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September, 2012
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Friday, September 28, 2012

Despite PC Market Slowdown, Shipments of Hard Drives Set to Be Record - Analysts. HDD  Business  Seagate  Western Digital  WD  Toshiba
[6:47 am]

Hard Drive Shipments Rebound to Record Level in 2012

Apple Apologizes for Poor Maps Application in iOS 6. Apple  iOS  Maps
[5:22 am]

Tim Cook Advices iOS6 Users to Utilize Competing Maps Applications


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Micron: SSD Unit Shipments Increased 50% Quarter-over-Quarter. Micron  Crucial  Business  SSD  NAND  Flash
[11:33 pm]

Shipments of Micron SSDs Doubled in Fiscal 2012

Qualcomm Intros Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Play for Entry-Level Smartphones. Qualcomm  Snapdragon  45nm  Cortex  ARM  Adreno
[6:20 pm]

Qualcomm Unleashes Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Play Application Processors

Samsung Begins to Produce 28nm/32nm Chips for STMicroelectronics. 28nm  32nm  Samsung  STMicroelectronics  Semiconductor  Business
[2:49 pm]

Samsung and STM Enter into Strategic Foundry Relationship

Number of 4G/LTE Subscribers Surpass Number of WiMAX Subscribers - Research. 4G/LTE  WiMAX
[1:58 pm]

Popularity of 4G/LTE Surpasses That of WiMAX, Analysts Say

Western Digital Introduces 4TB RAID Edition Hard Disk Drives. WD  Western Digital  RAID Edition  SAS  SATA  Serial ATA
[1:26 pm]

WD Announces WD RAID Edition 4TB HDDs with SAS and Serial ATA Interfaces

AMD Launches AppZone Showcase for Accelerated Applications. AMD  GPGPU  AppZone  BlueStacks  Android  Windows  Windows 8
[12:36 pm]

AMD Kicks Off Online Store with GPGPU-Accelerated Apps

Intel and Partners Detail Atom "Clover Trail" Platform for Media Tablets. Intel  Atom  Clover Trail  Cloverview  32nm  Windows 8  Microsoft  Acer  ASUS  Dell  Fujitsu  HP  Lenovo  LG Electronics  Samsung  ZTE
[9:26 am]

Intel Unwraps Atom Z2760 "Cloverview" System-on-Chip

HP and SK Hynix Cancel Plans to Commercialize Memristor-Based Memory in 2013. HP  Memristor  ReRAM  Hewlett Packard  Hynix  SK Hynix  NAND  Flash
[3:52 am]

Memristor-Based ReRAM Products Slip to Mid-Decade

Samsung Set to Expand Its Mobile Software Offerings. Samsung  Music Hub  Galaxy  iTunes  Apple  Google  Pandora
[2:46 am]

Samsung to Grow Music Hub to Rank Among World's No. 4 Music Service

Intel Haswell Processor May Force Smaller Mainboard Makers to Exit Business. Intel  Core  Haswell
[12:09 am]

Intel Haswell May Disrupt the Market of Mainboards


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Barnes & Noble Reveals New Nook Tablets with HD Screens. Barnes & Noble  B&N  Nook  Nook HD  Nook Tablet
[1:59 pm]

B&N Introduces New Nook Tablets with High-Def Screens

Intel Strongly Denies Harsh Comments on Windows 8 Operating System. Intel  Windows  Windows 8  Core  Ivy Bridge
[1:09 pm]

Intel: We Did Not Criticize Windows 8 Operating System

Texas Instruments Refocuses R&D Investments to Embedded Applications. TI  Texas Instruments  OMAP
[12:47 pm]

TI Shifts OMAP R&D Investments Away from Smartphones and Tablets

Nintendo Announces 23 Games Launching with Wii U This November. Nintendo  Wii  Wii U
[10:56 am]

Nintendo Wii U to Feature Largest Launch-Day Game Lineup in History of the Company

ZTE Plans to Release Smartphone with Mozilla Operating System Next Year . ZTE  Firefox  Mozilla  iOS  Android  Google
[9:10 am]

ZTE Intends to Launch Firefox OS, Windows Phone 8 Smartphones in Early 2013

RIM Expects Blackberry to Stay No. 3 Mobile Ecosystem. RIM  Blackberry  Windows Phone
[5:42 am]

RIM Does Not Consider Windows Phone 8 as Serious Competitor

Intel: Microsoft Windows 8 Still Needs Improvement. Intel  Windows  Windows 8  Microsoft  Windows RT  Ivy Bridge  Haswell  Business
[1:40 am]

Intel's Chief Exec Criticizes Windows 8 at Internal Event


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nvidia Sees Video Game Streaming as a Major Gaming Platform in Several Years. Nvidia  Geforce  GeForce Grid
[2:36 pm]

Cloud Gaming May Kill Video Game Consoles, Says Nvidia

Intel Drives "Intel Inside" Branding into Smartphone Market. Intel  Atom  32nm  22nm  Medfield  Intel Inside
[1:55 pm]

Intel Inside Goes Ultra-Portable Consumer Electronics

Samsung Reveals Solid-State Drives Based on 21nm NAND Flash Memory. Samsung  SSD  MLC  TLC  NAND  Flash  21nm  20nm
[12:53 pm]

Samsung Debuts SSDs with MLC, TLC NAND Flash Memory

LaCie Introduces Rugged Thunderbolt/USB 3.0 External HDD/SSD. LaCie  Thunderbolt  USB  SSD  HDD
[10:01 am]

LaCie Debuts High-End Rugged External Storage Solution

Apple's Lightning Interconnection Imposes Tricky Authentication Process, May Affect Third-Party Accessories. Apple  iPhone  Lightning
[9:37 am]

Apple's Lightning Connector May Make Life of Third-Party Accessories Makers Harder

Intel Discontinues Core i "Sandy Bridge" Microprocessors. Intel  Core  Sandy Bridge  32nm  Pentium  Celeron  22nm
[9:28 am]

Intel to Stop Manufacturing Virtually All 32nm Chips for Desktops

JEDEC Publishes DDR4 Memory Standard. DDR4  DRAM  JEDEC  Samsung  Micron  Hynix
[1:07 am]

JEDEC Finalizes DDR4 DRAM Specification


Monday, September 24, 2012

Seagate Slashes Quarter Revenue Forecast. Seagate  HDD  Business  WD  Intel
[2:31 pm]

Seagate Expects HDD Revenues to Drop by 5%-7%

Toshiba Unveils Hybrid Hard Disk Drives. Toshiba  SSD  NAND  Flash  HDD
[12:26 pm]

Toshiba Announces Hybrid Hard Drives

Apple iPhone 5 First Weekend Sales Top Five Million. Apple  iPhone  iOS  4G/LTE
[11:59 am]

Apple iPhone 5 Sets New First-Days Shipments Record

Contract Makers Produce Lion's Share of Media Tablets. Apple  Foxconn  Samsung  Asus  Google  Android  Windows 8  Windows RT  Microsoft  Motorola
[11:31 am]

90% of Media Tablets Made By Contract Manufacturers

Rambus Wins Case Against SK Hynix. Rambus  SK Hynix  Hynix  DRAM
[8:14 am]

Rambus Entitled to Compensation for Infringement


Friday, September 21, 2012

AMD Sets the FX "Vishera" Launch Date. AMD  FX  Vishera  Piledriver  32nm  Bulldozer  Zambezi
[2:13 pm]

High-End AMD Piledriver Sets Landing Date

Heading Straight for AMD's Sea Islands, Volcanic Islands and Pirates Islands. ATI  AMD  Radeon  Southern Islands  Volcanic Islands  Pirates Islands  Sea Islands
[6:49 am]

Code-Names and Features of Next-Generation AMD Radeon Graphics Processors Revealed


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Microsoft Debuts Windows 8 Keyboard With Split Backspace-Spacebar Key. Microsoft  Windows 8  Sculpt  Sculpt Comfort
[7:27 pm]

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard Weds Design with Windows 8 Functionality

AMD and Intel Admit Customization of Chips for Specific Customers. AMD  Intel  Xeon  Opteron  HP  Dell  IBM  Google  Facebook  Apple  Microsoft
[7:11 pm]

Leading Maker of Chips Add and Disable Functions for Large Server Customers

Nvidia Develops High-Performance ARM-Based "Boulder" Microprocessor - Report. Boulder  Nvidia  Denver  Echelon  Maxwell  Tegra  Tesla  Geforce  Quadro  ARM
[4:03 pm]

Nvidia Reportedly Preps Competitor for AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon Processor for Servers

Intel to Offer Three Atom "Centerton" Processors for Servers. Centerton  Intel  Atom  Xeon  HP  Moonshot  Quanta
[1:56 pm]

Specifications of Intel Atom for Servers Revealed

Apple to Rule the Tablet Market Till 2016, Despite of Google Android and Microsoft Windows - IDC. IDC  Apple  iOS  Samsung  Google  Android  Galaxy Tab  webOS  HP  Blackberry  Amazon  B&N  iPad  Kindle  Kindle Fire  Nook
[8:59 am]

Analysts Boost Expectations for Tablets, Lower Prospects of Android, Heighten Projections for Windows

Samsung Announces Galaxy Note II: Bigger Screen, Faster Processor, New Features. Samsung  Galaxy  Galaxy Note  Android  Google
[8:54 am]

Samsung's Hybrid Smartphone Gets Larger Screen, Quad-Core Processor, Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean"

AMD FX-Series "Vishera" Microprocessors Available for Pre-Order Online. AMD  FX  Vishera  Piledriver  32nm  Bulldozer  Zambezi
[4:08 am]

AMD FX Processors with Piledriver Cores to Sell for $130 - $253

Globalfoundries Accelerates Roadmap: Expects First 14nm Tape-Outs in 2013. Globalfoundries  14nm  FinFET  Semiconductor  Intel  TSMC  UMC
[2:35 am]

Globalfoundries Plans to Catch Up with Intel, Start Production of 14nm Chips in 2014


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time Is Running Out for Stephen Elop to Turn Nokia Around. Nokia  Windows Phone  Android  Google  iOS  Microsoft  Apple
[11:06 pm]

Nokia Has to Consider Google Android in Two Quarters Should Windows Phone 8 Face Slow Adoption - Investors

Intel Looking Forward Heterogeneous Multi-Core Processors. Intel  Atom  Core  Ivy Bridge  Haswell  Saltwell  ARM  Cortex  Airmont  Silvermon  22nm  14nm
[10:58 pm]

Intel May Mimic ARM's Big.Little Approach for Multi-Core Chips

Lenovo Takes Over Developer of Secure Cloud Technologies. Lenovo  Stoneware  Cloud
[2:34 pm]

Lenovo Acquires Stoneware to Expand Secure Cloud Computing

Nintendo and Unity Sign Agreement That Brings Popular Mobile, Social Games to Wii U. Nintendo  Wii U  Unity
[2:03 pm]

Unity Technologies Enters Extensive Agreement with Nintendo to Support Wii U

Samsung Begins Mass Production of 128GB NAND Flash Memory for Smartphones and Tablets. Samsung  eMMC  NAND  Flash
[1:30 pm]

Samsung's 128GB eMMC Memory Hits Mass Production

Apple iPhone 5 Costs Up to $238 to Make, Preliminary Teardown Reveals. Apple  iPhone  iOS  4G/LTE
[9:12 am]

The iPhone 5 Costs Apple More Than iPhone 4S at Launch

Intel Haswell Processors to Further Improve Overclocking. Intel  Haswell  22nm  Core  LGA1150  LGA2011  Sandy Bridge  Ivy Bridge
[7:03 am]

Next-Gen Intel Core Performance-Mainstream Platform to Offer LGA2011-Like Tuning Capabilities

SK Hynix Develops GDDR3 Memory with Lowered Power Consumption. SK Hynix  GDDR3  DRAM
[3:49 am]

SK Hynix Launches GDDR3 with Reduced Voltage


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Buffalo Claims Fastest-Selling Thunderbolt-Enabled Storage Device. Buffalo  Thunderbolt  HDD  USB
[11:39 pm]

Secret Sauce for Success of External Hard Drive with Thunderbolt: USB 3.0 Support

Sony Debuts Smaller and Lighter PlayStation 3. Sony  PlayStation  32nm  28nm  RSX  Cell  IBM  Nvidia  TSMC  Globalfoundries
[10:11 pm]

Sony Confirms Ultra-Slim PS3, Reveals Ultra-Cheap Version for Europe

Intel Demos Atom "Rosepoint" SoC with Built-In All-Digital Wi-Fi Transceiver. Intel  Atom  32nm  Rosepoint  Wi-Fi  WiGig
[2:53 pm]

Intel Shows Off All-Digital Radio in Action with Rosepoint Chip

Micron Appoints Former Nvidia Exec as Vice President of Wireless Solutions Group. Micron  Nvidia  Tegra  DRAM  NAND  Flash  PCM  NOR
[2:03 pm]

Former Nvidia Tegra Chief Joins Micron to Lead Wireless Solutions Group

Gigabyte Quietly Unveils FM2 Mainboards for Next-Gen AMD A-Series APUs. Gigabyte  AMD  Trinity  Fusion  32nm  Radeon  Piledriver
[1:49 pm]

Gigabyte Ready to Ship FM2 Mainboards for AMD A-Series "Trinity" APUs

AMD's Chief of Client Product Development Joins Recent Exodus from the Company. AMD  Business
[1:30 pm]

Chris Cloran, General Manager of Client Product Development, Leaves AMD

Microsoft Establishes Own Content Production Studio to Further Boost Xbox Live. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox Live  HDTV
[1:15 pm]

Microsoft Appoints CBS Exec to Lead Xbox Live Video Efforts

Micron Follows Rival SK Hynix with DDR3L-RS Memory. Micron  DDR3  DRAM  DDR3L-RS
[11:50 am]

Micron Starts to Sell DDR3L-RS Memory for Ultrabooks

Motorola Reveals Smartphone with Intel Atom SoC Inside. Intel  Motorola  RAZR  RAZR i  Atom  Medfield  32nm
[8:37 am]

Motorola Introduces RAZR i Smartphone


Monday, September 17, 2012

Microsoft Not Looking Forward to Make Surface Tablets Cheap. Microsoft  Surface  Windows 8  iPad  Windows RT  Apple
[2:22 pm]

Microsoft: $300 - $800 - Sweet-Spot for Tablets, PCs

Samsung Begins to Produce LPDDR3 Memory Using 30nm-Class Technology. Samsung  LPDDR3  DRAM  30nm  Mobile DRAM
[1:02 pm]

Samsung Starts Production of 30nm LPDDR3 DRAM

Chief Financial Officer of AMD to Leave the Company. amd  business
[10:37 am]

Thomas Seifert to Resign from AMD

PC Share of DRAM Market Dips Below 50% for the First Time . DRAM  Business
[10:28 am]

PCs Set to Cease Being Main Consumers of DRAM

Chief Executive of OCZ Resigns from the Company. OCZ  Business  SSD  NAND  Flash  DRAM
[7:57 am]

OCZ Board Appoints Alex Mei as Interim CEO


Friday, September 14, 2012

Asrock's Formula OC Begins: World's Intel "Ivy Bridge" Overclocking Record Set. Asrock  Intel  Ivy Bridge  Core
[7:32 am]

Asrock's Overclocking Guru Sets "Ivy Bridge" World's Clock-Speed Record

SK Hynix Introduces DDR3L Memory with Reduced Standby Power Consumption. Hynix  SK Hynix  DDR3  DDR3L  DDR3L-RS  Micron  Nanya
[6:39 am]

SK Hynix Unveils DDR3L-RS DRAM for Mobile Computers

Western Digital Expects 11% Demand Drop for HDDs in Third Quarter. WD  Western Digital  Business
[4:42 am]

WD Lowers Revenue Expectations for Ongoing Quarter

Apple Exec Explains Drawbacks of iPhone 5: We Did Everything Right. Apple  iPhone  iOS
[2:14 am]

Apple: Some Things Just Make Devices More Complicated


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Intel: The Future of All Equipment Is Wireless. Intel  Wi-Fi  WiGig
[2:48 pm]

Every Device Needs Wireless Connectivity - Intel

Elsa Quietly Rolls-Out Thunderbolt-to-PCI Express Expansion Box. Elsa  ExpressBox  Magma
[1:58 pm]

Elsa Develops Thunderbolt Expansion Box for PCI Express Add-In Cards

Nintendo Discloses Wii U Launch Dates and Prices for Europe and the U.S. Nintendo  Wii  Wii U
[12:54 pm]

Nintendo Wii to Launch in Europe and the U.S. Ahead of Japan

Nvidia Launches GK106 Graphics Processing Unit, Two New Graphics Cards. Nvidia  Kepler  GK106  GK107  28nm  Geforce
[8:48 am]

Nvidia Releases Third Kepler Graphics Processor, GeForce GTX 650 and 660 Graphics Boards

OCZ on Track to Release Performance Breakthrough Vector SSDs in Q4. OCZ  Indilinx  Barefoot  SSD  NAND  Flash
[1:58 am]

OCZ Shows Off Indilinx Barefoot 3-Based Solid-State Drives

Western Digital's Division Announces Helium-Filled Hard Drive Platform. WD  Western Digital  HDD  Business  HGST  Hitachi  Hitachi GST
[12:12 am]

WD's HGST Proposes Seven-Platters Hard Disk Drives, 7TB HDDs May Become Reality Next Year


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nintendo Reveals Launch Date and Price for Wii U in Japan. Nintendo  Wii  Wii U  IBM  Power  AMD  Radeon  ATI
[7:11 pm]

Nintendo to Release Wii U on December 8 in Japan

Amount of Activated Google Android Devices Surpasses Apple iOS Products by 100 Million Units. Google  Android  Apple  iOS  iPhone  iPod  iPad
[2:55 pm]

Google Android Clearly Leaves Apple iOS Behind, Still with Smartphones Only

Lucid Develops External Thunderbolt Dock for Graphics Cards. Lucid  LucidLogix  Lucid Logix  Thunderbolt  AMD  Radeon
[1:59 pm]

Lucid Wants to Rejuvenate External Graphics Solutions with Thunderbolt

Intel Vows to Integrate Converged Fabric Controller into Future Xeon Microprocessors. Intel  Xeon  Xeon Phi  HPC  Infiniband  Cray  Fulcrum  AMD  SeaMicro
[12:26 pm]

Intel's Future Xeon Chips to Gain High-Bandwidth Interconnections Support

Samsung Demonstrates DDR4 Memory Modules, DDR4 Roadmap. Samsung  DDR4  Intel  Haswell  Rockwell  Broadwell  Haswell-EX  DRAM
[8:14 am]

Samsung Discloses Latest DDR4 Plans at IDF Trade-Show

Apple Unleashes iPhone 5: New Look, New Feel, New Performance. Apple  iPhone  iOS  4G/LTE
[3:54 am]

Apple iPhone 5 Gets 4" Display, A6 System-on-Chip, 4G/LTE, New Connector


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TSMC to Spend $10 Billion on Capital Expenditure in 2013 - Report. TSMC  Apple  Semiconductor  Business  20nm  16nm  28nm  UMC  Globalfoundries  Samsung  Intel
[11:52 pm]

TSMC's CapEx to Increase to $10 Billion Next Year

Sales of Hybrid Hard Drives to Grow Rapidly Starting Next Year - Analysts. Seagate  Toshiba  Western Digital  WD  HDD
[7:13 pm]

Hard Drives with 5mm Thickness Could be Potent Growth Factor for Storage Industry

Intel Discloses Future Plans for Atom System-on-Chips for Tablets, Smartphones. Intel  Atom  Clover Trail  Bay Trail  Clover Trail+  Medfield  Cloverview  ValleyView  32nm  22nm
[2:52 pm]

Intel Preps Clover Trail+, Bay Trail Platforms for Smartphones and Tablets

Samsung Starts to Build 10nm NAND Flash Manufacturing Complex in China. Samsung  NAND  Flash  10nm
[1:58 pm]

Samsung Breaks Ground for $2.3 Billion NAND Flash Facility in Xi'an, China

DRAM Prices Continue to Fall Despite of Back-to-School Season.  DRAM  DDR3  2Gb  4Gb  Business  Samsung  Micron  Hynix  Elpida  Nanya  Winbod  Rexchip
[12:30 pm]

Contract Price of 4GB DDR3 Memory Module Drops to $18

Seagate Optimizes Next-Generation Hybrid Hard Drive for Intel's Smart Response Technology. Seagate  HDD  SSHD  HHD  Intel
[11:57 am]

Seagate to Showcase Next-Generation Solid-State Hybrid Drive at IDF

AMD Invests into Developer of Middleware for Cloud Gaming Solution. CiiNow  AMD  Radeon  ATI  Southern Islands  GCN
[11:25 am]

AMD Invests into CiiNow, Which Offers Cloud Gaming Solution Powered by AMD Radeon

Sony Investigating Microsoft Windows Phone Platform for Smartphones. Sony  Sony Ericsson  Windows Phone  Windows  Microsoft
[10:57 am]

Sony May Adopt Windows Phone Operating System for Select Smartphones

Intel Predicts Revolutions in Performance, Power Consumption of PCs Thanks to Haswell. Intel  Haswell  Core  22nm  Sandy Bridge  Ivy Bridge
[7:02 am]

Intel Wants Haswell Micro-Architecture to Power Desktops, Notebooks and Tablets


Monday, September 10, 2012

Nanya Mulls to Exit Commodity DRAM Business. Nanya  Inotera  Micron  DDR4  DRAM  Business
[2:56 pm]

Nanya to Concentrate on Special Purpose and Mobile Memory

AMD's Seamicro Uncovers Ultra-Dense MicroServers for Big Data Industries. amd  Seamicro  Piledriver  Viperfish  Opteron  Xeon  Sandy Bridge  Ivy Bridge
[2:04 pm]

AMD to Launch Opteron "Piledriver" for Microservers in November

Former Hitachi GST Chief to Become Chief Executive of Western Digital. WD  Western Digital  HDD  Business  HGST  Hitachi  Hitachi GST
[8:43 am]

WD's John Coyne Set to Retire in January, 2013

Cadence Reveals World's First 28nm DDR4 Memory Controller. Cadence  DDR4  DRAM  28nm  TSMC
[8:30 am]

Cadence Introduces Silicon-Proven 28nm DDR4 Memory Controller and PHY

Western Digital Unveils Industry's Thinnest Hybrid Hard Disk Drive. WD  Western Digital  HDD  HHD
[7:21 am]

Western Digital Reveals World's First 5mm Storage Device


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Intel's Advanced Manufacturing Processes to Help It to Fight ARM - Analyst. Intel  Semiconductor
[6:27 am]

Intel's Advanced Manufacturing Processes to Help It to Fight ARM - Analyst


Friday, September 7, 2012

Intel Haswell - Big Hope for Intel, Says Analyst. Intel  Ivy Bridge  Haswell  Denlow  22nm  DirectX  OpenGL  TSX
[7:49 am]

Intel Haswell Set to Benefit Significantly from 22nm Tri-Gate Process Tech


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sales of Samsung Galaxy S III Hit 20 Million in 100 Days. Samsung  Galaxy  4G/LTE  Qualcomm  Snapdragon  Exynos  Google  Android
[11:18 pm]

Samsung Electronics Celebrates Shipment of 20 Millionth Galaxy S III

Intel Cuts Revenue Expectations as Demand for PCs Slows-Down Ahead of Windows 8 Launch. Intel  Ultrabook  Atom  Core  Ivy Bridge  Sandy Bridge  Xeon  22nm  Business
[9:30 pm]

Intel Lowers Revenue Expectations for Third Quarter

Apple Cuts Orders on Samsung's Components for iPhone 5 - Reports. Apple  Samsung  NAND  Flash  iPhone  DRAM  Elpida  Toshiba  LG Electronics  Sharp  SK Hynix
[2:08 pm]

Apple to Reduce Orders from Samsung to Diversify Supply Chain

Dedicated E-Book Readers to Survive Media Tablet Onslaught - Analysts. E-Book
[1:00 pm]

Shipments of E-Book Readers to Drop, But They Will Survive

Quanta QCT to Ship Intel Atom "Centerton" Servers By End of Year. Quanta  Centerton  Intel  Atom  Xeon
[12:41 pm]

Quanta to Start Selling Second Microserver Later This Year

Amazon Introduces Kindle Fire HD: High-End Tablets, Reasonable Price. Amazon  Kindle  Kindle Fire  Android  Google  Apple  iOS  iPad
[9:43 am]

Amazon Updates Family of Kindle Fire Media Tablets with New Hardware

Amazon Rejuvenates Kindle E-Book Family with New Models, New Screen Tech. Amazon  Kindle  E-Book  Paperwhite
[9:28 am]

Amazon Debuts Kindle Paperwhite with Unique Front Light Display Technology

WD Refreshes Lineup of Miniature External My Passport Edge Hard Drives with USB 3.0. WD  Western Digital  USB  My Passport  My Passport Edge
[12:06 am]

Western Digital Ships New Slim and Sleek Family of Portable Hard Drives with USB 3.0 Interface


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

TSMC to Start 450mm Production in 2018 - Company. TSMC  450mm  EUV  Semiconductor  10nm  14nm  16nm  FinFET
[2:24 pm]

TSMC and 450mm Manufacturing: Six Years to Go

Intel Xeon Phi to Power New Petascale Supercomputer at National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Intel  Xeon  Xeon Phi  Ivy Bridge  Knights Corner  22nm
[12:59 pm]

Intel Xeon Phi to Power World's Most Power Efficient 1PFLOPS HPC System

Insufficient Supply of NAND Flash Memory Lower OCZ Sales. OCZ  Agility  Vertex  Toshiba  MLC  NAND  20nm  Samsung  Micron
[12:11 pm]

OCZ to Miss Revenue Guidance Because of Insufficient NAND Flash Supply

Lenovo Acquires Brazilian PC Maker CCE to Expand Presence in the Region. Lenovo  CCE  Business
[11:04 am]

Lenovo Group Further Expands Presence in Latin America with Acquisition of CCE

As Power of Wintel Wanes, Microsoft and Intel Are Losing Market Shares. Microsoft  Intel  x86  AMD  ARM  Windows  Windows 8  Apple  iOS  Android  Google
[8:41 am]

New-Age Always-Connected Supporting Devices to Threat Wintel Dominance


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Half of the World's Population Will Have Access to the Internet by 2017. Internet
[2:23 pm]

Analysts Expect 50% of the Global Population to Have Access to the Web in 2017

Oracle to Continue Developing Software for HP's Platforms Based on Intel Itanium. Intel  HP  Oracle  Itanium  IA64  HP-UX  Kittson  Poulson  Tukwila
[1:46 pm]

Oracle to Carry on Itanium-Based Server Support for HP

Nintendo Wii U Due in November, Set to Cost $249 - Rumours. Nintendo  Wii  Wii U
[12:00 pm]

Pricing and Launch Date of Nintendo Wii U Revealed

AMD Discloses Peculiarities of Next-Generation Jaguar Micro-Architecture. AMD  Jaguar  Bobcat  x86
[11:15 am]

AMD Jaguar: Multi-Core Architecture for Low-Power Devices

Apple Confirms Plans to Uncover iPhone 5 Next Wednesday. Apple  iOS  iPhone  iPad  iPod
[8:25 am]

Sixth-Generation Apple iPhone to Be Announces on September 12

Adapteva and Globalfoundries Begin to Sample 64-Core 28nm Microprocessor. Adapteva  Globalfoundries  28nm  Semiconductor  Ephiphany
[3:51 am]

Adapteva Initiates Sampling of 64-Core RISC Chip with 2W Power Consumption


Monday, September 3, 2012

Online Store Starts to Take Pre-Orders on A-Series Fusion "Trinity" Chips. AMD  Trinity  Fusion  32nm  Radeon  Piledriver
[2:31 pm]

AMD's A-Series "Trinity" APUs to Cost from $59 to $131: Online Store

Valve Confirms "Jumping In" Hardware Business. Valve  Valve Software  Steam
[1:03 pm]

Valve Looking Forward Hardware Engineers

Intel Expands Lineup of 22nm Microprocessors. Intel  Ivy Bridge  Sandy Bridge  Core  22nm  32nm
[11:35 am]

Intel Adds Over Ten Chips into Product Family

Samsung, Vivante Others Join AMD's Heterogeneous System Architecture Foundation. AMD  GPGPU  Samsung  Apical  Arteris  MulticoreWare  Sonics  Symbio  Vivante  ARM  Imagination Technologies  Mediatek  Texas Instruments  Imagination  Cortex  Mali  PowerVR
[9:47 am]

New Members Join Heterogeneous Computing Organization

Fujitsu Semiconductor to Transfer Chip Assembly and Test Plant to J-Devices. Fujitsu  Semiconductor  J-Devices  Business
[1:11 am]

Fujitsu to Get Rid Of Semiconductor Assemble and Test Plant