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November, 2012
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Friday, November 30, 2012

Apple iPhone 5: Widely Available at Last – Analyst. iPhone  Foxconn  Hon Hai  Apple
[7:12 am]

Leading U.S. Operators Show 90% Availability for Apple iPhone 5

Quad-Core Microprocessors to Dominate Notebooks in 2016. Lenovo  Apple  ASUS  Dell  HP  Hewlett-Packard  Acer  AMD  Intel  Sandy Bridge  Ivy Bridge  Trinity  Lllano  Haswell  Richland
[4:56 am]

59% of Laptops to Feature Quad-Core Chips in Four Years

Microsoft Chooses Between E3 and Devoted Event for Xbox Next Launch - Report. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox Next  Loop  Durango  Kinect  Xbox Live  Xbox TV  Windows 8  Windows Phone  SmartGlass
[3:50 am]

Microsoft Mulls Unveiling Xbox Next at E3 2013 or at Dedicated Event – Report

Updated OpenCL 1.2 Spec Expands Heterogeneous Computing Functionality. OpenCL  GPGPU  ARM  PowerVR  Mali  ImgTec  Imagination Technologies  Vivante
[2:40 am]

Khronos Group Publishes Updated OpenCL 1.2 Spec

HP Starts to Sell Cheap-Looking Envy Branded PCs, Creator of Envy Brand Gets Disappointed. Voodoo  HP  Envy  Business  Hewlett-Packard
[1:34 am]

Voodoo PC Founder Upset About HP’s Usage of “Envy” Brand


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scythe Group Denies Plans to Shut Down Operations. Scythe  Business
[9:25 pm]

Scythe Set to Continue Making Legendary Coolers

AMD Expects x86 to Remain Important Architecture for 25 – 30 Years. AMD  x86  Bulldozer  Piledriver  Excavator  Steamroller  Intel  ARM  Cortex
[6:04 pm]

AMD Does Not Expect x86 Architecture to Extinct for Several More Decades

TSMC Breaks Ground to Build 16nm FinFET Fab. TSMC  16nm  20nm  28nm  300mm  Semiconductor
[1:54 pm]

TSMC Begins to Build Fab 14 Phase 6 Fab, Reveals Plans for Phase 7 Factory

Sony’s 4K LED UHDTV to Come Bundled with Media Server, Free 4K Movies, Xperia Tablet. Sony  HEVC  H.265  MPEG  UHD  UHDTV
[1:40 pm]

Sony’s XBR-84X900 4K UHDTV for $25 000 Starts to Ship

Sapphire Technology Unleashes High-Performance Cooler for Microprocessors. Sapphire  Vapor-X  AMD  Intel
[12:24 pm]

Sapphire Brings VaporX Cooling Technology to Central Processing Units

OCZ Technology Group: We Are Back on Track. OCZ  SSD  NAND  Flash  Business
[11:57 am]

OCZ Shares Preliminary Restructuring Results

Microsoft Windows 8 Launch Was Slow – NPD. Microsoft  Windows 8  NPD
[7:02 am]

Analysts Consider Windows 8 Launch Slow

Microsoft Announces Surface with Windows 8 Pro Pricing. Microsoft  Surface  Windows 8
[5:36 am]

Microsoft to Sell Surface Business Tablet Starting at $899

Sony’s PlayStation 3 Also Outsold Nintendo Wii U on Black Friday Week. Sony  PlayStation  Nintendo  Wii U  Xbox  Microsoft
[4:50 am]

Sales of Nintendo Wii U Considerably Behind Both Rivals on Thanksgiving Week

Cooler Maker Scythe Shuts Down Operations [UPDATED]. Scythe  Business
[3:52 am]

Scythe USA Falls Victim of Economic Crisis


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Detailed Specifications of Nintendo Wii U Revealed by Technology Enthusiasts. Nintendo  Wii U  Cafe  Latte  Espresso  IBM  PowerPC  Evergreen  AMD  ATI  Radeon
[11:06 pm]

Nintendo Wii U: Triple-Core PowerPC 750 CPU, 550MHz AMD Evergreen GPU

Nokia Demands to Stop Sales of RIM’s Blackberry Phones. Nokia  RIM  Blackberry  Wi-Fi  GSM
[1:40 pm]

Nokia Wants to Forbid Sales of Wi-Fi-Enabled Smartphones from RIM

Asus, Nvidia, PNY Quietly Start to Sell Tesla K20 Compute Accelerators. Nvidia  Kepler  Tesla  GPGPU  GK110
[1:30 pm]

Nvidia GK110-Based Compute Cards Available for Purchase at $3200 - $4000

Nanocrystal Breakthrough May Enable Bendable Electronics.
[1:20 pm]

Researchers Create Flexible Low-Voltage Circuits of Nanocrystals

Nintendo Wii Mini to Cost $99, Lack Internet Connection. Nintendo  Wii  Wii Mini  Wii U
[1:16 pm]

First Nintendo Wii Mini Details Emerge as Pre-Order Begins

Toshiba Reveals New-Generation Hard Drive for Nearline Enterprise Applications. Toshiba  HDD
[12:25 pm]

Toshiba Expands Portfolio of Enterprise HDDs with New 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB Models

Microsoft: Sales of Windows Phone-Based Handsets Quadruple with Windows Phone 8. Microsoft  Windows Phone  Windows Phone 8  Apple  iOS  Google  Android  RIM  Blackberry
[10:53 am]

Microsoft Windows Phone May Become World’s No. 3 Mobile OS This Quarter

Sharp to Introduce 4K Professional Display with IGZO Panel. Sharp  4K  HDTV  UHD  UHDTV
[1:09 am]

Sharp Set to Release 4K IGZO Display for Japanese Market


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

AMD to Show the First Temash-Based Product Prototypes in CES Timeframe. AMD  Jaguar  Bobcat  x86  Kabini  Kaveri
[11:09 pm]

AMD Hopes to Demonstrate Next-Generation Ultra Low-Power APUs at CES

Nintendo: Faster Processors and Pretty Graphics Will Not Be Enough to Compete with Wii U. Nintendo  Wii U  Sony  Microsoft  PlayStation  Xbox
[6:17 pm]

Nintendo Awaits Microsoft’s and Sony’s Response to Wii U

Apple and AMD May Offer Radeon HD 7000-Series for Macintosh. Apple  AMD  ATI  Radeon  GCN  Southern Islands  Tahiti  Pitcairn  Cape Verde  Mac OS
[1:58 pm]

Apple Drivers Now Support AMD Radeon HD 7000 GPUs

MediaTek Works on Many-Core 28nm Processor for High-Performance Mobile Applications. MediaTek  Nvidia  Qualcomm  Samsung  Tegra  Snapdragon
[1:52 pm]

MediaTek Reportedly Preps Leading-Edge Multi-Core Mobile Chip with Up to Eight Cores

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Outsells Nintendo Wii U During Thanksgiving Weekend. Microsoft  Xbox  Kinect  Wii U
[1:40 pm]

Microsoft Xbox 360 Remains Most Popular Game Console in the U.S.

Amazon: Sales of Kindle Devices Set All Time Record During Thanksgiving Weekend. Amazon  Kindle  Kindle Fire  Android  Google
[1:12 pm]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Help Amazon to Boost Kindle and Kindle Fire Sales

AMD Set to Sell Lone Star Campus in Texas. AMD  Business
[12:47 pm]

AMD to Sell Austin, Texas Campus to Raise Cash

Ericsson Sues Samsung for Patent Infringement. Ericsson  Samsung  Business  Wi-Fi  GSM  GPRS  EDGE  WCDMA  4G/LTE
[12:05 pm]

Ericsson Sues Samsung After Refusal to Prolong License

BitMicro Introduces Talino Architecture for Enterprise SSDs. BitMicro  SSD  NAND  Flash
[11:42 am]

BitMicro Introduces Architecture for High-End Enterprise SSDs

Microsoft Sells 40 Million Windows 8 Licenses in One Month. Microsoft  Windows 8  Business
[3:45 am]

Microsoft Shares First Windows 8 Sales Results

Chief Exec of AMD Happy with Thanksgiving Weekend Sales, Has Positive Expectations for 2013. AMD  Business
[3:08 am]

Promising Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales May Point to Successful Holiday Season

OCZ Brings SSD Performance to New Heights with Barefoot 3 Controller-Based Vector Family. OCZ  Vector  SSD  Indilinx  Barefoot  25nm  NAND  Flash
[1:18 am]

OCZ Unleashes Vector Series Solid-State Drives with Indilinx Barefoot 3 Controller


Monday, November 26, 2012

Apple to Begin Shipping New iMac 21.5” This Friday, Delay 27” Version to December. Apple  iMac  Blu-ray  Intel  Ivy Bridge  Core  Nvidia  Kepler  Geforce
[1:49 pm]

Apple Clarifies Availability of New iMac All-In-One PCs

Founder of Atari Not Impressed with Nintendo Wii U, Sees End of Console Era. Nintendo  Wii  Wii U
[1:13 pm]

Nolan Bushnell “Baffled by” Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Reportedly Readies Wii Mini Game Console. Nintedo  Wii
[1:03 pm]

Nintendo Readies Small Form-Factor Wii Console

Sales of Samsung Galaxy Note II Hit Five Million Units. Samsung  Galaxy  Galaxy Note  Android  Google
[1:01 pm]

Shipments of Samsung Galaxy Note II Exceed Five Million Units

Launch Sales of Nintendo Wii U Lower Compared to First Week Sales of Wii. Nintendo  Wii U  Wii  Business
[11:32 am]

Nintendo Sells 400 Thousand Wii U Consoles in First Week


Friday, November 23, 2012

Smartphones Set to Overtake Feature Phones in Flash Memory Consumption Next Year. Flash  NAND
[7:05 am]

Feature Phones Remain Relevant, But Smartphones are on Offensive

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: Apple.
[7:01 am]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal with Apple and Massive Discounts

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: Stereo-3D TVs.
[2:42 am]

Full-HD S3D TVs Now Start at $500

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: Solid-State Drives.
[12:24 am]

120GB SSDs with 550MB/s Read Speed Cost Less Than $100


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: Media Tablets.
[8:40 pm]

Affordable Media Tablets Get Dual-Core Processors, Android 4.0 OS

AMD’s Steamroller High-Performance Core Slips to 2014, Excavator May Face Delays. AMD  Steamroller  Excavator  Piledriver  Bulldozer  Richland  Kaveri  x86 32nm  28nm  20nm  14nm  Globalfoundries  TSMC
[1:58 pm]

AMD May Be Reconsidering High-Performance x86 CPU Cores Roadmap

Demand for Nokia Lumia 920 Exceeds Expectations of Financial Analyst. Nokia  Windows Phone  Microsoft  Lumia  Qualcomm  Snapdragon
[1:37 pm]

Nokia Lumia 920 Is Selling Better than Expected – Analyst

Graphics Cards Makers Start to Roll-Out “Tahiti LE” Graphics Cards. PowerColor  Club3D  Tul  Radeon  Tahiti  Tahiti LE  AMD  GCN  Southern Islands
[1:11 pm]

PowerColor, Club3D Reveal Special Editions of Radeon HD 7870 Graphics Cards

Google Project Glass Set to Become Available in 2014. Google  Glass  Project Glass  Android
[12:24 pm]

Consumers to Get Google Glass in 2014 – Time Magazine

Motorola Unveils “Intel Inside” Smartphone for Chinese Market. Motorola  Intel  Medfield  RAZR i  Android  Google  Atom
[11:31 am]

Motorola Launches MT788 Smartphone with 2GHz Processor for Chins

Microsoft Reportedly Preps Xbox Set-Top-Box to Fight for Mainstream Consumers. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox Live  Xbox Next  Loop  Durango
[10:53 am]

Microsoft to Release Xbox STB Alongside Xbox Next – Report


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nintendo: Wii U Starts to Make Profit Once the First Game Gets Sold. Nintendo  Wii U  Business
[10:55 pm]

Nintendo Wii U Very Close to Break Even Point – President of Nintendo of America

Intel’s Haswell Could Be Last Interchangeable Desktop Microprocessors - Report. Intel  Broadwell  14nm  Haswell  Core
[4:22 pm]

Post-Haswell Chips to Feature BGA Packaging, Set to Be Sold with Mainboards

TSMC Rumoured to Build Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility in the U.S. TSMC  Semiconductor  300mm  450mm  10nm  Apple  AMD  Nvidia  Qualcomm  Business
[1:51 pm]

TSMC May Build Large Fab in the U.S. to Compete for Fabless Clients like Apple

Microsoft Game Studios: We No Longer Compete Only with Console Companies. Microsoft  Xbox  Windows 8  Windows  Windows Phone  Windows Phone 8  Apple  Amazon  Google
[12:53 pm]

Microsoft Game Studios Sees Major Expansion of Competitors

Tablets Set to Outsell Notebooks This Black Friday. Apple  iPad  Samsung  Galaxy Tab  Kindle Fire  Amazon  Google  Nexus  Asus  iOS  Android  Microsoft  Surface  Windows RT
[12:12 pm]

Starting Black Friday, Tablets to Outsell Notebooks

Gigabyte Mainboards to Support 4K HDTV Resolutions with Two Thunderbolt Ports. Gigabyte  Thunderbolt  4K  UHDTV  UHD  Intel
[11:53 am]

Two Independent Thunderbolt Ports to Enable 4K HDTV Output

Nintendo Wii U Has “Horrible, Slow CPU” – Developer of Metro 2033: Last Light Game. Nintendo  Wii U  4A Games  Metro 2033  Metro: Last Light
[7:35 am]

4A Games Debunks Nintendo Wii U’s Multi-Core IBM Power Processor

SEC Begins OCZ Related Investigation, Requests Internal Documents. OCZ  SSD  Business
[6:53 am]

OCZ Technology Receives Inquiry From SEC

Apple Mobile Platform May Turn Out as “New Windows” Due to Microsoft’ Late Arrival to Tablet Game. Apple  iOS  Mac OS  Mac  Macintosh  macbook  iPad  iPhone  Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8
[3:50 am]

Apple’s Platforms Could Finally Compete with Windows Head-to-Head - Analyst

Nintendo Stops Development of Games for Wii Game Console. Nintendo  Wii
[2:56 am]

Nintendo No Longer Develops Games for Wii


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Imagination Technologies Faces Rival for MIPS Buyout. Ceva  ARM  MIPS  PowerVR  Imagination  Imagination Technologies
[7:05 pm]

Ceva Proposes to Acquire MIPS Technologies for $75 Million

Hewlett-Packard: Share of x86 Mission-Critical Servers Up, Sales of Itanium-Based Systems Down. Hewlett-Packard  Integrity  Superdome  Intel  HP  Oracle  Itanium  IA64  HP-UX  Kittson  Poulson  Tukwila
[1:59 pm]

Sales of Business-Critical Servers Slightly Up at Hewlett-Packard

HTC Denies Hefty Payments to Apple for Every Android Handsets. Apple  iOS  HTC  Android  Business  Motorola  Samsung
[1:57 pm]

HTC “Happy” with Apple Settlement, Does Not Have to Pay $6 - $8 per Handset

Fujitsu and Oracle to Reveal More Details About 16-Core SPARC Chips at Tech Conference. Fujitsu  Oracle  LSI  Sparc  40nm  TSMC  Sun Microsystems  28nm  SPARC T5
[1:51 pm]

Lack of Speedy Innovation Calls Fujitsu and Oracle to Discuss Already Known Chips at ISSCC

Samsung to Detail Quad-Core Big.Little Chip for Mobile Applications in Early 2013. Samsung  Cortex  Big.Little  ARM  28nm  Exynos
[1:26 pm]

Samsung to Unveil Ultimate Chip for Smartphones and Tablets at ISSCC 2013

Sales of Windows 8 Below Microsoft’s Internal Projections – Expert. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT  Business
[12:31 pm]

Microsoft Windows 8 May Become the Next Vista

Memoright Introduces MLC Solid-State Drives with Four Times the Average Life Span. Memoright  QuadLife  SSD  MLC  NAND  Flash
[11:43 am]

Memoright QuadLife MLC SSDs Feature Four Times the Average Endurance

Intel’s Partners Call Future CEO to Remain Focused on Ultra-Mobile Chips, Channel Market. Intel  Business
[4:42 am]

Partners of Intel Want the Company to Continue with Ultra Low-Power Chips

UMC Gets New Chief Exec After Restructuring of Management Team. UMC  Semiconductor  300mm
[3:44 am]

UMC Replaces Chief Executive Officer with 300mm Production Specialist


Monday, November 19, 2012

Western Digital Reveals High-Performance 4TB Hard Drive. Western Digital  WD  WD Black  HDD
[10:48 pm]

Western Digital Introduces 4TB WD Black Hard Disk Drive

Intel’s Slow Progress on Ultra-Mobile Market Led to Early Retirement of CEO – Analysts. Intel  Business
[1:46 pm]

Financial Analysts Consider Reasons for Paul Otellini’s Early Retirement

Intel Licenses GPU Technologies from Creative Labs. Creative Labs  Creative Technology  Creative  Intel  ZiiLabs  3Dlabs  GPGPU
[1:18 pm]

Intel Licenses Patents, Acquires Engineering Resources from Creative

AMD Readies Another Round of Reorganization, Lay-Offs. AMD  ATI  Business
[12:50 pm]

AMD to Take Further Restructuring Actions in the First Half of 2013

Barcelona Supercomputing Center Selects Samsung Exynos Processor for Supercomputer. Samsung  Exynos  Nvidia  Tesla  Tegra  ARM  Geforce  GPGPU  Monte-Blanc
[12:10 pm]

BSC Selects Samsung Exynos Processor Over Nvidia Tegra

Crucial Introduces Ballistix Low Profile Memory Modules. Crucial  Ballistix  DDR3  DRAM
[8:38 am]

Crucial Releases Low-Profile DDR3 Memory Modules

Intel’s Chief Executive Officer Set to Retire in May. Intel  Business
[6:43 am]

Intel’s Paul Otellini to Retire in May


Sunday, November 18, 2012

AMD Set to Release "Tahiti LE" in Late November. AMD  ATI  Radeon  GCN  Southern Islands  28nm  Tahiti  Cape Verde  Pitcairn
[4:02 pm]

AMD to Launch New High-Performance Radeon HD 7800 GPU

Nintendo Brings Wii U to the U.S. Nintendo  Wii  Wii U  Business
[2:03 pm]

Nintendo Launches New-Generation Console

Imagination Unleashes High-Performance 6-Cluster GPU for Smartphones, Tablets and Low-Power Gadgets. Imagination Technologies  Imagination  ImgTec  PowerVR  Intel  Apple
[2:01 pm]

Imagination Unveils Six-Cluster PowerVR6 Graphics Core


Friday, November 16, 2012

WD Debuts New-Generation My Net Draft 802.11ac My Net Wireless Router and Bridge. WD  Western Digital  My Net  Wi-Fi  802.11ac
[5:03 am]

WD Introduces Dual-Band 450Mb/s + 1300Mb/s 802.11ac Wireless Router and Bridge

Sony Readies High-End Smartphones to Compete Against Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S. Sony  Sony Mobile  Sony Ericsson  Android  Windows Phone  Apple  Samsung  iPhone  Galaxy  iOS
[2:43 am]

Sony Preps Flagship High-End Smartphones to Fight Iconic iPhone and Galaxy S

HP Reveals Purpose-Built ProLiant SL4500 Server for Big Data. Hewlett-Packard  HP  ProLiant
[1:25 am]

HP Launches ProLiant SL4500 Server Technology for Big Data Applications


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sony PlayStation 3 Sales Reach 70 Million Units Worldwide. Sony  Playstation  Move  Kinect  Xbox
[8:10 pm]

After Six Years on the Market, Sales of PS3 Nearly Match Sales of Xbox 360

Joint Working Group Moves Toward Wireless WiGig DisplayPort Certification. WiGig  VESA  DisplayPort  Wireless WiGig DisplayPort
[3:28 pm]

Wire-Free Dream Closer with Renewed WiGig VESA Collaboration

Intel Preps Special Atom System-on-Chips for Advanced Storage Systems - Report. Intel  Briarwood  Centerton  Atom  x86
[2:43 pm]

Intel Develops Atom “Briarwood” SoCs for Storage Applications

Apple May Be Unable to Fulfill Demand for New iMacs This Quarter. Apple  iMac  Blu-ray  Intel  Ivy Bridge  Core  Nvidia  Kepler  Geforce
[1:10 pm]

Certain New Apple iMac Shipments May Be Delayed to 2013

Head of HP’s PC Business: Microsoft Surface Is Slow, Kludgy and Expensive. HP  Hewlett-Packard  ElitePad  webOS  Palm  Microsoft  Surface  Windows RT  Windows 8
[12:14 pm]

HP Does Not Considers Microsoft Surface a Competitor, Has No Immediate Plans for Consumer Tablets

Ubisoft Happy with Nintendo Wii U Technology, Not Happy with the Price. Nintendo  Wii  Wii U  Business
[5:53 am]

Chief Executive of Ubisoft Glad to See Wii U Launching, But Would Prefer Lower Price of Console

AMD FirePro S10000 Card Powers World’s No. 2 Greenest Supercomputer. AMD  ATI  FirePro  Southern Islands  GCN  28nm  Tahiti
[3:22 am]

AMD’s FirePro S10000 Accelerator Speeds Up Saudi Arabian Supercomputer


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

LG G2 HDTVs Get OnLive Cloud Video Game Streaming Service. OnLive  LG  LG Electronics  HDTV
[10:52 pm]

OnLive Game Service Now Available on LG G2-Series HDTVs

Samsung to Start Making Bendable Displays for Smartphones in First Half of 2013. Samsung  Galaxy  AMOLED
[6:09 pm]

Samsung May Start Mass Producing Bendable Smartphones Next Year

Price of Commodity DRAM Memory Remains on Low Levels, but Stabilizes. DRAM  Business  DDR2  DDR3  Samsung  SK Hynix  Micron  Elpida  Powerchip Semiconductor  Inotera  Nanya
[3:20 pm]

4GB DDR3 Memory Module Now Costs $15.5 per Unit on Average

Kingston Speeds Up Cost-Efficient SSD Line with New SandForce Controller and NAND Flash. Kingston  SSDNow  LSI  SandForce  19nm  SSD  NAND  Flash
[2:40 pm]

Kingston SSDNow V300 Series Provides 450MB/s Read and Write Speeds at Low-Cost

TI Ceases Development of OMAP Chips for Smartphones and Tablets, Fires 1700 Employees. Texas Instruments  TI  OMAP  Amazon  Kindle  Kindle Fire  ARM  Cortex
[2:21 pm]

Texas Instruments Officially Refocuses OMAP Division to Address Embedded Markets

Samsung Begins Production of 64GB eMMC Storage Solutions Using 10nm-Class Process Technology. Samsung  eMMC  NAND  Flash  MLC  20nm
[12:52 pm]

Samsung Introduces 10nm 64GB eMMC Memory Storage Solution for Slim Smartphones and Tablets

Nvidia to Tape Out Two New Tegra Chips: Wayne and Grey. Nvidia  Tegra  Wayne  Grey  4G/LTE  ARM  Cortex  Icera  3G  3.5G  4G  LTE
[12:37 pm]

Nvidia Hopes to Get First Tegra “Grey” Silicon This Quarter

Belkin Rolls Out World’s First Keyboard for Apple iPad Mini. Belkin  Apple  iPad  iOS
[11:29 am]

Belkin Transforms iPad Mini into Notebook with New Keyboard Folio

Elliptic Develops Touch-less Gesturing Technology Using Ultrasound for Electronic Devices and Windows 8. Elliptic Labs  Microsoft  Windows 8
[4:01 am]

Elliptic Creates Touch-less Gesturing Tech, Just as Seen in Minority Report Movie

Micron and AgigA to Develop Non-Volatile DIMM Technology. Micron  AgigA  NVDIMM  DRAM  NAND  Flash  DDR3  DDR4
[3:24 am]

Non-Volatile DIMMs May Be Game-Changers for Datacenters

Microsoft: DirectX 11.1 with Native Stereo-3D Output Is Exclusive for Windows 8. Microsoft  DirectX  Stereo 3D  ATI  AMD  HD3D  3DVision  Nvidia  Radeon  Geforce
[3:09 am]

Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista Will Not Get DirectX 11.1, Native Stereo-3D Output

Futuremark Develops “One Size Fits All” 3DMark Benchmark for Different Devices. Futuremark  3DMark  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT  Android  iOS  Google  NVidia  AMD  Intel  GeForce  Radeon  Core  FX
[2:18 am]

Next-Gen 3DMark Will Compare Windows, Android and iOS Devices

Apple to Get $6 - $8 from Every HTC Smartphone After Settlement. Apple  iOS  HTC  Android  Business  Motorola  Samsung
[12:09 am]

Apple Set to Get from $180 to $200 Million from HTC in Annual Fees


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Enthusiast Manages to Overclock DDR3 Memory Module to 3.90GHz. G.Skill  TridentX  Hynix  DDR3  AMD  Llano  Fusion  Gigabyte
[11:01 pm]

G.Skill TridentX DDR3 Module Overclocked to 3900MHz

Intel and Qualcomm May Team Up for Sharp Investment. Intel  Qualcomm  Sharp  Foxconn  Hon Hai  Business
[1:53 pm]

Intel and Qualcomm In Talks to Invest $378 Million into Sharp

AMD Launches GPGPU Accelerator for HPC, Workstation and Remote Desktop Applications. AMD  ATI  FirePro  Southern Islands  GCN  28nm  Tahiti
[1:44 pm]

AMD Rolls-Out FirePro S10000 Compute Card for Servers

Acer Introduces C7 Chromebook for $199 with Intel Celeron Inside. Acer  Google  Chrome  Chromebook  Celeron  Intel
[12:54 pm]

Acer Launches World’s Most Affordable Laptop

Toshiba Temporarily Reopens Semiconductor Facility in Thailand. Toshiba  Semiconductor
[12:11 pm]

Toshiba Reopens Chip Plant After Last Year’s Flooding

AMD Hires JP Morgan Chase to Explore Options of Company’s Future. AMD  Business  Mubadala  Globalfoundries  Apple  Samsung
[11:57 am]

AMD’s Management Considers Sale of Company, Patent Portfolio

Nintendo Wii U to Be in Short Supply Initially, But May Not End Up As Successful as Original Wii. Nintendo  Wii  Wii U  Unity  Business
[6:38 am]

Nintendo Wii U Will Have Challenges Achieving Success of Wii Console

Intel Solidifies Positions on the High-End Desktop Market with New Extreme CPU and Mainboard. Intel  Core  LGA2011  Sandy Bridge-E  Ivy Bridge-E  22nm  32nm  HEDT
[2:57 am]

Intel Unveils New Core i7 Extreme Microprocessor and Mainboard


Monday, November 12, 2012

Everspin Debuts First Spin-Torque MRAM for High Performance Storage Systems. Everspin  ST-MRAM  DDR3  DRAM  NAND
[10:11 pm]

Everspin Introduces First Spin-Torque MRAM with DDR3 Interface

Nvidia Reveals Tesla K20 Accelerators for Supercomputers. Nvidia  Kepler  Tesla  GPGPU
[1:51 pm]

Nvidia Unveils GPU Accelerators Based on GK110 Chip with Up to 2688 Stream Processors

Kingston Unleashes HyperX Beast Lineup of Memory Modules. Kingston  HyperX  HyperX Beast  DDR3  DRAM
[12:59 pm]

Kingston Introduces New Family of High-End Memory Modules

PLX Unveils ExpressFabric at SC12 Supercomputing Event. PLX  ExpressFabric  PCI Express
[12:24 pm]

PLX Unveils PCI Express-Based ExpressFabric Supercomputer Fabric

Steven Sinofsky Steps Down from Windows President Position at Microsoft. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  Surface  Windows RT  Windows Phone
[11:53 am]

Windows Chief Unexpectedly Leaves Microsoft

Intel Announces First Xeon Phi Products for High-Performance Computing. Intel  Xeon  Xeon Phi  Knights Corner  22nm  MIC
[8:17 am]

Intel Introduces Xeon Phi 3100 and 5110P Coprocessors


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nvidia and Qualcomm Glad with TSMC’s 28nm Chip Supply. Nvidia  Qualcomm  Snapdragon  Tegra  Gobi  Geforce  Kepler  Business  Tesla  Quadro
[2:03 pm]

28nm Supply Situation Breaks Through

Apple Settles with HTC: No Problems with Android. HTC  Apple  iOS  Android  Google
[2:02 pm]

HTC and Apple Settle Patent Dispute

Nvidia Feels “Good” About 28nm and Kepler Yields. Nvidia  Geforce  Kepler  Business  Tesla  Quadro  Tegra
[2:00 pm]

Nvidia’s 28nm Issue Seems to Be Over


Friday, November 9, 2012

LG Electronics Begins to Ship Ultra-Wide 21:9 Display. LG  LG Electronics  UHD  UHDTV
[4:45 am]

LG Electronics’ EA93 Ultra-Wide 21:9 Display to Cost from $635

Intel to Start Selling NUC Barebone Kits in December. Intel  NUC  Ivy Bridge  Core
[4:01 am]

Intel’s NUC Barebones to Cost Over $300, Complete Systems May Hit $500

Mushkin Unleashes World’s Highest-Performance mSATA Solid-State Drive. Mushkin  SSD  SandForce  mSATA  NAND  Flash  Atlas Deluxe
[1:58 am]

Mushkin Debuts Ultra High-End Atlas Deluxe 30GB mSATA SSD

Belkin Releases Industry’s First Third-Party Accessories for Apple Lightning Connector. Belkin  Apple  iPhone  Lightning  iPad  iPod
[1:01 am]

Belkin Is First with Third-Party Accessories for Apple iPhone 5


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kepler and Tegra Bring Nvidia Record Revenue Despite of Weak Economy. Nvidia  Geforce  Kepler  Business  Tesla  Quadro  Tegra
[10:41 pm]

Nvidia Earns Record $1.2 Billion in Q3 Thanks to Demand for Gaming GPUs, Tegra Mobile Chips

Habey Unveils Intel NUC-Like Fanless Quad-Core Personal Computer. Intel  NUC  Habey  Ivy Bridge  Sandy Bridge  Core
[7:38 pm]

Habey Debuts Fanless Ultra-Small Quad-Core Core i7 “Ivy Bridge” PC

HP Triples Performance of New Mission-Critical Servers with New Itanium Chips. Intel  Itanium  Poulson  32nm  IA64  Kittson  Tukwila  Bull  Hitachi  HP  Inspur  NEC  HP-UX  OpenVMS  NonStop  GCOS  ACOS  Unix
[1:55 pm]

HP Rolls-Out New Superdome 2 Business Critical Systems, Integrity Blades

Asetek to Demonstrate Liquid Cooled 48U HPC Cluster Next Week. Asetek  HPC  RackCDU
[1:28 pm]

Asetek Unleashes Liquid-Cooling Technology for Datacenters, HPC

AMD Substantially Cuts Prices on Entry-Level Desktop Chips. AMD  Fusion  Athlon  Piledriver  Llano  Business  Trinity
[12:47 pm]

AMD Slashes Prices of A-Series APUs and Athlon II CPUs

Nvidia: Denver Is Custom ARMv8 64-Bit Processor with Secret Sauce. Nvidia  ARM  Denver  Boulder  ARMv8  Echelon  Cortex  Geforce  Tegra  Tesla  Quadro  GPGPU
[11:56 am]

Nvidia Expects Denver Microprocessor to Be Competitive in ARM Servers

Intel’s Future Itanium and Xeon Chips Set to Be Socket-Compatible. Intel  Itanium  IA64  Xeon  Kittson  Poulson  HP  Integrity  Superdome  HP-UX  Hewlett-Packard
[6:31 am]

Intel to Finalize Unification of Itanium and Xeon Platforms Later This Decade

High-End Personal Computers Account for Less Than 10% of PC Market – Report. Business
[4:54 am]

Mainstream and Value PCs Remain to Be the Most Popular

CoolIT Systems Teams Up with Ciara, iStarUSA for Liquid-Cooled Servers. CoolIT  iStarUSA  Ciara  Rack DCLC
[3:27 am]

Liquid-Cooled Mainstream Servers May Be Just Around the Corner

Intel Launches Eight-Core Itanium 9500 “Poulson” Mission-Critical Server Processor. Intel  Itanium  Poulson  32nm  IA64  Kittson  Tukwila  Bull  Hitachi  HP  Inspur  NEC  HP-UX  OpenVMS  NonStop  GCOS  ACOS  Unix
[2:02 am]

Intel Upgrades Mission-Critical Servers with Itanium 9500 “Poulson” Chip


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Achieves 30 Million Sales in Five Months. Samsung  Galaxy  4G/LTE  Qualcomm  Snapdragon  Exynos  Google  Android
[1:56 pm]

Samsung’s Flagship Smartphone Hits Another Shipments Milestone

Qualcomm Begins to Sample Global 4G/LTE Advanced Modem with 150Mb/s Maximum Speed. Qualcomm  Gobi  4G/LTE  4G  LTE
[1:25 pm]

Qualcomm to Release World’s First Global 4G/LTE Advanced Category 4 Modem with Carrier Aggregation

Foxconn Continues to Experience Difficulties with iPhone 5 Manufacturing. iPhone  Foxconn  Hon Hai  Apple
[12:56 pm]

Foxconn Still Unable to Produce Enough Apple iPhone 5 Smartphones

AMD Closes Linux Kernel Development Lab to Reduce Costs. AMD  Linux  Opteron  Steamroller  Excavator  x86  Jaguar  Business
[12:31 pm]

AMD Shuts Down Operating System Research Center in Germany

Samsung to Start Radical Brand Makeover at CES. Samsung  Business
[11:53 am]

Samsung Set to Reinvent Its Brand Recognition

Apple’s Media Tablet Market Share Drops to 50% as Android Gains Popularity. Apple  iOS  iPad  Asus  Samsung  Android  Amazon  Kindle  Kindle Fire  Lenovo  Microsoft  Windows RT
[6:12 am]

Amazon, Asus and Samsung Rapidly Boost Tablet Shipments

Samsung Aims Gamers with New Solid-State Drives. Samsung  SSD  MLC  TLC  NAND  Flash  21nm  20nm
[4:49 am]

Samsung 840-Series SSDs Comes with Assassin’s Creed III

Texas Instruments Develops Single-Chip Wireless Power Solution. TI  Texas Instruments  bqTesla  Nokia  Lumia
[2:11 am]

TI Introduces Nokia Lumia 820, 920 Wireless Power Technology

Nvidia Boosts Performance of Video Games in Linux by Up to Two Times. Nvidia  Geforce  Valve  Valfe Software  Steam  Linux
[12:58 am]

New Driver for Nvidia Speeds Up Linux Gaming on GeForce Systems


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

AMD Reportedly Working on Cost-Efficient Eight-Core FX Microprocessor. AMD  FX  Piledriver  Vishera  Viperfish  32nm  Bulldozer  Zambezi
[1:57 pm]

Makers of Mainboards Add Support for AMD FX-8300 Chip

Microsoft Surface Brings More Profit than Apple iPad. Surface  Windows RT  Microsoft  Apple  iPad  Windows  Windows 8
[1:32 pm]

Microsoft Surface Tablet Costs $284 to Manufacture

AMD’s Market Share Drops Below 17% Due to Market Conditions, Competition with Intel. AMD  Intel  Via Technologies  x86
[12:55 pm]

AMD’s Market Share Decreases as Market of Chips Shrinks

MIPS Gets Acquired by Consortium of Companies Led by Imagination, ARM.
[12:29 pm]

ARM, Imagination and Bridge Crossing Share MIPS's Patents and Technologies

JEDEC and the ONFI Workgroup Publish NAND Flash Interface Interoperability Standard. JEDEC  ONFI  NAND  Flash
[12:10 pm]

JESD230 Standard Makes JEDEC- and ONFI-Compatible NAND Flash Chips Interoperable

TDK’s New Embedded SSD Controller Supports 10nm-Class NAND Flash, 1TB Drives. TDK  SSD  10nm  20nm  GBDriver RS4  GBDriver
[11:48 am]

TDK Develops New Controller for Embedded SSDs

Apple’s iPad Mini Costs Less Than $200 to Manufacture – Analysis. Apple  iPad  iOS  Samsung  LG  SK Hynix  AU Optronics  32nm
[2:39 am]

Apple Makes Profit Selling iPad Mini


Monday, November 5, 2012

Microsoft Expects Windows Phone 8 to Ramp Up Quickly. Microsoft  Windows Phone  Windows Phone 8  Nokia  HTC  Samsung  Huawei
[10:40 pm]

Microsoft Hopes Windows Phone 8 to Finally Break Through onto the Market of Smartphones

AMD Preps New Radeon HD 7800-Series Graphics Card with Tahiti LE Chip - Report. AMD  ATI  Radeon  GCN  Southern Islands  28nm  Tahiti  Cape Verde  Pitcairn
[1:25 pm]

AMD Reportedly Readies Performance-Mainstream Tahiti-LE Graphics Solution

Apple Exploring Ways to Replace Intel’s Chips Inside Macintosh PCs with Own Designs. Apple  ARM  Intel  Samsung  Mac  Macintosh  macbook  iMac  Mac Pro
[12:57 pm]

Apple Develops High-Performance ARM Microprocessor to Substitute Intel’s Chips

Intel Sets Launch Date for New Core i7 Extreme Processor. Intel  Ivy Bridge  Ivy Bridge-E  32nm  Sandy Bridge  Sandy Bridge-E  Core
[12:08 pm]

Intel to Release Core i7-3970X Extreme Processor in Mid-November

AMD Rolls-Out Opteron Chips with Piledriver Micro-Architecture. AMD  opteron  Abu Dhabi  Piledriver
[8:33 am]

AMD Speeds Up Opteron Chips with Piledriver Cores

Intel Unveils DC S3700 SSDs for HPC, Big Data, Cloud and Other Data Center Applications. Intel  SSD  MLC  HET  MLC HET  NAND  Flash
[4:12 am]

Intel Introduces New Solid-State Drives for Data Centers, Business Computing


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Apple Sells Three Million iPads in Three Days. Apple  iPad  iOS
[11:28 pm]

Apple’s iPad 4 and iPad Mini Turn Out to Be Popular

AMD’s Roadmap Slide Does Not Predict Steamroller Cores in 2013. AMD  Richland  FX  Kaveri  Vishera
[2:02 pm]

AMD Has No Steamroller APUs and CPUs for 2013 – Report

Singapore Company Launches 5mm Hybrid Disk Drive. HDD  A*Star  DSI  NAND  Flash
[2:01 pm]

A*Star Introduces 5mm Hybrid Hard Disk Drive


Friday, November 2, 2012

LG Introduces 23” Display with Touch for Windows 8-Based PCs. LG  LG Electronics  Windows 8  Microsoft
[7:41 am]

LG’s Touch 10 Display Brings Touchscreen Experience to Desktops

Leading Chip Companies Collaborate with Linaro to Create Linux for ARM Servers. Linaro  AMD  Applied Micro  Calxeda  Canonical  Cavium  Facebook  HP  Marvell  Red Hat  ARM  Samsung  ST-Ericsson
[5:31 am]

Linaro Forms Enterprise Group to Develop Linux for ARM Servers

Google Android Celebrates Four Years Anniversary with 75% Smartphone Market Share. Google  Android  iOS  Apple  Nokia  Symbian  Microsoft  Windows Phone  Linux  Blackberry  RIM
[4:22 am]

Google Android Smartphone Market Share Hits 75%, iOS and Windows Phone Behind

UMC to Develop 14nm FinFET Process Tech with 20nm Back-End. UMC  Semiconductor  300mm  14nm  20nm  28nm
[12:40 am]

UMC Follows Globalfoundries with Hybrid 14nm FinFET


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Samsung Sells Three Million Galaxy Note II Smartphones in One Month. Samsung  Galaxy  Galaxy Note  Android  Google
[6:47 pm]

Smartphones with Ultra-Large Displays Continue to Gain Popularity

Microsoft Tests Own-Brand Smartphone with Asian Manufacturers. Microsoft  Windows Phone
[2:55 pm]

Report: Microsoft’s Own Windows Phone Features Between 4” and 5” Screen

Apple Boosts Research and Development Spending by Almost 40% in Fiscal 2012. Apple  Business  iOS  Mac OS  OS X  Macintosh  Mac  iMac  macbook  iPhone  iPad
[2:30 pm]

Apple’s R&D Spending in Fiscal 2012 Hit $3.4 Billion

Sony Starts to Ship Second-Generation PlayStation 4 “Orbis” Development Kit – Report. Orbis  Sony  Playstation  AMD  Radeon  Fusion  Trinity  Sea Islands  UHD
[2:00 pm]

Sony’s Second-Generation PlayStation 4 “Orbis” Development Kit Reportedly Features AMD A10 APU

ARM and Microsoft Working on 64-Bit Windows for ARM. ARM  Cortex  ARMv8  Microsoft  Windows RT  Windows 8  Windows
[1:42 pm]

Windows for ARMv8 Processors Already in the Works

Globalfoundries Delays Abu Dhabi Fab to Concentrate on Profitability - Report. ATIC  Mubadala  Globalfoundries  Semiconductor  AMD  IBM  14nm  300mm
[10:14 am]

Globalfoundries Aims to Become Profitable by 2015, But Freezes Investment into Abu Dhabi Plant

Financial Analysts Have Mixed Feelings About AMD’s ARM Server Plans. AMD  ARM  Opteron  SeaMicro  Freedom  Steamroller  Excavator  Jaguar  ARMv8
[4:52 am]

AMD's ARM Datacenter Plans Have Pros and Cons

LG Electronics and DMP Join Heterogeneous System Architecture Foundation. HSA  AMD  ARM  Fusion  GPGPU  LG Electronics  LG  DMP
[12:37 am]

LG and DMP Further Enhance HSA Foundation


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Google Teams Up with LG Electronics for New Flagship Nexus 4 Smartphone. Google  Nexus  LG  LG Electronics  Qualcomm  Snapdragon  Android
[7:26 pm]

Google Unwraps Nexus 4: Retina-Class Screen, Quad-Core Processor, Android 4.2, No 4G/LTE