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December, 2013
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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year, Dear Readers!
[6:20 am]

Welcome, Year 2014


Monday, December 30, 2013

SK Hynix Begins to Ship LPDDR4 Samples to Customers. SK Hynix  Hynix  LPDDR4  Apple  Qualcomm  Samsung  DRAM
[1:46 pm]

SK Hynix Reveals Its First LPDDR4 Chips

AMD Mantle Patch for Battlefield 4 Delayed to 2014. AMD  Mantle  Radeon  GCN  DICE  Electronic Arts  3dfx  Glide  DirectX  OpenGL
[12:54 pm]

Battlefield 4 to Get Mantle Patch Later Than Expected

4K UHDTV Shipments to Rise Dramatically in China Next Year – Analysts. 4K  UHD  UHDTV  HDTV
[11:55 am]

China Is Becoming Driving Market for 4K UHD TV Adoption

Samsung Develops Industry’s First 8Gb LPDDR4 Mobile DRAM. Samsung  LPDDR4  LPDDR  DRAM  Mobile DRAM  20nm  8Gb
[5:26 am]

Samsung Reveals Next-Generation Memory for Mobile Devices

AMD Will Reduce Focus on High-Performance Multi-Core Chips for Servers. AMD  ARM  ARMv8  Steamroller  Piledriver  Excavator  Sea Islands  Volcanic Islands  HSA  Radeon  GCN
[4:54 am]

New AMD Server Roadmap Reveals Company’s Server Plans for 2015


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Streamz: World's First Smart Audiophile Streaming Headphones with a DAC and Lossless Audio Support. Streamz  Mozaex  BluWaws
[1:56 pm]

Streamz Headphones Can Access Any Audio Sourcem with Loseless Quality, But At a Cost

BlackBerry Co-Founders Cuts Stake at Company, Cancel Plans to Buy It Back. Blackberry  RIM
[1:51 pm]

Co-Founders of BlackBerry No Longer Interested In the Company


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tim Cook: Apple Has "Big" Plans for Next Year. Apple  Macintosh  Mac OS  macbook  iOS  iPhone  iPad  ARM
[1:59 pm]

Apple’s CEO Shares His 2014 Vision with Employees in a Letter

A Look Into 2014: Microprocessors. Intel  AMD  Core  Haswell  Kabini  Radeon  GCN  Puma  Jaguar  Airmont  Silvermont  ARM  Cortex  Samsung  Nvidia  Tesla  Kepler  Qualcomm  Snapdragon  Adreno  Fusion  28nm  20nm  Haswell-E  Haswell-EP  HEDT  Xeon  Vivante  OpenGL  OpenCL  DirectX  Vega  Po
[1:54 pm]

Predictions and Expectations for 2014


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas to All Our Readers!
[11:17 am]

We Wish You a Merry Christmas


Monday, December 23, 2013

Nvidia to Start Rolling-Out GeForce 8-Series Graphics Processors in February. Nvidia  Maxwell  Geforce  clevo
[1:50 pm]

Nvidia’s Next-Generation Maxwell Architecture May Be Just Around the Corner

Seagate to Acquire Xyratex, a HDD Test Equipment Maker. Seagate  Xyratex  HDD
[1:10 pm]

Seagate Expands Its Business with the Acquisition of Xyratex

Acer Appoints Ex-TSMC Executive as Corporate President and CEO. Acer  TSMC  Intel  Business
[1:00 pm]

Acer Returns CEO Position, Names Jason Chen President and CEO

Western Digital to End Shipments of Parallel ATA Hard Disk Drives in 2013. WD  Western Digital  HDD  Business  PATA  Parallel ATA  SATA  Serial ATA  SATA Express
[12:26 pm]

WD to End-of-Life PATA Hard Drives in Coming Days

Apple Inks Deal with China Mobile: Expect Record iPhone Shipments in Upcoming Quarter. Apple  iPhone  iOS
[6:02 am]

World’s Largest Cell Network Operator to Sell iPhone 5s and 5c in China


Friday, December 20, 2013

BlackBerry Inks Five-Year Strategic Partnership with Foxconn. Blackberry  RIM  Foxconn
[2:27 pm]

Foxconn to Develop, Manufacture and Manage Distribution of BB Smartphones

Toshiba’s Reveals Dual-Camera Module for Smartphones, Tablets.
[2:05 pm]

Toshiba’s New Dual-Sensor Camera Module Enables Simultaneous Output of Images and Depth Data

Asus: We Are Not Responsible for Any Violations of Via's Trade Secrets. Via Technologies  ASUS  Asmedia  USB
[1:45 pm]

Asus Responds to Via Technologies’ Allegations


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Samsung Introduces 105” “Most Curved” UHD+ Television. Samsung  UHD  LG  LG Electronics  LG Display  4K  UHDTV  5K  21:9
[1:50 pm]

Samsung to Demo New 5K Curved TV-Set at CES

Intel Readies 18-Core Xeon “Broadwell-EP” Microprocessors for Launch in 2015 – Report. Intel  Xeon  Broadwell  Haswell  Broadwell-EP  Haswell-EP  Broadwell-EX  Haswell-EX  DDR4
[1:10 pm]

Intel Speeds Up Xeon Roadmap to Bring In More Speed and Features

LG to Showcase 105” Curved LCD Ultra HD+ Television at Trade-Show. LG  LG Electronics  LG Display  4K  UHDTV  5K  21:9  UHD
[1:00 pm]

LG Announces World’s First 21:9 105” Curved LCD UHD TV at CES 2014


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sony Executive: Nintendo Wii U Is Just Getting Started. Nintendo  Wii U  Wii  Sony  Playstation
[1:55 pm]

Shuhei Yoshida Praises Nintendo Wii U, Claims It Is Important for the Industry

SK Hynix to Build New DRAM Plant in South Korea. SK Hynix  Hynix  DRAM  Business
[1:46 pm]

SK Hynix to Expand Production of DRAM

Leading Contract Maker of Notebooks to Help Develop 3DMark and PCMark Benchmarks. Quanta  3DMark  PCMark  Futuremark
[1:20 pm]

Quanta Computer Joins Futuremark Benchmark Development Program

PowerColor Rolls-Out Radeon R290X Graphics Card with Liquid Cooling System. PowerColor  Tul  AMD  Radeon  Hawaii  GCN  EK Water Blocks
[1:15 pm]

PowerColor LCS R9 290X Features EK Water Blocks Cooling System

Apple Finally Starts to Sell Its All-New Mac Pro This Week. Apple  Mac Pro  Macintosh  Mac OS  Intel  Xeon  AMD  FirePro
[1:10 pm]

The New Workstation from Apple Is Finally Here

LG Announces World’s First All-In-One PC Based on Google Chrome OS. LG  LG Electronics  Chrome OS  Google  Chrome  Intel  Celeron
[1:00 pm]

LG to Demonstrate World’s First AIO PC Powered by Google Chrome OS


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Apple’s 64-Bit A7 Chip Caught Qualcomm Unexpected – Insider. Apple  ARM  ARMv8  Qualcomm  Snapdragon
[1:51 pm]

Qualcomm Insider: Apple A7 Chip “Hit Us in the Gut”

Release of LPDDR4 Standard Due Next Year, But Adoption Will Unlikely Be Fast. LPDDR4  JEDEC  Samsung  Micron  SK Hynix  DRAM
[1:37 pm]

LPDDR4 Could Eventually Hit 4266Mb/s Data Rate

Sapphire Introduces Radeon R9 290, 290X Graphics Cards with Enhanced Performance. AMD  Radeon  Hawaii  GCN  Sapphire
[1:15 pm]

Sapphire Boosts Performance of Radeon R9 290, 290X Graphics Adapters

Samsung Officially Rolls-Out GamePad for Its Smartphones. Samsung  GamePad  Galaxy  Galaxy Tab  Android  Google
[1:07 pm]

Samsung Rivals Portable Game Consoles with Add-On for Smartphones

UK Store Offers Gold-Plated Xbox One for £6000. Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  Durango
[12:59 pm]

Harrods Offers Special Xbox One for Special Customers

Via Technologies Sues Asus Group Companies and Executives for Trade Secrets Misappropriation. Via Technologies  Asus  Asmedia  USB
[12:20 pm]

Via Accuses Asmedia of Nearly $140 Million in Damages


Monday, December 16, 2013

Steve Ballmer Considers Longhorn-Vista His Biggest Mistake at Microsoft. Microsoft  Windows  Vista  Longhorn  Windows 8  Windows Phone
[1:51 pm]

Outgoing Chief Executive of Microsoft Talks His Biggest Mistake

Nvidia Now Provides Discounts on Shield Game Console with the Purchase of GeForce GTX Graphics Cards. Nvidia  Shield  GeForce  Tegra  Logan  Kepler  Wayne
[1:10 pm]

Nvidia’s Shield Can Be Obtained $50 - $100 Cheaper Under Terms of New Campaign

Micron to Solve DRAM Timing Challenge with Broadcom. Micron  Broadcom  DDR3  DRAM
[1:00 pm]

Collaboration Addresses Persistent DDR3 tFAW Timing Constraint

Avago Technologies to Acquire LSI Corporation for $6.6 Billion in Cash. Avago  LSI  SandForce  Business  Silver Lake
[12:57 pm]

Silver Lake Partners to Support LSI-Avago Transaction with $1 Billion Investment in Avago

ARM Acquires Geomerics, a Graphics Technologies Developer. ARM  Geomerics  Cortex  Mali
[11:14 am]

ARM Strenghtends Its Portfolio with Graphics Technologies


Friday, December 13, 2013

Qualcomm Names Steve Mollenkopf CEO and President. Qualcomm  Snapdragon
[1:59 pm]

Former Microsoft CEO Candidate Gets Promotion

Engineering Sample of Intel’s Next-Generation Core i7 “Haswell-E” Pictured. Intel  Haswell-E  Haswell  Ivy Bridge-E  HEDT  22nm  Core
[1:53 pm]

First Image of Next-Gen Intel Extreme “Haswell-E” Chip Hits the Web

Microsoft Considers Making Windows Phone, Windows RT Free-of-Charge – Report. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT  Windows Phone  Google  Android  Threshold
[1:29 pm]

To Fight Google Android Microsoft Could Make Its Mobile Platforms Free


Thursday, December 12, 2013

AMD to Add Free Copy of Battlefield 4 to A10 “Kaveri” APUs at Launch – Slide. AMD  Fusion  Kaveri  Radeon  GCN  HSA  TueAudio  Mantle  Steamroller  28nm
[1:55 pm]

Additional AMD “Kaveri” Performance Figures Emerge: Significantly Faster Than Intel Core i5-4670K

Market Watcher Calls Microsoft to Follow Apple with Free OS Upgrades. Microsoft  Apple  Windows  Mac OS
[1:40 pm]

Microsoft Should Follow Apple’s Lead on Free Operating System Upgrade

Google Mulls Designing Its Own Server Microprocessors. ARM  Intel  AMD  Xeon  Opteron  Business  Amazon  Google  Facebook  HP  Dell  IBM  Apple  Microsoft
[1:25 pm]

Google May Use ARM Architecture to Develop Own Chip

Microsoft Considers Chief Operating Officer of Qualcomm on the CEO Role. Microsoft  Business  Windows  Windows Phone  Xbox
[1:19 pm]

Steve Mollenkopf Is Another Microsoft CEO Candidate – Report

PCI-SIG Finalizes PCI Express M.2 Specification for SSDs and Communication Cards. PCI Express  PCIe  PCIe M.2  M.2  SSD
[1:12 pm]

PCI Express M.2 Provides High Bandwidth to Power-Constrained Platforms

Sony PlayStation 4 Outsells Xbox One in the U.S. in November, But There Is a Catch. Sony  PlayStation 4  Microsoft  Xbox One  Business
[1:07 pm]

Microsoft Proclaims Xbox One “Fastest-Selling” New-Generation Game Console

G.Fast Technology Boosts Bandwidth of Copper Telephone Lines to 1Gb/s. G.Fast  ITU
[12:58 pm]

G.Fast Capitalizes on Existing Copper to Deliver Fibre Speeds at Lower Costs

OCZ Launches New Enterprise-Class Intrepid 3000 Solid-State Drives. OCZ  Intrepid  Everest  Marvell  SSD  MLC  eMLC  NAND
[12:31 pm]

OCZ’s Intrepid 3000 Provides Superior Sustained I/O Operations and Latency Consistency


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Transition to New Generation Game Consoles Will Be Rapid – Ubisoft Executive. Ubisoft  Sony  Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox One  Playstation  PlayStation 4
[1:53 pm]

Gamers Set to Switch to PlayStation 4, Xbox One Faster Than In Previous Cycles

Nokia Reportedly Readies Low-Cost Google Android-Based Smartphone. Nokia  Normandy  Google  Android  Windows Phone  Microsoft  Lumia  Asha
[1:29 pm]

Nokia’s Normandy Smartphone Could Repeat Destiny of Nokia N9

MIT Scientists Build a Low-Cost, Open-Source 3D Metal Printer.
[1:20 pm]

Team of MIT Researchers Could Open Doors to Affordable 3D Metal Printing

Kingston Adds Optional TCG Opal 1.0 Compliancy to Business PC-Oriented SSDs. Kingston  SSD  KC300  NAND  Flash  SandForce  LSI
[1:10 pm]

Kingston’s KC300 SSD Family Gains Optional TCG Opal 1.0 Compliancy

AT&T: It Is Impossible to Afford Big Subsidies on Smartphones Any Longer. AT&T  Apple  Samsung  Google  Motorola  LG Electronics  Sony  Nokia  Microsoft  iOS  Android  Windows Phone
[1:00 pm]

AT&T Calls to End Smartphone Subsidies Citing Rising Costs

European Regulator Warns Nokia Not to Become a Patent Troll. Nokia  Microsoft  R&D  Rambus
[12:53 pm]

EU Hopes That Nokia Will Not Convert Into a Patent Troll

Plextor to Unleash Next-Generation Solid-State Storage Solutions Next Month. Plextor  SSD  NAND  Flash  Toshiba  Marvell  19nm
[12:48 pm]

Plextor to to Formally Unveil M6-Series SSDs During CES 2014


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

IBM’s Scientific Breakthrough Could Enable Lower-Cost High-Performance Big Data Systems. IBM
[1:55 pm]

IBM Scientists Demonstrate Quantum Phenomenon for the First Time Using a Plastic Film

Toshiba Announces Cost-Efficient Serial ATA SSDs for Read-Intensive Applications. Toshiba  SSD  HK3R  eSSD  MLC  NAND
[1:51 pm]

Toshiba Introduces HK3R eSSDs for Tiered Storage Applications

Sales of Xbox One Surpass Two Million Units Worldwide – Microsoft. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox One  Durango  AMD  Radeon  Jaguar  Fusion
[1:20 pm]

Initial Sales of Microsoft Xbox One Match Those of Sony PlayStation 4

Intel Core “Haswell Refresh” Chips Not Expected to Bring Significant Performance Improvements - Specs. Intel  Haswell Refresh  Broadwell  14nm  Haswell  LGA1150  Serial ATA  Serial ATA Express  SATA Express  PCI Express  SSD  PCIe  22nm
[1:10 pm]

First Specifications of Core i-Series “Haswell Refresh” Processors Get Published

Micron's High-Density 45nm Serial NOR Flash Doubles Programming Speed for Embedded Applications. Micron  NOR  Flash  45nm
[1:05 pm]

Micron Introduces Industry's First 2Gb Serial NOR Device

Microsoft Windows “Threshold” Expected to Bring Back Start Menu, Windowed Multitasking. Microsoft  Windows RT  Windows  Windows 8  Windows Phone 8  Windows Phone
[1:00 pm]

Microsoft Readies Multiple New Operating Systems Code-Named “Threshold”


Monday, December 9, 2013

AMD: We Are Not EOL’ing FX Line of Microprocessors. AMD  FX  Vishera  32nm  Piledriver  Steamroller  28nm  Kaveri  Fusion
[1:10 pm]

AMD Implies on Hybrid FX Accelerated Processing Units

Samsung Unveils 1TB mSATA Solid-State Drives with High Performance. Samsung  SSD  840 Evo  NAND  Flash
[1:02 pm]

Samsung Reveals 840 Evo mSATA SSDs with Large Capacities and High Performance

Qualcomm Announces Its First 64-Bit Application Processor for Mainstream Smartphones. Qualcomm  Snapdragon  ARMv8  ARM  Cortex
[12:56 pm]

Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Fuses 64-Bit Processing, 4G/LTE with Mainstream Pricing

Micron and Rambus Settle All Legal Disputes. Rambus  Micron  DRAM  NAND  Flash  DDR  DDR2  DDR3  DDR4  GDDR  GDDR5
[12:13 pm]

Rambus and Micron Sign License Agreement

HP Adds Motion-Sensing Technology to All-In-One PCs, Desktops, Keyboards. HP  Hewlett-Packard  Envy  Leap Motion
[11:22 am]

HP Expands Leap Motion Integration into Broad Range of All-In-One and Desktop Platforms


Thursday, December 5, 2013

MSI Unleashes Industry’s First Gaming Laptop with 3K Display Resolution. MSI  Nvidia  Geforce  Quadro  Intel  Killer  Haswell
[12:54 pm]

MSI’s GT60 Notebook Packs High-End Gaming Hardware, Features 2880*1620 Display Resolution


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Android Creator Now Heads Robotics Projects at Google. Google  Android
[1:55 pm]

Andy Rubin Leads New Direction As Google Buys Robotics Companies

Valve Software Joins Linux Foundation. Valve  Valve Software  Linux  Steam OS  Steam Box
[1:28 pm]

Valve Gets Closer to Linux Development

New USB Connector Development Begins – Promoter Group. USB
[1:02 pm]

New USB Connector to Be Smaller, Faster and Reversible

Intel Announces “Highland Forest” Communication Platform. Intel  Xeon  Highland Forest  Coleto Creek
[12:55 pm]

Intel Introduces Network Acceleration Platform with Xeon E5-2600 v2 Processors

Researchers Find Way to Boost Optical Fiber Bandwidth by Ten Times. Fiber Optic
[12:42 pm]

Optical Fiber Can Get 10x Speed Boost


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Inexpensive ‘Nano-Camera’ Can Operate at the Speed of Light.
[1:55 pm]

New Motion-Tracking Technique Further Improves Microsoft’s Time-of-Flight

Share of Laptops with Touchscreens Increasing, But Still Remains at Modest Levels – Report. ASUS  Lenovo  Acer  HP  Sony  Hewlett-Packard
[1:48 pm]

Touch Screen Penetration in Notebook PCs Modest, But on the Rise

Dell Announces Ultra HD 4K Display with Sub-$1000 Price-Point. Dell  4K  Ultra HD  UHD  UHDTV
[1:33 pm]

Dell Introduces Reasonably-Priced Ultra HD Monitors

Samsung: Tizen and FireFox OS Should Form Partnership, Ensure Apps Compatibility. Samsung  Tizen  Firefox  Android  Google  Intel  Mozilla
[1:28 pm]

Samsung Calls Mozilla to Team Up with Tizen Community

Gigabyte Now Bundles Battlefield 4 with AMD Radeon R9 Family of Graphics Cards. Gigabyte  AMD  Radeon  Battlefield 4  Hawaii  Tahiti  Pitcairn  GCN
[1:19 pm]

Gigabyte Adds Free Copy of Battlefield 4 to AMD Radeon R9 Graphics Boards

Toshiba Introduces SAS-12Gb/s Enterprise SSD for Read-Intensive Applications. Toshiba  SSD  eSSD  SAS
[1:14 pm]

Toshiba Reveals PX03SN Enterprise SSDs with 1100MB/s Read Speed

Western Digital and Baidu to Provide Chinese Consumers a Hybrid Cloud Experience. WD  Western Digital  My Cloud  My Cloud EX  Baidu
[1:11 pm]

WD and Baidu Partner on Cloud Service Integration

Sales of Sony PlayStation 4 Surpass 2.1 Million Units Following Launch in New Markets. Sony  Playstation  PlayStation 4  Orbis  AMD  Fusion  Radeon  Jaguar  x86
[1:03 pm]

Sony PS4 Launches in Europe, Australasia and Latin America


Monday, December 2, 2013

PC Volumes Volumes Are Expected To Stabilize Above 300 Million Units per Year – IDC Report. IDC  Apple  Acer  Toshiba  Dell  HP  Hewlett-Packard  Lenovo  Microsoft  Windows
[1:32 pm]

IDC Forecasts PC Shipments to Fall by Double Digits In 2013

Toshiba to End LCD TV Manufacturing at Plant in China. Toshiba  HDTV
[1:11 pm]

Toshiba to Outsource TV Production to Contract Makers

Successor of AMD Kaveri to Feature Excavator Cores, Set to Emerge in 2015. AMD  Kaveri  Carrizo  Fusion  Beema  Kabini  28nm  20nm  14nm  14nm-XM  Globalfoundries  Excavator
[1:08 pm]

AMD’s Longer-Term Roadmap Takes More Definite Shape

Toshiba Corporation to Purchase SSD Assets of OCZ Technology. Toshiba  SSD  OCZ  NAND  Flash
[12:49 pm]

Toshiba to Acquire OCZ's SSD Client, Enterprise and Software Divisions

TDK Acquires HDD-related Products Businesses, Forms Alliance With Entrotech. TDK  HDD  Enrontech  Magnecomp Precision Technology
[12:35 pm]

TDK Boosts Hard Disk Drives Components Business with New Acquisition