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August, 2012
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Friday, August 31, 2012

Launch of Apple's Next iPhone May Be Postponed Due to Production Issues. apple  iphone  ios
[1:36 pm]

Production of Next Apple iPhone Screens Delayed at Sharp - Report

Western Digital Introduces Industry's Fastest External HDD System for Consumers. Western Digital  WD  MyBook  MyBook Duo  HDD
[4:50 am]

WD Installs Two VelociRaptor Hard Drives into MyBook Duo External HDD System


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Apple and Google Secretly Negotiate over Patents - Report. Apple  Google  Android  iOS  Samsung  HTC
[2:52 pm]

Apple and Google in Secret Patent Talks, Says News-Agency

IBM Unveils zEnterprise EC12 for Cloud Computing and Enterprise Data. IBM
[1:30 pm]

IBM Announces Cutting-Edge System Z Mainframe with Breakthrough Capabilities

AMD to Use GPU Layout Techniques to Boost Microprocessor Designs. AMD  Excavator  Fusion  Semiconductor  Manufacturing  Intel
[12:04 pm]

AMD to Adopt High-Density Libraries to Improve Excavator, Post-Bulldozer Era CPUs

Seagate May Regain Market Leadership on the Hard Drive Market - Analysts. Seagate  Western Digital  WD  Toshiba  HDD  Business
[11:52 am]

Shipments of Hard Disk Drives Hit 157 Million Units in Q2 2012, Says IHS

Asetek Granted Three Patents for Sealed Liquid-Cooling System. Asetek  CoolIT  Corsair  Antec
[11:09 am]

Asetek's New Patent May Disrupt the Market of Liquid-Cooling Systems


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sony Introduces 84" 4K LCD TV: New Era of Consumer Video Begins. Sony  Playstation  Orbis  HEVC  H.265  MPEG  UHD  UHDTV
[2:50 pm]

The New Definition of High-Definition: Sony to Ship 4K HDTV This Year

AMD Envisions "Surround Computing" Era. AMD  ATI  Radeon  Bulldozer  Piledriver  Steamroller  Excavator  Fusion  GPGPU
[2:25 pm]

AMD Tells Its Vision for Next Decades

Motorola Set to Expose Its First x86 Smartphone in Mid-September. Motorola  Intel  Atom  Medfield  Google  Android
[2:17 pm]

Motorola to Unwrap Intel Atom Z2460-Based Phone Next Month

New Firmware Update Adds Cross-Platform Features to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. Sony  Playstation  PlayStation Vita  PSP  Orbis  Vita
[12:39 pm]

PlayStation Vita to Act to Like PS3 Controller, Gain Other Functionality with New Update

AMD Unveils First Details About Steamroller: Third-Gen Bulldozer Incoming. AMD  Steamroller  Piledriver  Bulldozer  Opteron  FX  28nm  Globalfoundries  32nm
[9:03 am]

Details About AMD Steamroller Begin to Roll Out

Intel and IDT Team Up for Wireless Charging Technology Chips. Intel  IDT
[12:50 am]

IDT to Develop Silicon Solution for Wireless Charging System Based on Resonance Technology


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gigabyte Unleashes Z77X-UP7 Mainboard for Extreme Overclockers. Gigabyte  Sandy Bridge  Ivy Bridge  Intel  Core  32nm  22nm
[2:57 pm]

Gigabyte's Z77X-UP7 Overclocking Powerhouse Features High-Current Capable Components

Lexmark to Quit Inkjet Printer Business. Lexmark
[2:15 pm]

Lexmark Plans to Sell Inkjet Technologies

OnLive CEO Leaves Company, Lead Investor Takes Reigns. OnLive
[1:41 pm]

Founder and Chief Exec Leves OnLive

AMD's Initial Lineup of FX-Series "Vishera" Chips to Consist of Three Models. AMD  FX  Vishera  Piledriver  32nm  Bulldozer  Zambezi
[12:55 pm]

Specifications of Three New AMD FX "Vishera" Microprocessors Hit the Web

Toshiba Demos Hybrid Hard Drive, Reveals Additional Details. Toshiba  NAND  Flash  SSD  HDD
[12:23 pm]

Toshiba's Hybrid Drives to Feature Up to 1TB Capacity, 8GB NAND Flash

AMD Appoints Ex-Intel Executive to Lead Graphics Architectures Development. amd  intel  radeon  firepro  buriness  ati
[10:53 am]

Parallel Processing Specialist John Gustafson to Lead AMD's Graphics Tech Development

Intel Atom to Get Four Cores, New Graphics Adapter in Late 2013. Intel  Atom  Silvermont  ValleyView  22nm
[7:34 am]

Intel ValleyView Atom Processor Due in Late 2013


Monday, August 27, 2012

LG Electronics Unveils World's First Display with 21:9 Aspect Ratio. LG  LG Electronics
[2:02 pm]

LG Introduces New IPS Monitors with Beyond High-Definition Resolution

Nvidia's GPU Roadmap Slips by One Year Due to Manufacturing Nodes - Report. Nvidia  Maxwell  GeForce  Tesla  Quadro  Tegra  Kepler  Fermi  20nm
[1:36 pm]

Nvidia Maxwell Set to Arrive in 2014 Instead of 2013

Kingston Announces Enterprise-Class Solid-Stat Drives. Kingston  SSD  E100
[12:33 pm]

Kingston Introduces E100 SSDs for Big Data and Virtualization Markets

AMD Slashes Microprocessor Prices. AMD  Phenom  Bulldozer  Fusion  Piledriver  Llano  Zambezi  FX
[2:44 am]

AMD Makes 1%-23% CPU Price-Cut


Friday, August 24, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Jury Finds Samsung Guilty of Infringing Apple's Patents. Apple  Samsung  iPhone  iPad
[7:10 am]

Samsung Violated Apple's Patents - Court

Next-Gen Video Game Consoles - Quantum Leap, Says Game Developer. Microsoft  Sony  PlayStation  Xbox  Remedy
[4:38 am]

Remedy Calls Next-Generation Consoles a "Quantum Leap"


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Amazon Set to Announce New Products on September 6. Amazon  Kindle  Kindle Fire  Android  E-Book
[9:23 pm]

Amazon to Unwrap New Kindle Devices at Press Conference in Early September

Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Qualcomm, Others Team Up for Indoor Positioning. In-Location Alliance  Broadcom  CSR  Dialog Semiconductor  Eptisa  Geomobile  Genasys  Indra  Insiteo  Nokia  Nomadic Solutions  Nordic Semiconductor  Nordic Technology Group  NowOn  Primax Electronics  Qualcomm  RapidBlue Solutions  Samsung  Seolane Inno
[3:27 pm]

22 Tech Companies Team Up for Indoor Positioning Services

PowerColor Unleashes the Devil: World's First Dual-GPU Radeon HD 7990 Graphics Card Launched. PowerColor  AMD  Radeon  Tahiti  New Zealand  Southern Islands  28nm  GCN  Tul
[2:56 pm]

PowerColor Introduces Devil 13 HD7990 Graphics Card with Two Radeon HD 7970 GPUs

Microsoft Unveils New Corporate Logotype. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8
[1:56 pm]

Microsoft Dumps Logotype It Has Been Using for 25 Years

Price Will Determine Success of Early Windows RT Tablets - Analysts. Microsoft  Windows RT  Windows 8  Windows  Google  Android  Apple  iOS  iPad
[9:11 am]

Analysts Believe Windows Tablets Have to Be Inexpensive to Be Successful

Asrock Reveals Its First Mainboard Designed for Extreme Overclockers. Asrock  Intel  Ivy Bridge
[8:31 am]

Asrock Uncovers OC Formula Family of High-End Mainboards

Rambus Reorganizes Itself, to Lay Off 15% of Personnel. Rambus  Business
[3:36 am]

Rambus Fires Technology Licensing Executives


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sales of HP's Business Critical Itanium-Based Servers Hit Five-Years Low. Intel  HP  Oracle  Itanium  IA64  HP-UX  Kittson  Poulson  Tukwila
[2:29 pm]

Oracle's Announcement to Cease Support of Itanium Reduced HP's BCS Sales by 33%

Logitech Unveils Washable, Ultra-Durable Keyboard. Logitech  Waterproof  K310
[12:49 pm]

Logitech Launches World's First Waterproof K310 Keyboard

Dell Readies Lineup of New Tablets and Converged Devices for Windows 8 Launch. Dell  Windows 8  Windows RT  Intel  Atom  ARM
[12:29 pm]

Dell Does Not Expect Windows 8 Tablets to Become Popular Among Commercial Clients Overnight

Next-Generation Video Game Consoles to Reinvigorate Gaming, Says Game Publisher. Nintendo  Microsoft  Sony  Xbox  Wii U  PlayStation  Orbis  Xbox Next  Loop  Durango
[10:02 am]

Ubisoft Complains About Too Long Lifecycles of PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

AMD May Release First Opteron "Abu Dhabi" Server Chips Next Month. AMD  Opteron  Abu Dhabi  Piledriver  Bulldozer  Steamroller
[9:55 am]

AMD Server Processor with Piledriver Architecture May Be Out Next Month


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Next-Generation Ethernet to Support 1Tb/s Speeds by 2015. IEEE  Ethernet
[2:13 pm]

Terabit-Speed Ethernet Standards Incoming

Seagate Reportedly Interested in Buying Former Solar Panels Fab - Rumour. Seagate  Solyndra  HDD
[1:11 pm]

Seagate to Buy Solyndra's Manufacturing Property in California, Says Report

Electronic Arts: Stereo-3D in Video Games Failed to Gain Traction. Stereo-3D  HDTV  Electronic Arts
[12:40 pm]

World's No.1 Game Publisher Remains Skeptical About Stereo-3D

Nintendo: the Era of Portable Game Consoles Is Not Over. Nintendo  3DS  3DS XL  3DS LL
[12:22 pm]

Nintendo to Continue Development of Portable Consoles As Long As They Provide Superior Experience

Life-to-Date Sales of PlayStation Vita Hit 2.2 Million Units. Sony  Playstation  Vita
[11:27 am]

PlayStation Vita Continues to Disappoint with Slow Sales

Samsung to Invest $4 Billion into Expansion of Semiconductor Fab in the U.S. Samsung  28nm  300mm  Apple  Semiconductor
[5:07 am]

Samsung Austin Semiconductor Announces $4B Investment to Boost 28nm Chip Production


Monday, August 20, 2012

Synaptics Talks ForcePad: Pressure-Sensing Touchpad. Synaptics  ForcePad
[2:16 pm]

Synaptics Promises New Generation of Touchpads

AMD Cuts Prices on Radeon HD 7900 and 7800 Families of Graphics Cards. AMD  ATI  Radeon  GCN  Southern Islands  28nm  Tahiti  Cape Verde  Pitcairn
[1:27 pm]

AMD Responds to Nvidia's GeForce GTX 660 Ti with Price-Slash

SanDisk Celebrates 25th Anniversary of NAND Flash Memory. Sandisk  NAND  Flash
[1:16 pm]

SanDisk Marks 25 Years of NAND Flash


Friday, August 17, 2012

OnLive Lays Off Staff, Runs Out of Money, Plans to Rebuild Itself. OnLive
[2:51 pm]

OnLive Game Streaming Service Faces Transformations

Lenovo: Windows RT Tablets Will Be Massively Cheaper than Windows 8 Slates. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT  Lenovo  ThinkPad Tablet
[4:11 am]

Lenovo Projects $200 - $300 Price Difference Between x86 and ARM Tablets Running Windows


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sony Is Working on Cost Reduction of PlayStation Vita - Company. sony  playstation  vita  psp
[10:53 pm]

Sony Has No Plans to Cut Price on PS Vita This Year

Joint Press Conference of Nokia and Microsoft Points to Windows Phone 8 Smartphones Announcement in Early September. Nokia  Windows Phone  Microsoft
[2:57 pm]

Nokia and Microsoft Confirm Joint Press Conference on September 5 in New York City

IBM to Takeover Designer of High-Performance Solid-State Storage Solutions. IBM  Texas Memory Systems  SSD  NAND  Flash
[2:41 pm]

IBM to Acquire Texas Memory Systems to Boost Flash Storage Tech Portfolio

Lenovo Not Worried About Microsoft Surface, Believes It Offers Best Hardware Possible. Lenovo  Ideapad  ThinkPad  Microsoft  ThinkPad Tablet  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT  Surface
[2:02 pm]

Lenovo: Microsoft Still Strategy Partner, Despite of Surface Product Line

Sales of Samsung Galaxy Note Hybrid Smartphones Hit 10 Million Units. Samsung  Galaxy  Galaxy Note  Android  Google
[1:43 pm]

Samsung's "Phablet" Hits New Shipments Milestone

Kepler Meets Titanium: Nvidia Reveals GeForce GTX 660 Ti. Nvidia  GeForce  Kepler  GK104  28nm  TSMC  AMD  Radeon  Pitcairn
[5:38 am]

Nvidia Aims $299 Graphics Card at Gamers


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MPEG H.265 Video Codec to Make Ultra High-Definition Video Viable. HEVC  H.265  MPEG  UHD  UHDTV  Super Hi-vision
[11:01 pm]

High Efficiency Video Coding Specification to Reduce Bandwidth Needed for HD Video

Draft Specification of Hybrid Memory Cube Interface Gets Published. HMC  Micron  Samsung  DRAM
[2:39 pm]

HMC Consortium On-Track to Finalize Hybrid Memory Cube Spec This Year

Foxconn Plans to Build $10 Billion Manufacturing Facilities in Indonesia - Report. Foxconn  Business  Sharp  Apple
[2:21 pm]

Hon Hai to Build Additional Factories in Indonesia to Boost Output of Smartphones, Tablets and TVs

Samsung Rolls-Out Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablet for Creative Professionals. Samsung  Galaxy  Galaxy Note  ARM  Google  Android  Cortex  Exynos
[1:55 pm]

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1" Boasts with Quad-Core Processor, Digitizer, Improved Multi-Tasking

AMD Preps Trinity-Based Athlon II and Sempron Processors - Documents. AMD  Trinity  Athlon  Sempron  Fusion  32nm  Piledriver  Bulldozer
[1:41 pm]

AMD to Continue Offering Athlon II- and Sempron-Branded Chips for Low-Cost Personal Computers

Creative Technology Unveils New Sound Blaster Audio Cards for PCs. Creative Technology  Creative Labs  SoundBlaster  Sound Core3D  Sound Blaster
[8:37 am]

Creative Outs SoundBlaster Z-Series Audio Cards

Sony to Stop Offering PlayStation Games for PlayStation Certified Devices, Will Rely on Special Content. Sony  Playstation  Vita  ASUS  Transformer  HTC  WikiPad
[6:30 am]

Sony to Roll Out PlayStation Mobile Platform and Service for PlayStation Certified Devices and PS Vita This Fall

Nvidia Expects Shipments of Cloud Graphics Cards to Ramp Up Next Year. Nvidia  GeForce  Quadro  Kepler  VGX  Grid  NVS
[2:29 am]

Nvidia Does Not Project Cloud Graphics Processing to Skyrocket This Year


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

IBM Scientists Get Closer to Using Spintronics in Computing. IBM  Spintronics
[2:24 pm]

IBM's Spintronics Waltz Brings Closer Spintronics in Computing

Toshiba Cancels Launch of ARM and Windows RT Tablet and Notebook, Will Concentrate on Windows 8. Toshiba  Windows  Microsoft  Windows 8
[1:55 pm]

Toshiba to Concentrate on Windows 8 Devices Due to Delay of Components

IDT to Present NVM Specs, Unleash Controllers for PCIe SSDs This Month. IDT  SSD  NVM  NVMe  PCI Express
[1:43 pm]

IDT First to Release NVMe-Compatible SSD Controllers

Toshiba Releases High-Performance Solid-State Drive Upgrade Kits for PCs. Toshiba  SSD  NAND  Flash
[1:23 pm]

Toshiba Begins to Address Consumers with High-Performance SSDs

Corsair Takes Over Raptor Gaming to Gain European Retail Presence. Corsair  Raptor Gaming  Business
[1:08 pm]

Corsair Acquires Raptor Gaming in a Bid to Widen Addressable Market

Lenovo Announces Second-Generation ThinkPad Tablet with Windows 8 Operating System. Lenovo  ThinkPad  Windows  Microsoft  Windows 8
[12:52 pm]

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 to Feature Intel Atom, Windows 8 Pro Operating System


Monday, August 13, 2012

Nvidia: Yields of Kepler Graphics Processors Are Improving, Supply Situation Getting Easier. Nvidia  TSMC  Geforce  Kepler  28nm  Business  Tesla  Quadro  GK104  GK107
[1:42 pm]

Nvidia Expects Constraints of 28nm Chip Supply to Continue amid Growing Demand for Kepler

ARM and Globalfoundries Extend Collaboration to 20nm and 14nm FinFET Process Technologies. Globalfoundries  20nm  14nm  FinFET  ARM  Cortex  Semiconductor
[12:47 pm]

Globalfoundries Begins to Make 20nm Test Chips at Fab 8 in Malta, New York

AMD to Release First Batch of A-Series Fusion "Trinity" APUs for Desktops in October - Rumour. AMD  Trinity  Fusion  32nm  Radeon  Piledriver
[4:00 am]

First Photos of AMD A-Series "Trinity" for Desktops and Possible Launch Date Emerge on the Web


Friday, August 10, 2012

Chief Financial Officer of OCZ Set to Leave the Company. OCZ  SSD  Business
[6:31 am]

Art Knapp to Retire from OCZ Technology Group

IBM Wanted to Acquire RIM's Enterprise Service Business Unit - Report. IBM  RIM  Blackberry
[5:14 am]

IBM Unofficially Approached RIM to Buy Blackberry Services


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Valve Software's Steam Service to Challenge Windows Store. Valve Software  Steam  Windows  Windows 8  Valve  Microsoft  Linux  Apple  Mac OS
[2:59 pm]

Valve to Add General-Purpose Software to Steam Online Store

In Personal Computing Era, Devices Will Collaborate to Serve Their Owner - Paul Otellini. Intel
[1:47 pm]

Chief Executive of Intel: Voice, Speech, Gestures and Cloud Services - Next Big Things for PCs

Nvidia's Kepler and Tegra Products Lift Up Nvidia's Sales . Nvidia  TSMC  Geforce  Kepler  28nm  Business  Tesla  Quadro
[12:25 pm]

TSMC's Inability to Supply Enough 28nm Chips Continues to Impact Nvidia's Revenue

Intel to Discuss Haswell at Forthcoming Intel Developer Forum. Intel  Ivy Bridge  Haswell  Denlow  22nm  DirectX  OpenGL  TSX
[11:36 am]

Intel to Disclose Details About Next-Gen Haswell CPUs Next Month

Samsung to Unleash ARM-Based Server Chip in 2014 - Report. Samsung  AMD  Intel  ARM  x86  Cortex  ARMv8
[10:32 am]

More Details Emerge Regarding Samsung's Server Plans


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Toshiba Reveals First 3.5" Hard Disk Drives in Years. Toshiba  HDD  Western Digital  WD
[2:23 pm]

Toshiba Announces 3.5" HDDs for PCs, Consumer Electronics

Khronos Updates OpenGL Specification to Version 4.3 to Boost Security, Support Compute Shaders. Khronos  OpenGL  Nvidia  GeForce  AMD  Intel  Radeon
[1:34 pm]

OpenGL 4.3 Brings In Compute Shaders, Enhanced Flexibility, Improved Security, Other New Features

Acer Bosses Continue to Call Microsoft to Drop Surface Tablets. Acer  Microsoft  Surface  Windows 8  iPad
[12:53 pm]

Acer May Consider Alternatives for Windows in the Light of Surface Tablets

Intel Invests into Motion-Sensing Technology Developer. Movea  Intel  Gyration
[12:30 pm]

Movea Receives €6.5 Million from Intel Capital

Nvidia to Start Selling Kepler-Based Quadro Graphics Solutions in October. Nvidia  Kepler  Geforce  Tesla  Quadro  28nm  GK104
[10:32 am]

Nvidia Formally Introduces Quadro K5000 Graphics Card


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nokia to Reveal First Windows Phone 8 Smartphones at Nokia World - Report. Nokia  Windows Phone  Microsoft  Apple  iOS  iPhone
[2:01 pm]

Nokia Projected to Show Off First Windows Phone 8 Smartphones Next Month

Microsoft Begins to Work on Next-Generation Surface Devices. Microsoft  Surface  Windows 8  Windows RT  ARM
[1:28 pm]

Microsoft: Surface Devices Fully Express the Windows Vision

MicroStar International Debuts "OC Certified" Family of Mainboards. MSI  OC Certified  Sandy Bridge  Ivy Bridge  Intel
[12:31 pm]

MSI Runs Military Class Tests with Overclocked Microprocessors on OC Certified Platforms

Khronos Brings Mobile 3D Graphics to the Next Level with OpenGL ES 3.0 Specification. OpenGL  OpenGL ES  Khronos  ARM  Nvidia  Imagination Technologies  DMP  PowerVR  Tegra  Mali  Snapdragon  Qualcomm  ZiiLabs
[11:59 am]

OpenGL ES 3.0 Brings OpenGL 3.3 and 4.2 Features to Smartphones and Tablets ?

AMD Introduces APU with Graphics Core Certified for Professional Graphics Applications. AMD  FirePro  Trinity  Fusion  32nm  Radeon  Piledriver
[11:24 am]

AMD Launches Trinity APU for Entry-Level Workstations


Monday, August 6, 2012

TSMC Acquires 5% Stake in ASML to Accelerate Development of 450mm Manufacturing Tools. TSMC  Semiconductor  ASML  450mm  Intel  Samsung
[1:45 pm]

TSMC Joins ASML Customer Co-Investment Program

Qualcomm Hires Former High-Ranking Intel Executive to Lead Marketing Efforts. Qualcomm  Snapdragon  Intel  Centrino
[1:04 pm]

Former Chief of Ultra Mobility Group at Intel Joins Qualcomm

ARM Announces Second-Generation Mali-T600 Graphics Processing Units. ARM  Mali  Cortex
[12:30 pm]

ARM Unveils Mali-T624, T-628 and T-678 GPUs


Friday, August 3, 2012

Seagate Completes Acquisition of LaCie Maker of External Hard Drives. Seagate  LaCie  HDD  Business
[4:09 am]

Seagate Takes Over of a Leading Maker of External Storage


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mosaid Shows Off 2TB Solid-State Drive Powered by HLNAND. SSD  HLNAND  NAND  HLSSD  Mosaid  Flash
[2:51 pm]

Mosaid Demos Single-Controller, Terabyte-Class Solid State Drive

Apple Retains Top Spot on Media Tablet Market, But Asus and Samsung Are Closing In. Apple  iPad  iOS  Google  Android  Samsung  ASUS  Amazon  B&N  Lenovo
[2:04 pm]

Apple Controlled Nearly 70% of Media Tablet Market in Q2 2012 - IDC

ARM Submits Mali-T604 GPU Technology for OpenCL Conformance. arm  mali  GPGPU
[1:25 pm]

ARM's Mali T-604 to Receive Full Profile OpenCL Conformance to Support GPGPU

Leading Game Developer Doubts Consoles Will Ever Extinct. Microsoft  Nintendo  Sony  PlayStation  Xbox  Wii  Wii U  PSP  Vita  3DS
[11:58 am]

2K Games: High-Quality Games Require Dedicated Hardware

Samsung Initiates Production of Industry's Fastest NAND Flash for Smartphones and Tablets. Samsung  eMMC  NAND  Flash
[12:03 am]

Samsung's New eMMC Supports 140MB/s Read Speed


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sharp to Start Shipping Screens for New Apple iPhone This Month. Apple  iPhone  Sharp  Foxconn
[2:26 pm]

Sharp Confirms Manufacturing of Screens for Apple iPhone 5

Intel to Release Next-Generation High-End "Ivy Bridge-E" Chips in Q3 2013 - Slide. Intel  Ivy Bridge  Ivy Bridge-E  Haswell  Sandy Bridge-E  22nm
[2:06 pm]

Intel's Next High-End Desktop "Ivy Bridge-E" Chips Due in One Year

Microsoft Releases Windows 8 to Manufacturing. Microsoft  Windows 8  Windows
[12:52 pm]

Microsoft Unveils Additional Milestones for Windows 8

Court Orders Oracle to Continue Release and Support Software for Intel Itanium-Based Servers. Intel  HP  Oracle  ITanium  IA64  HP-UX  Kittson  Poulson  Tukwila
[12:31 pm]

Judge Rules in Favour of HP in Litigation with Oracle Concerning Support of Itanium Software

Return of the King: AMD K7 and K8 Designer Jim Keller Back at AMD. AMD  K7  K8  Apple  Alpha  DEC  Power  Athlon  Opteron
[10:04 am]

AMD Hires Chip Designer from Apple to Head Microprocessor Architecture Development