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Discussion on Article:
NVIDIA SLI: Sometimes They Come Back...

Started by: erikhb | Date 06/30/04 06:29:07 PM
Comments: 34 | Last Comment:  11/29/16 07:58:10 AM


The article says that the system requires two identical cards to run, and this would then be PEGx16 cards.
It also says that currently no chipsets on offer or likely to be introduced in the near term will support 2 PEGx16 slots.

The Intel chipset mentioned and shown in the article is PEGx16 + x8, does that mean that the Nvidia PEGx16 cards will fit and operate in a PEGx8 slot?

Is this true of all PEGx16 cards, as a downward compatibility feature of the new interface architecture?
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