0 0 [Posted by: Deborah Lacebal  | Date: 07/02/14 11:21:44 PM]


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