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February, 2013
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Asustor Unveils Intel Atom Based Enterprise-Level Rackmount NAS. Intel  Atom  Saltwell  32nm  NAS  Asustor
[1:59 pm]

Asustor Supercharges Enterprise-Level Rackmount NAS with New Atom Processor

Ultra High-Definition HEVC Video Codec to Bring HD Video to Portables First. HEVC  H.265  MPEG  UHD  UHDTV  Super Hi-vision  4K  3G  4G  LTE  4G/LTE
[1:50 pm]

4K Video Can Wait, HEVC to Bring 1080p to Smartphones and Tablets

Nintendo Doubts Prospects of Cloud Game Streaming in Short-Term Future. Nintendo  Wii U  3DS  Sony  Gaikai  PlayStation  Wii
[1:45 pm]

Nintendo Remains Skeptical About Cloud Game Streaming Prospects

Linux Is Not the Right Platform for Video Games, Says John Carmack. id Software  Linux  Zenimax  Windows  Apple  Microsoft  Mac OS
[1:39 pm]

Video Game Guru Debunks Linux as Entertainment Platform

Carly Fiorina: PC Is Not Dead, But PC Makers Need to Consolidate. HP  Hewlett-Packard  Dell  Business  Lenovo  Asustek  Apple  Asus  iPad
[1:18 pm]

Former HP Chief Exec Muses Combination of Dell’s and HP’s PC Businesses

Nokia Considers Both 7”- and 10”-Class Media Tablets. Nokia  Windows 8  Windows RT  Microsoft
[12:27 pm]

Nokia Continues to Talk About Media Tablets

New Apple Mac Pro High-End Desktop Due This Spring – Report. Apple  Mac Pro  Mac  Macintosh  Mac OS  Intel  Xeon  Ivy Bridge-EP
[11:33 am]

Apple’s Long-Awaited Refresh of Mac Pro Is Getting Closer

Microsoft Xbox Next to Be Incompatible with Pre-Owned Games. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox Next  Loop  Durango  Blu-ray
[4:50 am]

Microsoft to Distribute Games for Xbox Next on 50GB Blu-Ray Discs

OCZ Bundles Free FarCry 3 Game with Latest Solid-State Drives. OCZ  Vector  Barefoot  Indilinx  SSD  NAND  Flash  FarCry
[4:07 am]

OCZ Gives Away FarCry 3 with Vector SSDs

Commodity Memory Price Increase Continues: 4GB DDR Module Now Costs $18. DRAM  Business  DDR2  DDR3  Samsung  SK Hynix  Micron  Elpida  Powerchip Semiconductor  Inotera  Nanya
[3:27 am]

Price of 4GB Memory Module Increases 11% in One Month


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

GlobalFoundries Teams Up with Cyclos to Speed Up ARM Cortex-A15 Designs. GlobalFoundries  Cyclos  ARM  Cortex  28nm
[8:18 pm]

Customers of GlobalFoundries Will Be Able to Add Resonant Clock Mesh to 28nm ARM Chips