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Discussion on poll "How often do you upgrade your desktop PC nowadays?"

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So dumb computer when it breaks , because I live in Brazil and paid 4x times more than you guys 2x is the conversion of currency and tax is 1x and 1x is more profit ie if you guys in the U.S. pay $ 300.00 dollar in a part computer here in local currency paid R $ 1,200.00 reais, our minimum wage is R $ 724.00 or twice the actual minimum wage with our more or less U.S. $ 2.40, one U.S. dollars to buy it and it costs almost reminding that the minimum wage is $ U.S. $ 1,500.00 Imagine that in other countries and Brazil is the sixth world economy , but Brazil is a country with the services provided by government to extremely bad health , education and safety and are considered poor countries of Africa , the health system here is a genocide kills everyone in education is precarious and safety bankrupted everyone is assaulted and robbed and has many deaths per year with crimes . The Brazilian government is totally corrupt and still want to do more or less canopy invested about 51 billion of cash on construction of stadiums for the World Cup , who comes to visit my parents in the canopy will probably feel it on the skin and will still have to face protests be made that go in the pantry . So I say computer here in Brazil are buying another when it breaks and if it's not possible to repair.
0 0 [Posted by: Bruno W. D.  | Date: 02/01/14 06:21:54 PM]
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Our written in google translator and this different from what you mean hope you can understand.
0 0 [Posted by: Bruno W. D.  | Date: 02/01/14 09:44:16 PM]
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0 0 [Posted by: wallwood  | Date: 11/03/16 03:05:55 PM]

I need a computer first before I can upgrade it.
0 0 [Posted by: dreamer77dd  | Date: 06/19/14 05:29:35 PM]

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0 0 [Posted by: Resin Jam  | Date: 10/16/15 11:13:07 PM]

I only update when needed or when something go's broke like two labtops this year.
My two desktop PC's are from 2004 and the other one from 2006.
My game PC is from 2002 running Win 200 Pro SP4.
My youngest server is a dual CPU AMD Opteron from 2010, while the old dual Athlon servers (4) are all still working fine, most are from 2000/2001.
The PC used for music is an 486 running Win 95, which is enough for this purpose.
MP3's don't need that much.
Routers and access points are updated quicker just like printers and extern backups.
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0 0 [Posted by: nandita  | Date: 10/13/16 08:48:27 AM]

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0 0 [Posted by: Rachel Roberson  | Date: 10/18/16 06:34:11 AM]

I prefer to use my laptop as long as it work well. What I was talking about is my personnel use but for work needs i always prefer to choose the latest or upgraded one. If your use case is exceptionally intensive, replacing your desktop or laptop at the 3 year point is a good plan. Its all up to your needs.
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0 0 [Posted by: sussanbetcher  | Date: 11/07/16 11:00:05 AM]

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0 0 [Posted by: LoriHicks  | Date: 11/09/16 04:31:32 PM]

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0 0 [Posted by: sussanbetcher  | Date: 12/01/16 01:32:52 PM]

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0 0 [Posted by: Dona Gilbert  | Date: 12/02/16 06:56:47 AM]


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