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April, 2013
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Intel Boosts Performance of Integrated HD Graphics 4000 by 10% with New Drivers. Intel  Ivy Bridge  Haswell  OpenCL
[2:59 pm]

Intel Reassures Commitment to Computer Graphics with Driver Update

All-Optical Switching Promises Terahertz-Speed Hard Drive and RAM Memory. HDD  DRAM
[2:52 pm]

Quantum Tricks Drive Magnetic Switching into the Fast Lane

Google to Unleash Second-Generation Nexus 7 Media Tablet in July. Google  Nexus  Asus  Qualcomm  Snapdragon  Nvidia  Tegra  Android
[2:45 pm]

Asus, Google Prep Second-Gen Nexus 7 with Qualcomm Snapdragon Inside

Microsoft Xbox Next Set to Be “Hot, Compelling Device” – GameSpot. Microsoft  Xbox  Durango  Xbox Next  AMD  ATI  Radeon  Fusion  Jaguar  GCN  Sony  Playstation  Orbis
[2:36 pm]

Major Video Game Retailer Expects Xbox “Durango” to Be Very Competitive

The End of Moore’s Law Is on Horizon – AMD. AMD  Semiconductor  28nm  20nm  Moore's Law  Intel  ARM  Globalfoundries  TSMC
[2:15 pm]

AMD Reiterates Slow Transition to 20nm Node

Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium Publishes Final Specification of HMC Technology. HMC  DRAM  Altera  ARM  Cray  Fujitsu  GlobalFoundries  HP  IBM  Marvell  Micron Technology  National Instruments  Open-Silicon  Samsung  SK Hynix  ST Microelectronics  Teradyne  Xilinx
[2:15 pm]

Specifications of Hybrid Memory Cube Finalized

EVGA Unveils GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition: Apple Gets Another High-End Graphics Option. apple  Macintosh  GeForce  EVGA  Kepler  Nvidia  Mac Pro
[2:11 pm]

Apple Mac Pro High-End Desktop Gets Another High-End Upgrade Option

Intel Readies Higher-Performance NUC Systems with Core i5 “Ivy Bridge” and “Haswell” Processors. Intel  NUC  Ivy Bridge  Core  Haswell
[10:31 am]

New Intel NUCs Small Form-Factor PCs in the Works – Report

Contract Price of Commodity DDR3 Memory Up 2% in Two Weeks – DRAMeXchange. DRAM  Business  DDR2  DDR3  Samsung  SK Hynix  Micron  Elpida  Powerchip Semiconductor  Inotera  Nanya
[9:59 am]

DRAM Price Keeps Growing As Demand Rises Amid Limited Output

Intel Custom Foundry to Manufacture Chips for Cisco. Intel  Cisco  Semiconductor  22nm  14nm  32nm  Business
[9:32 am]

Intel Reportedly Lands Chip Orders from Cisco