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June, 2012
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Hewlett-Packard Postpones ARM-Based Microsoft Windows RT Media Tablet. HP  Hewlett-Packard  ARM  Windows 8  Microsoft  Windows  x86  Intel  Surface  Cortex
[6:20 am]

HP Holds Release of Windows RT Tablet in the Light of Microsoft Surface

Google Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" Does Not Feature Adobe Flash Technology. Adobe  Android  Windows Phone  Blackberry  QNX  HTML
[3:27 am]

Adobe Ceases to Support Flash in Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" Operating System

RunCore Unveils Industry's First Single-Chip SSDs with Serial ATA II Interface. RunCore  SSD  NAND  Flash
[2:17 am]

RunCore Develops Rugged, Miniature Single-Chip SSDs for Embedded Applications


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Qualcomm Would Not Rule Out Building Its Own Semiconductor Fab. Qualcomm  Semiconductor  28nm  TSMC  UMC  Samsung  Globalfoundries
[2:49 pm]

Qualcomm Weighs Spending Big Cash to Ensure Stable Chip Supply

Google Sells Nexus 7 at Cost, But Analysts Doubt It Will Challenge Apple iPad. Google  Android  Nexus  Apple  iPad  iOS
[1:04 pm]

Google Works Hard on Android Tablet Breakthrough, But Analysts Remain Skeptical

Toshiba Does Not See Demand for Hybrid Hard Drives on Enterprise Market. Toshiba  HDD  NAND  Flash
[12:07 pm]

Toshiba Sees Potential of Hybrid Hard Drives for Consumers, Not Enterprises

Micron Finalizes Deal to Acquire Elpida for $2.5 Billion - Report. Micron  Elpida  Business  DRAM
[6:29 am]

Price for Failed DRAM Maker Elpida Set: ¥200 Billion

Bankruptcy of Elpida Brings Stability to Memory Market – Analysts. DRAM  Elpida  Micron  DDR3  Business
[4:34 am]

DRAM Pricing Stabilizes Due to Elpida Bankruptcy


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Microsoft Expects Tablets to Outsell Desktops Next Year, Touch Input to Challenge Traditional Pointing Devices. Microsoft  Windows 8  Windows Phone  Windows
[2:10 pm]

Microsoft Projects Touch to Become Dominant Interface for PCs

ARM, HP and SK Hynix Join Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium. HMC  ARM  HP  SK Hynix  Hewlett-Packard  Micron  Samsung
[1:24 pm]

Another Three Technology Leaders to Work on HMC Memory Tech

LSI Debuts MegaRAID SAS/SATA Controllers with PCI Express 3.0 Interface. LSI  SAS  Serial ATA  SSD  HDD  MegaRAID
[12:29 pm]

LSI Introduces MegaRAID 6Gb/s Controllers for New Generation PCIe 3.0 Server Platforms

Mobility DisplayPort Standard to Enable High-Definition and Stereo-3D Output on Mobile Devices. DisplayPort  MyDP
[6:12 am]

MyDP Standard Brings New Output Capabilities to Smartphones, Tablets

Google Introduces Nexus 7: Nvidia Tegra 3 Tablet for $199. Google  Nexus  ASUS  Nvidia  Tegra  Android
[5:38 am]

Google Launches High-Performance, Low-Cost 7” Tablet

Tablets Start to Replace TV-Sets for Viewing of Broadcast TV, Videos - Research. Apple  iPad  Samsung  Galaxy Tab  Xoom  Amazon  Kindle Fire
[2:33 am]

Global Tablet Usage for Viewing TV and Video Content Doubles Year-over-Year


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Samsung Semiconductor Calls for New Foundry Business Model. Samsung  Semiconductor  Intel  Apple  AMD  Nvidia
[2:46 pm]

Samsung Predicts Closer Collaboration Between Chip Designers and Foundries

SK Hynix Starts to Make Solid-State Drives for Consumers. SK Hynix  Hynix  SSD  NAND  Flash
[2:09 pm]

SK Hynix Enters Consumer SSD Market

Court Preliminary Bans Sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab in the U.S. Apple  Samsung  Galaxy Tab  iOS  Android
[1:45 pm]

Apple Wins Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Windows 8 and Windows RT Mark the Beginning of New Era of Personal Computing. Windows  Microsoft  Windows 8
[1:25 pm]

New Microsoft Windows 8 May Be The New Windows 95

Intel and Schneider Electric to Offer Non-Proprietary Data Center Infrastructure Management. Intel  Xeon  Schneider Electric
[1:15 pm]

Intel and Schneider Electric to Precisely Measure Data Center Power Consumption

Falcon Northwest Introduces Enthusiast-Class Mini-ITX System. Tiki  Falcon Northwest  Intel  Core  Ivy Bridge  Nvidia  Geforce  Kepler
[5:51 am]

Falcon Northwest Packs Quad-Core CPU, GeForce GTX 680 Graphics Card into Micro-Tower


Monday, June 25, 2012

Microsoft Denies Plans to Make Its Own Windows Phone 8 Smartphones. Microsoft  Windows Phone  Surface  Nokia  Samsung  HTC  Huawei
[2:56 pm]

Microsoft Does Not See Itself in Smartphone Business

Seagate to Develop Consumer and Enterprise Solid-State Drives with DensBits. Seagate  DensBits  10nm  TLC  MLC  NAND  Flash  SSD
[1:18 pm]

Seagate to Design SSDs with 10nm-Class TLC, MLC NAND Flash Memory

JEDEC Updates Universal Flash Storage Standard. UFS  JEDEC  NAND  Flash
[1:11 pm]

JEDEC's UFS v1.1 Boosts NAND Flash Performance

Sony and Panasonic Jointly Develop Next Generation OLED Panels for TVs and Large Displays. Sony  Panasonic  OLED  UHD  HD
[12:31 pm]

Sony and Panasonic Join Forces to Make OLED Panels More Affordable

Microsoft to Takeover Enterprise Social Network Provider Yammer. Microsfot  Yammer
[12:24 pm]

Microsoft to Strengthen Enterprise, Social Efforts with Acquisition of Yammer


Friday, June 22, 2012

AMD Hires Network Specialist to Lead Server Efforts. AMD  SeaMicro  Opteron
[1:10 pm]

AMD Reinforces Server Brigade with New Head


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Acer Doubts Microsoft's Surface Tablets Will Become Viable Competitors for Apple iPad. Acer  Microsoft  Windows 8  ARM  Surface
[2:24 pm]

Acer Dismisses Microsoft's Chances to Successfully Replicate Apple's Integrated Strategy

Panasonic and Sony to Team Up for OLED TVs Next Week - Reports. Sony  Panasonic  OLED  Sharp  Samsung  LG  LG Electronics
[1:04 pm]

Panasonic and Sony to Announce Joint Plans for OLED TVs Next Week

Nintendo Announces Enlarged Versions of 3DS Portable Game Console. Nintendo  3DS  3DS XL  Stereo 3D
[12:31 pm]

Nintendo to Begin Selling 3DS LL, XL Game Console with Enlarged Screen This Summer

Microsoft Xbox Next Details, Roadmaps Leak to the Web. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox Next  Loop  Durango  Kinect  Xbox Live  Xbox TV  Windows 8  Windows Phone  SmartGlass
[12:05 pm]

Microsoft Xbox Plans Till 2015 Detailed

Microsoft May Design Its Own-Brand Smartphone with Windows Phone 8 - Analysts. Microsoft  Windows 8  Windows Phone 8  ARM  Surface  Nokia  Samsung  HTC  Huawei
[7:50 am]

Following Surface Tablets, Microsoft May Adopt Integrated Hardware-Software Model for Smartphones


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Calxeda's ARM-Based Web Server Fifteen Times More Energy Efficient than Intel-Powered - Company. Calxeda  ARM  Intel  Xeon  Sandy Bridge  Cortex
[1:15 pm]

Calxeda: ARM-Based Server Shows 15X Better Power Efficiency Than Intel Xeon-Based

John Carmack: Virtual Reality Gaming Is The Next Big Step. id Software  Microsoft  Sony  Stereo 3D  Personal 3D Viewer  HMZ-T1  Virtual Reality
[12:58 pm]

Legendary Game Developer Not Impressed by Continuously Improving Graphics

Intel: High-Performance and Energy-Efficient Server Deployments Need Both Atom and Xeon. Intel  Xeon  Atom  Haswell  Avoton  22nm
[11:30 am]

Intel Reveals Atom "Avoton" for Micro-Servers Due Next Year

AMD to Provide Mail-In Cash Back for Purchasers of Multi-Core Chips. AMD  Bulldozer  Llano  Zambezi  Intel  Ivy Bridge
[10:30 am]

AMD Kicks Off "More Cores, More Cash Back" Campaign in Europe

Microsoft Presents Windows Phone 8: Windows NT Core Coming to Mobile. Microsoft  Windows Phone  Nokia  HTC  Samsung  Huawei
[9:37 am]

Microsoft Unwraps Windows Phone 8 Operating System for Smartphones


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nvidia: We Are Fully Committed to Support Linux. Nvidia  Forceware  Linux  GeForce  Tesla  Tegra  Quadro
[2:55 pm]

Nvidia Denies Low Attention to Linux Drivers

HP Uses Intel Atom "Centerton" for Its First Project Moonshot Low-Power Servers. HP  Hewlett-Packard  Intel  Atom  Centerton  Gemini
[2:21 pm]

HP Unveils First Gemini Servers with Intel Atom "Centerton" Inside

Intel Officially Introduces Xeon Phi: Special-Purpose Many-Core Accelerator for Supercomputers. Intel  Xeon  Xeon Phi  Knights Corner  Larrabee
[1:37 pm]

Intel Creates 118TFLOPS Development Cluster Powered by Xeon Phi "Knights Corner"

SK Hynix to Acquire LAMD Designer of SSD, Storage Controllers. SK Hynix  Hynix  LAMD  NAND  Flash  SSD
[1:19 pm]

SK Hynix to Buy Link A Media, Designer of Controllers

LG Electronics Puts Development of Media Tablets on Hold Following Microsoft Surface Announcement. LG  LG Electronics  Microsoft  Surface  Apple  iPad  Samsung  Galaxy Tab
[12:52 pm]

LG to Concentrate on Smartphones as Competition on Tablets Market Heats Up

Spansion Expands Product Portfolio, Adds Acoustic Coprocessor into Lineup. Spansion  Nuance
[12:48 pm]

Spansion Unveils Acoustic Coprocessor for Voice-Recognition Apps

Microsoft's Partners Doubt Success of Surface Tablets. Microsoft  Surface  Windows 8  Windows RT  Windows
[10:27 am]

Microsoft Will Need Hardware and Channel Partners to Make Surface a Success


Monday, June 18, 2012

Inventor of Linux Calls Nvidia Worst Company Ever. Nvidia  Forceware  Linux  GeForce  Quadro
[2:49 pm]

Linus Torvalds Blasts Nvidia for Poor Linux Support

IBM and LRZ Create World's First Hot-Water Cooled Supercomputer. IBM  Intel  Xeon
[12:16 pm]

IBM and LRZ Announce 3PFLOPS Supercomputer with Water Cooling

Microsoft Unveils Surface Media Tablets. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  Surface  ARM  Intel
[9:22 am]

Microsoft Debuts Own-Brand Windows Tablets

Intel Acquires 1700 Radio Patents for $375 Million. Intel  3G  3.5G  4G  4G/LTE  Wi-Fi  InterDigital
[9:07 am]

Intel Bus 3G, LTE and 802.11 Patents from InterDigital


Friday, June 15, 2012

AMD Preps New Revision of Tahiti Chip for Improved Radeon HD 7970. amd  radeon  southern islands  ati  cgn  28nm  tahiti
[2:51 pm]

AMD's Tahiti XT2 GPU to Feature Higher Frequency, Lower Voltage

Toshiba Develops 64-Core System-on-Chip for Embedded Apps. Toshiba
[5:46 am]

Toshiba Unveils Many-Core SoC for Embedded Apps


Thursday, June 14, 2012

AMD Shows Off FirePro W9000: Workstation Graphics Card with 4TFLOPS of Performance. AMD  FirePro  Tahiti  GCN  Southern Island  28nm
[2:42 pm]

AMD to Launch Next-Gen High-End Professional FirePro W9000 Graphics Card at Siggraph

Nokia Reshapes Strategy to Undercut Android with Low-End Windows Phone Smartphones. Nokia  Lumia  Windows Phone  Symbian  Microsoft  Google  Android
[2:16 pm]

Nokia Cuts Projects, Workforce, In a Bid to Offer Lumia for Wider Market Segments

Nokia Sells Vertu Luxury Mobile Phone Division to Private Equity Group. Nokia  Vertu  Symbian  Windows Phone  EQT  EQT VI
[1:38 pm]

EQT VI Acquires Vertu Luxury Handset Maker from Nokia

Microsoft to Charge Device Makers $80 - $95 for Windows 8 RT Version - Report. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  ARM  x86  Intel  Atom
[10:13 am]

Pricing of Microsoft Windows 8 RT May Undermine Success of Tablets on Its Base


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mainboard Makers Point to Desktop AMD A-Series "Trinity" Delay to Fall. AMD  Trinity  Fusion  32nm  Radeon  Piledriver
[2:06 pm]

AMD Publishes Specs of A-Series "Trinity" APU for Desktops amid Product Launch Delay

First Batch of Via Technologies' $49 Android PC Sells Out - Company. Via Technologies  Via  ARM  APC  Android  Google  Windows  WonderMedia
[1:59 pm]

Demand for Via APC Exceeded Size of First Batch

Sony Proposes Free PlayStation 3, Vita Game Consoles to Students. Sony  Playstation  Vaio  Vita
[1:12 pm]

Sony to Bundle Free PS3, PS Vita with Select Vaio PCs

Nintendo Starts Development of Next-Generation Handheld Game Console. Nintendo  3DS  DS  DSI  Stereo 3D
[12:38 pm]

Nintendo Has No Plans for Upgraded 3DS, Works on Next-Generation Portable

AMD Licenses ARM Cortex-A5 to Boost Security of Its Future Chips. AMD  ARM  Cortex  TrustZone  Fusion
[10:34 am]

AMD to Integrate ARM's TrustZone Technology into Future Products


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Apple Quietly Discontinues MacBook Pro 17". Apple  MacBook  MacBook Pro  OS X  Mac OS X
[2:09 pm]

Apple Ditches 17" Laptop for Professionals

Seagate Backup Plus Hard Drives to Provide Backup, Sharing on Social Networks. Seagate  Backup Plus  HDD
[1:19 pm]

Seagate's New HDDs Back Up Content from Local PC, Facebook, Flickr

SK Hynix Licenses Phase Change RAM Technology from IBM. SK Hynix  Hynix  IBM  PCRAM
[12:53 pm]

SK Hynix and IBM to Jointly Develop PCRAM-Based Products

Micron Unleashes World's Fastest DDR3 Memory Chips. Micron  DDR3  DRAM
[12:19 pm]

Micron Unveils 2Gb, 4Gb DDR3 Chips Officially Rated to Run at 2133MHz

AMD, ARM, Imagination, MediaTek and TI Establish Heterogeneous System Architecture Foundation. AMD  ARM  Imagination Technologies  Mediatek  Texas Instruments  Imagination  Cortex  Mali  PowerVR  GPGPU
[11:16 am]

System-on-Chip Companies Form Heterogeneous Computing Industrial Alliance

Intel, Kingston to Replace SSDs Due to Errors with 256-Bit Encryption by SandForce Controllers. LSI  SandForce  SSD  Intel  Kingston  NAND  Flash  Cherryville
[3:56 am]

LSI Acknowledges Issues with AES-256 Encryption by SandForce SF-2000 Controllers


Monday, June 11, 2012

Apple Reveals Its First MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Apple  MacBook  OS X  Mac OS X  Intel  Ivy Bridge  Nvidia  Kepler  GeForce
[1:03 pm]

Apple Radically Improves MacBook Pro with New 2880*1800 Display, Thin Design, New Processors

Lenovo Announces No-Contract Global Internet Connection for ThinkPad Users. Lenovo  ThinkPad
[12:58 pm]

Lenovo Simplifies WWAN Internet Connectivity for ThinkPad Customers

AMD Establishes Embedded Solutions Product Group. AMD  Fusion  Radeon  Business
[12:52 pm]

AMD to Put More Attention to Embedded Products Business

Apple Previews Next-Generation iOS 6 Mobile Operating System. Apple  iOS  iPhone  iPad  iPod
[12:42 pm]

Apple to Update iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 6


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Samsung Appoints New Chief Exec to Gain Consumer Electronics Market Share. Samsung  Business
[6:10 am]

Samsung's Oh-Hyun Kwon Becomes CEO


Friday, June 8, 2012

Apple to Reveal "Most Advanced Mobile Operating System" Next Week. Apple  iOS  iPhone  iPad
[8:34 am]

Apple to Disclose Details About iOS 6 at WWDC 2012

Sony Announces Cross-Platform Features for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Sony  Playstation  PlayStation Vita  PSP  Orbis
[5:45 am]

Sony Unveils Cross-Platform Cloud Features for Its Consoles

Samsung Starts to Build New Fab to Make Chips Using 14nm and 20nm Process Technologies. Samsung  Semiconductor  14nm  20nm  300mm
[5:21 am]

Samsung Invests $1.9 Billion into 300mm Plant to Produce 14nm, 20nm Chips

Chaintech Teams Up with Colorful to Return to Mainboard Business. Chaintech  Walton  Walton Chaintech  Colorful
[4:27 am]

Chaintech Goes Back to the Roots: Demos New Line of Mainboards


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sony's Jack Tretton Shares PlayStation 4 Vision: It Is About Core Gaming and Entertainment. Sony  PlayStation  Orbis  Blu-ray
[8:32 pm]

Sony: PlayStation Has Never Been the First or the Cheapest

ARM Expects First Chips Made Using 20nm Process Late Next Year. ARM  Cortex  20nm  TSMC  Globalfoundries  Semiconductor
[1:51 pm]

ARM Forecasts First Devices Powered by 20nm Chips to Emerge by Late 2013

3M and Nanosys to Develop Quantum Dot Technology to Widen LCD's Colour Gamut. 3M  Nanosys  QDEF
[12:25 pm]

3M and Nanosys to Dramatically Improve Colors on Consumer Electronic Displays

AMD Projects Windows Tablets to Grab 20% of the Market in Five Years. Windows 8  Windows  Microsoft  AMD  Hondo  Fusion  Intel  Atom  Clover Trail  Clovertrail
[11:48 am]

Rory Read: 20% of Tablets Will be Windows-Based in 2017

Video Game Guru Predicts Long Life Cycle for Next-Gen Consoles, But Warns About Potentially Low Sales. Xbox  PlayStation  Wii  Wii U  Xbox Loop  Durango  Xbox Next  Orbis
[10:13 am]

John Carmack: Next-Gen Consoles Should Last a Long Time, But May Become "Audiophile Niche"

Samsung Drops Quad-Core System-on-Chip from U.S. Version of Galaxy S III. Samsung  Galaxy  4G/LTE  Qualcomm  Snapdragon  Exynos  Google  Android
[3:15 am]

Samsung Downgrades Specification of U.S. Galaxy S III in a Bid to Enable 4G/LTE


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Prices of Hard Drives to Return to Pre-Flood Levels Only in 2014 - Analysts. HDD  Seagate  Western Digital  Toshiba  Business
[2:18 pm]

Average Prices of HDDs to Remain on $60+ Levels for Years Due to Consolidation of HDD Makers

Publishers Expect Microsoft and Sony to Launch Next-Generation Consoles in Late 2013 - Report from E3 Show. Sony  Microsoft  Playstation  Orbis  Xbox Next  Xbox Loop  Durango
[2:13 pm]

PlayStation 4 "Orbis" and Xbox Next Due in Late 2013, New Report Claims

SanDisk Introduces Its First PCI Express Solid-State Drive for Enterprises. SanDisk  Lightning  SSD  NAND  Flash
[1:12 pm]

SanDisk Announces Enterprise-Class PCIe Solid-State Accelerator

Samsung Teams Up with Gaikai to Provide Cloud Gaming Services on HDTVs. Samsung  Gaikai  HDTV
[12:42 pm]

Samsung's New Smart TVs to Get Streaming Game Services This Year

JEDEC Considers Wide I/O, Wide I/O 2 Interfaces for PCs and Servers. DRAM  JEDEC  Wide-IO  HMC  Intel  Samsung  Micron  DDR3  DDR4
[11:16 am]

DRAM Chips with Ultra Wide Memory Bus May Find Their Way to PCs, Servers

G.Skill Demonstrates "Largest and Fastest" Memory Solutions. G.Skill  DDR3  DRAM  TridentX  Ripjaws Z
[3:48 am]

G.Skill Unwraps 96GB DDR3 Memory Module Kit, 3GHz DDR3 Modules


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Corsair Installs LAMD Controller on New Neutron SSDs. Corsait  Neutron  SSD  LAMD  NAND  Flash
[2:01 pm]

Corsair Uses New Controllers for Neutron Solid-State Drives

Intel: 20 Windows 8 Tablets to Use Atom "Clovertrail" System-on-Chip. Intel  Clovertrail  Clover Trail  Atom  32nm
[1:37 pm]

Intel Sees Massive Amount of Tablet Design Wins with "Clover Trail" SoC

AMD Debuts New Brazos 2.0 Platform for Netbooks, Low-Cost Laptops. AMD  Fusion  Bobcat  40nm  Brazos  Ontario  zacate
[12:32 pm]

AMD Formally Unveils Brazos 2.0 Platform for Low-Cost PCs

Nvidia Launches Ultra High-End GPU for Mobile PCs: GeForce GTX 680M. Nvidia  Kepler  Geforce  GK104  28nm  Alienware  Eurocom  Origin PC  MSI  clevo
[12:26 pm]

Nvidia Unveils Highest-Performing Mobile GPU to Date

Intel: 35 Ultrabooks with Core i "Ivy Bridge" Announced at Computex. Intel  Ivy Bridge  Core  22nm
[12:22 pm]

Intel Promises Numerous Ultrabooks with Touch-Screens by Year End


Monday, June 4, 2012

AMD Boosts Performance of Multi-Core AMD Opteron Processors. AMD  Opteron  Bulldozer  32nm  HP  Dell
[2:49 pm]

AMD Increases Clock-Speed of Opteron "Bulldozer" Chips

Microsoft Weds Tablets and PCs with Xbox 360. SmartGlass  Microsoft  Xbox  Windows 8  Windows Phone  Kinect  Xbox Live  Xbox TV
[1:19 pm]

Microsoft Unveils Xbox SmartGlass

Gigabyte Makes Mainboards Even More Durable: Installs 60A Power ICs onto Motherboards. Gigabyte  Ultra Durable  International Rectifier  Intel  Core  Ivy Bridge
[12:33 pm]

Gigabyte Ultra Durable 5 Mainboards to Feature High-Current Power ICs, 2X Copper PCB Design

SanDisk Uses 19nm Process Technology to Build New NAND Flash Storage for Consumer Devices. SanDisk  NAND  Flash  19nm  Tegra  Nvidia  SSD
[10:42 am]

SanDisk Begins to Roll Out 19nm NAND Flash Products

Serial ATA Organization Finalizes Specs for 9mm USM Storage Devices. Serial ATA  USM  HDD
[10:28 am]

New USM Storage Devices to Be 9mm Thick


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mission Perhaps Possible: Rugged Notebooks Made of Plastic. Intel  ultrabook
[7:00 pm]

Intel Calls for Rugged Plastic Notebooks


Friday, June 1, 2012

AMD Drops Monthly Driver Update Practice After Ten Years. ATI  AMD  Radeon  Catalyst  GCN  Northern Islands  Southern Islands
[6:06 am]

New AMD Catalyst Drivers Will Be Out "When It Makes Sense"

ECS Gets Ready for AMD Trinity: Unwraps World's First FM2 Mainboard. ECS  AMD  Trinity  Fusion  Radeon  FM2  32nm
[4:47 am]

ECS Unleashes Industry's First FM2 Mainboard for A-Series Fusion "Trinity" Chips