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February, 2013
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sony Has No Immediate Plans to Cut PlayStation Vita Price in Europe and the U.S. Sony  Playstation  Vita  3G
[1:59 pm]

No PS Vita Price-Cut Incoming, But 3G Option Gets Free in Some Stores

Movea Develops Software to Speed Up Integration of Various Sensors into Devices. Movea  SmartFusion  MotionCore
[1:55 pm]

Movea Unveils SmartFusion Studio for Integration and Deployment of SmartFusion-Powered Mobile Apps

Intel Helps Developers Simplify the 'Internet of Things'. Intel
[1:50 pm]

Intel Advances Intelligent Systems Framework

Samsung Rolls-Out Possibility to Release a Smartphone Featuring Firefox OS. Samsung  Android  Google  Tizen  Intel  Microsoft  Windows Phone  Windows Phone 8  Mozilla  Firefox
[1:45 pm]

Samsung to Stick to Android, Tizen and Windows Phone Platforms

Qualcomm First to Use TSMC’s 28HPM Process Technology for High-End Mobile Devices. Qualcomm  28HPM  28nm  TSMC  Snapdragon  Krait  Adreno  4G/LTE
[1:40 pm]

Qualcomm Adopts 28HPM Process for Qualcomm 800 System-on-Chips

Leap Motion Controller Set to Ship in May, Available for Global Pre-Orders Now. Leap Motion
[1:33 pm]

Motion Sensing PC and Mac Controller Slips to May, But Promises Wide Availability

Apple Looking at New Product Categories – Chief Executive. Apple  iTV  Apple TV  iWatch  iPad  iPhone
[12:40 pm]

Apple Explores Brand-New Product Categories

ST-Ericsson Demonstrates 2.5GHz Quad-Core System-on-Chip for Smartphones. ST-Ericsson  FD-SOI  NovaThor  4G/LTE  ARM  Cortex  28nm
[11:51 am]

ST-Ericsson Shows-Off NovaThor L8580 2.5GHz FD-SOI SoC for Mobile Devices

AMD: We Will Sell PlayStation 4-Like APUs on Open Market. Sony  Playstation  Orbis  AMD  Jaguar  Radeon  ATI  28nm
[11:04 am]

Sony PlayStation 4 Technologies to Be Available for PCs

Google Has No Plans for Retail Stores – Company. Google  Android  Chrome  Business  Samsung  Apple  ASUS  Galaxy  Galaxy Tab  Nexus  LG  LG Electronics  Google Glass
[10:41 am]

Google Denies Plan to Open Own Retail Stores