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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

There Will Be No Reason to Have a Tablet in Five Years – Chief Exec of BlackBerry. Blackberry  RIM  BlackBerry 10  BB10
[2:37 pm]

Thorsten Heins Downplays Importance of Media Tablets as BB PlayBook Failed

Disruption in South Korean Production Could Have Catastrophic Impact on Global Electronics Business. Samsung  LG Electronics  SK Hynix  Hynix  Business  DRAM  Flash  LCD  HDTV
[2:30 pm]

What Happens If North and South Koreas Collide in a Conflict?

LG Begins to Sell the First Curved OLED TV on the Planet. LG  LG Electronics  OLED  HDTV
[2:25 pm]

LG Initiates Commercialization of Curved OLED TVs

Acer Readies AMD Fusion “Temash”-Based Laptop. Acer  AMD  Temash  Fusion  Jaguar  Radeon  GCN  28nm
[2:20 pm]

Acer Develops Laptop with 5.9W AMD A6-1450 “Temash” System-on-Chip

Intel, Samsung and Telefonica Invest into Developer of Speech Recognition and Analytics Platform. Expect Labs  Intel  Samsung  Telefonica
[2:15 pm]

Expect Labs Receives Investments from Leading Technology Companies to Develop Anticipatory Computing Engine

Nvidia Hires Ex-TI OMAP Executive to Lead Tegra Business Unit. Nvidia  Tegra  Icera  ARM  Cortex  Denver  Boulder  TI  Texas Instruments  OMAP
[2:10 pm]

Ex-Texas Instruments OMAP Unit Exec to Lead Nvidia’s Tegra Business Unit

Intel Core i “Haswell” Microprocessors May Require New Power Supply Units for PCs. Intel  Haswell  Core  22nm  Shark Bay  Lynx Point
[2:03 pm]

Intel Core i “Haswell” Chips May Be Incompatible with Existing Power Supply Units

Microsoft May Call Next-Generation Xbox Video Game Console “Xbox Infinity” – Rumour. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox Next  Durango  AMD  Jaguar  Radeon  ATI  GCN
[12:58 pm]

Microsoft Third-Generation Entertainment Console May Be Called “Xbox Infinity”


Monday, April 29, 2013

Microsoft Wants to Bring Video Games Outside TV-Set with IllumiRoom Technology. Microsoft  IllumiRoom  Xbox  Xbox Next  Durango
[2:59 pm]

Microsoft IllumiRoom Projector to Show Video Game Content Outside TV

AMD Quietly Adds Two New Processors into FX Lineup. AMD  FX  Piledriver  Vishera  Viperfish  32nm  Bulldozer  Zambezi
[2:59 pm]

AMD Officially Rolls-Out FX-4350 and FX-6350 Products

TDK to Withdraw from Blu-Ray Disk Manufacturing in One Year. TDK  Blu-ray  Business
[2:59 pm]

TDK to Stop Manufacturing of Blu-Ray Disks

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab 3 7” Media Tablet. Samsung  Galaxy Tab  Galaxy  Android  Google
[2:59 pm]

Samsung Unleashes Third-Gen 7” Media Slate

Toshiba Launches Canvio Connect Hard Drives for Mobile Devices. Toshiba  HDD  Canvio  Canvio Connect
[2:58 pm]

Toshiba Introduces Canvio Connect “Personal Cloud” Hard Drive

Samsung Begins Manufacturing of 4Gb LPDDR3 Mobile DRAM. Samsung  DRAM  LPDDR3  20nm
[2:58 pm]

Samsung Initiates 4Gb LPDDR3 Production Using 20nm-Class Process Tech

Infineon and GlobalFoundries Team Up for 40nm Embedded Flash Process Technology. Infineon  GlobalFoundries  40nm  eFlash  Flash  Semiconductor
[2:51 pm]

Infineon and GlobalFoundries Jointly Develop 40nm eFlash Process

AMD Aims to Make GCN More Affordable with Radeon HD 7730 Graphics Card. AMD  ATI  Radeon  Cape Verde  GCN  28nm  Southern Islands
[2:29 pm]

AMD Develops Radeon HD 7730 Graphics Solutions for Entry-Level PCs

Kingston Releases Wireless Reader, Battery Charger for Apple, Android Mobile Devices. Kingston  MobileLite Wireless  Wi-Drive
[9:59 am]

Kingston Launches MobileLite Wireless Gadget


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Google Glass Has Fully-Functional Application Processor Inside – Reports. Google  Glass  Android
[3:02 am]

Google Glass Features Dual-Core System-on-Chip, Runs Android 2.3 “Gingerbread”


Friday, April 26, 2013

Samsung Preps Waterproof Version of Galaxy S4 Flagship Smartphone – Report. Samsung  Galaxy  Android  Google
[2:53 pm]

Samsung Develops “Rugged” Version of Galaxy S4 Smartphone

Smartphones Outsell Feature Phones in Q1 as Samsung Leaps Ahead. Apple  iPhone  iOS  Samsung  Google  Android  Nokia  Windows Phone  BlackBerry  LG  LG Electronics  Huawei  ZTE
[4:00 am]

Apple Becomes No. 3 Mobile Phone Vendor in the World, But Shows Very Small Progress in Smartphones

Intel Core i “Haswell” Due in 3.3 Quadrillion Nanoseconds. Intel  Haswell  Core  22nm  Sandy Bridge  Ivy Bridge
[2:46 am]

Intel to Launch Fourth-Generation Core i “Haswell” on June 4, 2013


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sony Reveals Additional PlayStation 4 Architecture Details: It Is All About the Speed. Sony  Playstation  Orbis  AMD  ATI  Jaguar  GCN  Fusion  Radeon
[6:45 pm]

Sony: PS4 Will Heavily Rely on GPGPU Technologies

Samsung Unifies Windows PC Line Under Newly Expanded Ativ Brand. Samsung  Ativ  Windows 8  SideSync
[2:59 pm]

Samsung to Sell All Windows-Based Devices Under Ativ Brand

Microsoft Slashes Pricing of Ultrabooks with Touch Screens in Retail Stores. Microsoft  Windows 8  Windows
[2:54 pm]

Microsoft Retail Stores Cut Prices of Windows 8-Based Notebooks with Touch-Screens

Western Digital: Hard Drive Shipments Not Affected by Growing SSD Popularity. Western Digital  WD  SSD  Business  HDD
[2:39 pm]

WD: HDD TAM Down to 135 Million Units, But Not Because of SSDs

Asus Launches Audiophile-Grade External Xonar Essence STU Audio Solution. Asus  Xonar  Xonar Essence  Xonar Essence STU
[1:46 pm]

Asus Introduces External DAC with 120dB SNR, 600ohm Headphone Amplifier and Swappable Op-Amps

Apple’s Media Tablet Market Share Drops to 48% of the Market in Q1 – Early Data from Analysts. Apple  Google  Microsoft  iOS  Android  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT  Samsung  Amazon  iPad  Galaxy Tab  ASUS
[1:14 pm]

Microsoft Windows and Google Android Gaining Share on Media Tablets Market

AMD and Partners to Discuss the Future of Heterogeneous Computing This November. AMD  Fusion  APU  HSA  x86  ARM  GPGPU  Kaveri
[12:30 pm]

AMD and HSA Allies to Show Heterogeneous System Architecture Innovations at APU13 Summit

Microsoft Set to Launch Xbox Next “Durango” in November – Report. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox Next  Durango  AMD  Jaguar  Radeon  ATI  GCN
[12:06 pm]

Microsoft’s Third-Generation Xbox Console to Go on Sale in November

Leap Motion Delays Shipment of Motion-Sensing Controllers by Two Months. Leap Motion  Asus  HP  Hewlett-Packard
[11:34 am]

Leap Motion Controller for PCs and Macs Pushed Back to Late July

Apple to Disclose Future of iOS and OS X Platforms in June at WWDC. apple  WWDC  iOS  OS X  Mac OS  iphone  ipad  macintosh  mac  imac  macbook
[10:59 am]

Apple to Break 230-Days Silence at Opening Keynote at WWDC in June

LG to Introduce a Smartphone with Flexible OLED Screen This Year – Company. LG  LG Electronics  OLED  Samsung  Corning
[4:10 am]

LG Wants to Be the First with Unbreakable Smartphone Screen


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paying Smartphone and Tablet Gamers Will Surpass the Number of Paying Handheld Console Gamers This Year – Report. Nintendo  Sony  3DS  Vita  PlayStation Vita  PSP  Apple  iOS  iPhone  iPad  Android  Google
[2:59 pm]

Smartphones and Tablets to Become Bigger Gaming Platforms Than Dedicated Hardware

Nintendo Cancels E3 Press Conference, Will Try Different Strategy. Nintendo  Wii  Wii U
[2:57 pm]

Nintendo to Focus on Smaller Media Events as Video Game Market Enters Transformation

Amazon Develops Set-Top-Box to Compete for the Living Room. Amazon  Amazon TV  Kindle TV  Kindle  Android  Google
[2:55 pm]

Amazon to Compete Against Apple TV, Roku with Own STB

Low-Cost Smartphones to Account for 46% of Smartphone Shipments by 2018. Apple  Samsung  HTC  Nokia  Sony  Android  iOS  Google  Huawei
[2:52 pm]

Inexpensive Smartphones to Continue Gaining Popularity

Nearly 10 Million Smart Glasses to Ship from 2012 to 2016. Google  Google Glass  Android
[2:48 pm]

Success of Google Glass Heavily Depends on Support by App Developers

Intel Core i7-4960X “Ivy Bridge-E” Is Up to 11% Faster Than Current-Generation Extreme Offering. Intel  Core  Ivy Bridge  Ivy Bridge-E  Ivy Bridge-EP  Xeon  HEDT  LGA2011
[2:45 pm]

First Unofficial Test Results Show Intel “Ivy Bridge-E” Is 5% - 11% Faster Than Intel “Sandy Bridge-E”

Nintendo Wii U Fails to Achieve Targets: 3.45 Million Units Sold During Launch Window. Nintendo  Wii  Wii U  DS  3DS  Business
[2:40 pm]

Nintendo’s Revenue and Profits Decline Due to Weak Sales of Consoles, Games

WD Boosts Quarterly Sales of Hard Drives to 60.2 Million, Increases Revenue. WD  Western Digital  HDD  Business
[2:33 pm]

Average Selling Price of Western Digital’s Hard Drives Drop to $61 a Unit

AMD Unleashes Dual-Chip Radeon HD 7990 for Gaming in 4K Ultra-HD Resolution. AMD  Radeon  Malta  4K  Ultra-HD  GCN  Southern Islands  ATI  UHD
[1:42 pm]

AMD Introduces Radeon HD 7990 with Eight Free Games, for $999

Microsoft Confirms Xbox Next Event on 21st May. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox Next  Durango  AMD  Jaguar  Radeon  ATI  GCN
[12:44 pm]

Microsoft to Officially Reveal Xbox Next “Durango” This May


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sales of Apple’s Products Slowdown, But Company Posts Record Second Quarter Revenue. Apple  iPhone  iPad  iPod  Mac  Macintosh  iOS  Mac OS
[2:59 pm]

Apple’s Profit Margins Drop Sharply As Sales of Lower-Cost/Lower Margin Products Accelerate

Gigabyte to Install Liquid-Cooling-Capable Components onto Intel Z87 G1 Killer Mainboard. Gigabyte  Intel  Haswell  Core  Lynx Point
[2:55 pm]

Gigabyte Readies Overclocking-Friendly Platform for Intel Core i “Haswell” Microprocessors

SES, Broadcom and Harmonic Demonstrate First Ultra HD/HEVC Satellite Transmission. 4K  SES  Harmonic  Broadcom  HEVC  Ultra HD  HDTV
[2:05 pm]

SES Successfully Transmits 4K Video in HEVC Encoding from Astra Satellite

Intel Media Loses Key Executive Months Ahead of Launch. Intel  HDTV  Apple  Microsoft  Google  Google TV  Apple TV  Intel Media
[1:14 pm]

Jim Baldwin Leaves Intel Media Ahead of TV Service Launch

Intel Quietly Adds Ultra-Low Voltage Celeron Processor for Slim Ultrabooks into Family. Intel  Celeron  Ivy Bridge  22nm  Core  Pentium
[12:10 pm]

Intel Slashes Ultrabook Prices by $100 with the Introduction of New Celeron ULV Chip

Intel Adds Affordable 80GB Model to 335-Series SSD Lineup. Intel  SSD  20nm  NAND  Flash  MLC  SandForce
[11:25 am]

Intel Introduces 80GB 335-Series SSD for Budget-Minded Users

Nvidia May Introduce GeForce GTX 700-Series Line in May – Market Rumours. Nvidia  Kepler  GeForce  28nm  GK104  GK110
[11:03 am]

Nvidia Reportedly Plans to Introduce New Product Lineup Based on Old Chips

Apple: We Have Amazing Products Incoming This Fall and in 2014. Apple  iPhone  iWatch  macbook  iPad  iOS  Mac OS  Apple TV  iTV  Business  Samsung  Galaxy
[10:53 am]

Apple Criticizes Smartphones with Large Screens, But Does Not Rule Out Large iPhone

AMD Introduces G-Series “Kabini” SoC for Embedded Applications. AMD  Kabini  Jaguar  Radeon  ATI  Fusion  GCN
[10:43 am]

AMD Unleashes First Commercial Kabini Design with Jaguar x86 Cores, Radeon HD GCN

WD Begins to Ship World's First 5mm 2.5” Hard Disk Drive. WD  Western Digital  HDD  SSHD  Acer  Asus  HHD
[10:03 am]

WD Begins to Sell 5mm Thick 500GB Hard Drive


Monday, April 22, 2013

Microsoft: Windows 8 Coming to Smaller Devices. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT  Intel  Bay Trail  ValleyView  Silvermont  ATom  ARM  Cortex  Haswell  Core  Surface
[2:59 pm]

Microsoft Wants New Windows to Enable Smaller Mobile Devices

Lenovo In Talks to Buy x86 Server Business from IBM – Report. ibm  Lenovo  business  dell
[2:59 pm]

Lenovo May Acquire Mainstream Business Unit from IBM

AMD Vows to Deliver GPU-Accelerated “Kyoto” Chip for Micro-Servers This Year. AMD  Opteron  Kyoto  HP  Hewlett-Packard  Moonshot  Jaguar  Radeon  ATI  Fusion
[2:58 pm]

AMD’s GPU-Accelerated Chips Incoming to Micro-Servers Later in 2013

Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Ultra in Development – Rumours. Nvidia  Kepler  GeForce  GK110  28nm  Quadro  Tesla
[2:57 pm]

Nvidia Readies High-End Graphics Card with Fully-Fledged GK110 Chip

First Images of Nokia Lumia 928 Hit the Web: New Case, PureView Image Sensor. Nokia  Lumia  Windows Phone  Windows Phone 8  PureView  Qualcomm  Snapdragon  Microsoft  Carl Zeiss
[2:50 pm]

Nokia Lumia 928 to Feature High-End 41MP PureView Sensor

Intel Cans Rockwell Processors for Desktops - Spy-Shot From Intel’s Roadmap. Intel  Rockwell  Haswell  Skylake  Core  DDR4  HEDT  Haswell-E
[10:38 am]

Intel Haswell-E for Enthusiasts, Skylake for Mainstream Desktops Due in 2015

Western Digital Introduces WD XE Enterprise-Class Hard Drive with SAS Interface. WD  Western Digital  XE  HDD  SAS
[2:29 am]

WD 3.5” SAS WD XE Hard Drives Offer Flexibility, Extension of Datacenter Hardware Investments

ARM: 14nm FinFET Technology Will Enable Higher-Performance and Lower Power Consumption, But There Are Challenges. ARM  Cortex  Samsung  Semiconductor  14nm  FinFET
[1:03 am]

Tight Collaboration Will Be Needed to Take Full Advantage of 14nm FinFET and More Advanced Technologies – ARM


Friday, April 19, 2013

Applied Micro and Altera Team Up for Low-Power Custom-Programmable Server Platform. Altera  AppliedMicro  ARM  ARMv8
[10:54 am]

Altera and AppliedMicro to Cooperate on Joint Solutions for High Growth Data Center Market

AMD Rehires Renowned Graphics Expert from Apple. amd  ati  apple  radeon  business  gcn  steamroller  jaguar
[9:57 am]

Raja Koduri Returns to AMD After Four Years at Apple

Contract Price of 4GB DDR3 Memory Module Gains $2 in Two Weeks – Market Tracker. DRAM  Business  DDR2  DDR3  Samsung  SK Hynix  Micron  Elpida  Powerchip Semiconductor  Inotera  Nanya
[7:27 am]

Price of Mainstream Memory Modules May Hit $30 Shortly

ASML On Track to Deliver 450mm Production Equipment in 2015. Intel  Semiconductor  450mm  EUV  7nm  10nm  ASML  TSMC  Samsung
[5:51 am]

ASML Sees Start of 450mm Production in 2018


Thursday, April 18, 2013

OCZ: Revenues Are Back on Track, Gross Margins Set to Improve. OCZ  SSD  NAND  Flash  Business
[2:53 pm]

New Chief Exec of OCZ Sees Company Stabilizing

Intel Accelerates the Data Center and Telecom Network Transformation with New Reference Architectures. Intel  Xeon
[2:20 pm]

Reference Designs Built to Improve the Flexibility and Economics of Networks

Media Tablets with 8” Displays Will Control Nearly 12% of the Market This Year – Researchers. Apple  Acer  Asus  HP  Hewlett-Packard  Lenovo  Samsung
[1:46 pm]

8”-Class Tablets Will Play Important Role on the Market in 2013

Google Chrome OS Is Used by 0.02% of Personal Computers. Google  Chrome  Chrome OS  Android  Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT
[12:54 pm]

After Two Years on the Market, Google Chrome OS Dramatically Behind “Failing” Windows RT

Microsoft’s Xbox Next “Durango” to Pack Xbox 360 Chips for Backwards Compatibility – Rumour. Microsoft  xbox  xbox next  Durango
[12:18 pm]

Microsoft May Ship Xbox Next “Durango” Game Consoles with Xbox 360 Chips

AMD Suffers Lowering PC Demand: Sales of CPUs Drop, Shipments of GPUs Improve. AMD  Business  ATI  Radeon  Fusion  Bulldozer  Piledriver  Orochi  Zambezi  Trinity  Llano  Brazos
[11:48 am]

AMD’s Revenue Drop to Nearly 10-Year Low As the Company Finishes Restructuring

Nokia Promises New Lumia Flagship As Sales of Smartphones Collapse. Nokia  Lumia  Windows Phone  Windows Phone 8  Symbian  Microsoft
[11:43 am]

Sales of Nokia Lumia Grow Modestly, Nokia Readies New Flagship Smartphone

Asustek Announces ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo Audio Card. Asus  Xonar  C-Media  Phoebus  Phoebus Solo  ROG
[11:38 am]

Asustek Introduces PCI Express Audio Card for Gamers

AMD Begins to Ship Low-Power Kabini APUs for Revenue. AMD  Kabini  Jaguar  GCN  Temash  28nm
[10:58 am]

AMD Initiates Sales of New-Generation Low-Power, Low-Cost APUs

MSI Debuts World’s First and Only 27” All-in-One Gaming System. MSI  Windows 8  Intel  Core  Ivy Bridge  Geforce  Kepler  Nvidia  WindTop
[10:18 am]

MSI Unleashes 27” AIO System for Gamers


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Than One Million Smart Watches will be Shipped in 2013 – Analysts. Apple  iWatch  Microsoft  Windows  Windows Phone  Windows 8  iOS  iPad  iPhone  Samsung  LG Electronics  LG  Altius
[2:35 pm]

Market Observers Expect Breakthrough in Sales of Smart Watches Thanks to Apple, Microsoft, Samsung

Apple’s Policy of Top Secrecy Plays Against the Company These Days – Analyst. Apple  iOS  Samsung  Galaxy  iPhone  iPad  Galaxy Tab  Mac  Macintosh  MacBook  MacBook Pro
[2:17 pm]

Lack of Product Information Leaks Forces Customers to Believe in Apple’s Rivals

Scientists Develop Microbatteries: Most Powerful Batteries on the Planet.
[1:47 pm]

Researchers Create Microbatteries with Unique Capabilities

Samsung, LG Electronics and HTC Set to Embed PMA Wireless Charging into Smartphones . Samsung  LG Electronics  LG  HTC  Google  Android  AT&T
[1:23 pm]

Three Large Smartphone Vendors Join PMA Wireless Charging Group

Total Sales of Google Android-Based Devices Will Exceed One Billion This Year. Google  Android  Samsung  HTC  Galaxy  Galaxy Tab  iOS  Apple  LG  Sony
[12:52 pm]

Chairman of Google Pays Looks at $100 Smartphones as Growth Driver

ASML: EUV Tools Are Making Progress, But Chip Manufacturing Will Slip to 2015. ASML  Cymer  Semiconductor  EUV  22nm  20nm  14nm  16nm  9nm  13nm  10nm  Business
[12:38 pm]

ASML Receives Additional Orders for EUV Equipment

Intel Expects New-Generation Atom System-on-Chips to Enable $200 Convertibles and Tablets. Intel  Bay Trail  ValleyView  Silvermont  Atom  22nm
[11:39 am]

Low-Cost Tablets and Convertibles to Substitute Netbooks

Hewlett-Packard to Integrate Motion-Sensing Capabilities into PCs . Leap Motion  HP  Hewlett-Packard
[11:17 am]

HP Partners with Leap Motion to Bring Motion-Sensing to PCs

Samsung May Use SK Hynix Memory Chips Inside Its Devices - Company. Samsung  SK Hynix  Hynix  DRAM  LPDDR  Apple  Business
[10:59 am]

Samsung May Use Rival’s Memory Chips to Boost Output of Smartphones and Tablets

Asus Introduces the Xonar U7 USB Audio Processing Solution with Headphone Amplifier. Asus  Xonar
[10:46 am]

Asus Unveils New Xonar U7 USB Audio Processing Solution


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Intel: Foundry Business Will Not Have Substantial Revenue Impact for Two to Three Years. Intel  Altera  Cisco  Apple  Semiconductor  22nm  14nm  32nm  Business
[2:58 pm]

Intel Is Collecting Serious Customers for Its Custom Foundry Division

Foxconn Signs License Agreement with Microsoft to Make Google Android- and Chrome-Based Devices. Microsoft  Foxconn  Hon Hai  Chrome  Android  Google
[2:55 pm]

Microsoft and Foxconn Sign Patent Agreement For Android and Chrome Devices

First Photo of Intel Core i7 “Haswell” with High-Performance HD Graphics 5200 Leaks to Web. Intel  HAswell  Core  Denlow  22nm  Crystallwell
[2:50 pm]

Web-Site Publishes Image of Haswell Processor with eDRAM Graphics Cache

Akitio Introduces World’s Fastest One-Bay External SSD with Thunderbolt Interface. Akitio  SSD  Thunderbolt  Neutrino  Intel  NAND  Flash
[2:34 pm]

Akitio Debuts 256GB External SSD with Thunderbolt Interconnection

Microsoft Mulls Bringing Back Start Button, Boot to Desktop to Windows 8.1 “Blue”. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  Blue  Windows RT
[1:48 pm]

Microsoft Windows 8.1 “Blue” for Desktops May Feature Traditional Windows Features

Samsung to Delay Production of Flexible OLED Displays Due to Glitch. Samsung  Willow  Corning  OLED  AMOLED
[1:37 pm]

Samsung Display Catches Technical Glitch with Flexible Displays

Intel: PC Market Set to Remain Weak, But Haswell Brings New Hopes. Intel  Business  Haswell  Core  22nm  Ivy Bridge
[1:30 pm]

Intel Ready for Weak PC Sales, But Pins Hopes on Haswell, New Form-Factors

AMD Radeon HD 7990 “Malta” Available Through Ebay Sale. AMD  Radeon  GCN  ATI  28nm  Southern Islands  Tahiti  Malta
[12:09 pm]

Yet Unreleased Dual-Chip AMD Flagship Already Listed on Ebay

Intel’s Next-Generation Platform to Support Serial ATA Express Natively. Intel  Broadwell  14nm  Haswell  LGA1150  Serial ATA  Serial ATA Express  SATA Express  PCI Express  SSD  PCIe
[11:58 am]

Intel 9-Series Chipsets to Support SATA Express Interface


Monday, April 15, 2013

Sony: We Have Learnt from Initial PlayStation 3 Pricing. Sony  Playstation  Orbis  AMd  Jaguar  RAdeon  GCN  ATI
[2:52 pm]

Sony Exec Suggests PlayStation 4 Will Not Be as Expensive as Predecessor

TSMC: We Have Not Made a Decision to Build a Fab in the U.S. TSMC  Semiconductor  300mm  450mm  10nm  Apple  AMD  Nvidia  Qualcomm  Business
[2:44 pm]

TSMC Remains Cautious About Building a Fab in the U.S.

WD Simplifies File Backup with SmartWare Pro App and Dropbox Integration. WD  Western Digital  SmartWare Pro
[1:19 pm]

Western Digital Introduces SmartWare Pro Backup Application

Dell Remains Committed to Windows RT Despite Poor Sales. Dell  Microsoft  Surface  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT  ARM  Intel  Lenovo  Asus
[12:41 pm]

Dell Hopes to Bolster Sales of Windows RT Devices in Future

Google Publishes Specifications of Google Glass Device. Google  Glass  Android
[11:58 am]

Google Reveals Specs of Glass Goggles

Microsoft Working on Touch-Enabled Watch Device - Report. Microsoft  Windows  Windows Phone  Windows 8  Apple  iWatch  iOS  iPad  iPhone  Samsung  LG Electronics  LG
[10:54 am]

Microsoft Follows Apple and Samsung, with Smartwatch Product Development

LSI Introduces Axxia 4500 Family of ARM-Based Communication Processors. LSI  ARM  Cortex  Axxia
[9:27 am]

LSI’s New Chips to Accelerate Enterprise and Datacenter Networks


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nvidia: Kepler and Maxwell Graphics Architectures Will Change the Game on the Mobile Market. Nvidia  Kepler  Maxwell  Parker  Igination  Qualcomm  Mali  PowerVR  Adreno  GPGPU
[5:34 am]

Nvidia Expects GPGPU Capabilities to Substantially Alter Landscape of Mobile SoC Market

Nvidia Sees the Last Light: Set to Bundle New Metro 2033 Video Game with Graphics Cards . Nvidia  Geforce  Kepler  Metro  Dmitri Glukhovsky  28nm
[1:51 am]

Nvidia to Respond to AMD’s Never Settle Bundle with Metro Last Light


Friday, April 12, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 Appears to Be Most Popular Windows Phone Device. Nokia  Lumia  Windows Phone  Windows Phone 8  Unity
[2:25 pm]

Nokia Continues to Dominate Windows Phone Ecosystem Market with 80% Share

TSMC Pulls 16nm FinFET Risk Production to 2013. TSMC  Semiconductor  16nm  20n  28nm  FinFET
[10:30 am]

TSMC to Offer Strong Alternative for Competitors

Nvidia: Next-Generation Maxwell Architecture Will Break New Grounds. Nvidia  Maxwell  Kepler  Geforce  tesla  quadro  20nm
[8:51 am]

Nvidia Proclaims Three Pillars of Maxwell Architecture

AMD Readies Limited Edition “Centurion” FX Microprocessors to Compete with Intel’s Extreme Chips – Rumour. AMD  FX  Vishera  Piledriver  32nm
[7:10 am]

AMD to Launch Limited Edition 5GHz FX Processor at $795 Price-Point


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hard Disk Drives Market Performs Solidly, Despite of PC Sales Drop in Q1 – Analysts. HDD  Business  Seagate  Toshiba  WD  Western Digital
[2:50 pm]

HDD Market Reaches Its Bottom in Q1 2013, According to Market Trackers

AMD to Provide Free Copy of FarCry 3 Blood Dragon All Owners of Never Settle Reloaded Bundles. AMD  ATI  Radeon  Never Settle  GCN  Sea Islands  Southern Islands
[2:22 pm]

AMD Adds FarCry 3 Blood Dragon Game to All Never Settle Bundle

IBM Invests $1 Billion into Development of Flash Memory for Enterprises and Big Data. IBM  NAND  Flash  SSD
[2:20 pm]

IBM to Drive Flash Memory into Growing Big Data Markets

Researchers Develop One-Layer Thick Germanium Sheet: May Replace Silicon in Semiconductors. Germanane  Graphene  Semiconductor
[2:10 pm]

Germanane Set to Compete Against Graphene in the Future Chips

Apple Excludes Samsung from New Chip Development Flow – Report. Apple  Samsung  TSMC  20nm  28nm  32nm  Semiconductor  ARM  PowerVR  Cortex  iPhone  iPad  Apple TV
[2:00 pm]

Apple Reportedly Works with TSMC on New Application Processor

Alienware Introduces Gaming PC with Ubuntu Linux OS. Ubuntu  Linux  Alienware  Dell  Intel  Nvidia  Ivy Bridge
[1:50 pm]

Alienware X51 with Ubuntu Linux Could Be the Second Steam Box PC

Demand for Full-Size Tablets Is Back, Based on Display Panel Shipments. Apple  iPad  iOS  Samsung  Galaxy Tab  Amazon  Kindle Fire  AU Optronics  Sharp  LG Display  Samsung Display
[1:40 pm]

Apple Resumes Orders of 9.7” LCD Panels for iPad Media Tablets

Samsung Introduces Galaxy Mega: Phablets for Consumers in Budget. Samsung  Galaxy  Galaxy Mega  Google  Android  Qualcomm  Snapdragon
[1:31 pm]

Samsung Introduces Smartphones with 5.8”, 6.3” Displays


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PC Shipments Post the Steepest Decline Ever in a Single Quarter, Thanks to Windows 8. HP  Dell  Lenovo  Asus  Acer  Apple  Toshiba  Business  IDC
[2:59 pm]

IDC Blames Windows 8 for Major PC Shipments Declines in Q1 2013

Group Led by Microsoft, Nokia and Oracle Files Complaint Against Google Android with European Commission. FairSearch  Microsoft  Nokia  Oracle  TripAdvisor  Google  Android
[2:59 pm] Android Is a “Trojan Horse” to Dominate Mobile Markets

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 to Support Quad-Core App Processors, 1080p Displays Only By Year End. Microsoft  Windows Phone  Windows Phone 8  Qualcomm  Snapdragon  Windows
[2:58 pm]

Quad-Core Application Processors, Full-HD Displays to Feature Only in Next-Generation of Windows Phone Smartphones

AMD: Sony PlayStation 4 Will Show Ultimate Physics Realism Thanks to Heterogeneous Architecture. Sony  Playstation  Orbis  AMD  ATI  Jaguar  GCN  Fusion  Radeon
[2:57 pm]

AMD’s Chief Graphics Architect Praises Sony’s PS4 Architecture

LG Electronics Adds PayPal to Smart TVs. LG  LG Electronics  PayPal  HDTV
[2:56 pm]

LG Enables PayPal Payments from Smart TVs

OCZ Readies Vertex 5 Solid-State Drives with Barefoot 3 Controller. OCZ  SSD  Vertex  Indilinx  Barefoot  MLC  NAND  Flash
[2:55 pm]

OCZ to Release Vertex 5 SSD Next Month – Reports

Microsoft Preps 7” Second-Generation Surface Media Tablet. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT  Blue
[2:49 pm]

Microsoft to Enter Small Form-Factor Tablet Market Later This Year

Samsung Aims SSDs with Mass Production of 128Gb TLC NAND Flash. Samsung  3bpc  TLC  MLC  NAND  Flash  SSD  10nm
[2:10 pm]

Samsung Uses 10nm-Class Process Tech to Make 128Gb TLC NAND Flash Memory

Microsoft Xbox Next to Control TV, Cable Video Playback. Microsoft  Xbox Live  Xbox TV  Xbox  Durango  Xbox Next  Stingray  Loop  AMD  ATI  Radeon  Fusion  Jaguar  GCN
[10:25 am]

Microsoft Durango to Interact with TV Content

ECS Improves Reliability of PC Mainboards with Durathon Technology. ECS  Nonstop  Durathon
[10:02 am]

ECS Further Boosts Stability and Reliability of Motherboards


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Guerrilla Games: PlayStation 4 Is Not Just a High-End PC. Sony  PlayStation  Orbis  AMD  ATI  Jaguar  GCN  Fusion  Radeon
[2:55 pm]

Sony PlayStation 4 Claimed to Have Well-Balanced Architecture

Calxeda Affirms Commitment to HP Project Moonshot and the HP Pathfinder Innovation Ecosystem. Calxeda  HP  Hewlett-Packard  Moonshot  Pathfinder  ARM  Cortex
[2:50 pm]

Calxeda Reaffirms Plans to Power HP’s Moonshot Microservers Later This Year

HighPoint Launches 40-Port Serial ATA-6Gb/s Controller Card. HighPoint  Rocket  Serial ATA  SAS  HDD
[2:45 pm]

HighPoint Introduces Controller for Inexpensive Storage Systems

New Specifications of USB 3.0 Increase Speed to 10Gb/s. USB  Thunderbolt  Intel  Apple
[2:40 pm]

USB 3.0 Gains 10Gb/s Speed, Can Compete Against Thunderbolt

Crucial Begins to Sell M500-Series Affordable High-Capacity Solid-State Drives. Micron  Crucial  SSD  20nm  NAND  Flash
[11:27 am]

Crucial Initiates Sales of New-Generation 120GB – 960GB SSDs

Microsoft to Finally End Windows XP Support Next Year as Usage Share Drops to 38%. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT
[11:07 am]

Microsoft Windows XP Still Used by 38% of PCs, Still Has Year Left

Toshiba Publishes Storage Business Strategy for the Year 2013. Toshiba  SSD  HDD  SSHD  HHD  Business
[10:56 am]

Toshiba: We Will Lead Storage Solution Innovations in Cloud and Big Data Era

Intel Reveals Additional Information About Server Architectures of the Future. Intel  Xeon  Scorpio  Atom  Avoton  Rangeley  Ivy Bridge-EX  Haswell  Ivy Bridge-EP
[10:39 am]

Intel Details Rack Scale Server Architecture


Monday, April 8, 2013

Ericsson to Acquire Microsoft Mediaroom. Microsoft  Ericsson  Mediaroom
[3:03 pm]

Ericsson to Buy Microsoft’s IPTV Solution

Only 27% of Industry Wafer Capacity Dedicated to New-Generation Process Geometries. Semiconductor  IC Insights  Business  TSMC  UMC  GlobalFoundries  SMIC  TowerJazz  Samsung  Intel  Toshiba  SanDisk  SK Hynix  Micron
[2:55 pm]

Majority of Chips Made Using Outdated Process Technologies

Microsoft Xbox Next “Durango” May Cost $500 – Tech Analyst. Microsoft  Xbox  Durango  Xbox Next  Stingray  Loop  AMD  ATI  Radeon  Fusion  Jaguar  GCN
[2:38 pm]

Microsoft Looking for Maximum Unification Between Xbox and PC

WD’s HGST Unveils World’s First Solid-State Drives with SAS-12Gb/s Interface. HGST  Hitachi GST  WD  Western Digital  SAS  SSD  NAND
[2:25 pm]

HGST Introduces High-End Enterprise-Grade SSDs with SAS-12Gb/s Interface

LSI Server-Side PCIe Flash Technology Selected by Intel to Accelerate Database and Big Data Applications. LSI  NAND  Flash  Intel  SSD  PCIe  PCI Express  MegaRAID  Nytro  SandForce
[2:20 pm]

Intel to Use LSI’s Nytro MegaRAID Tech for Server Platforms

HP Reveals Its First “Moonshot” Energy-Efficient Microservers. HP  Hewleett-Packard  Moonshot  Atom  ARM  Intel  AMD
[8:21 am]

HP Introduces First Intel Atom-Based Microservers

Fusion-io Unveils 1.6TB ioFX SSD for Workstation Applications. Fusion-io  SSD  ioFX  NAND  Flash  MLC  QDP MLC
[7:24 am]

Fusion-io Introduces High-End SSDs for Workstations


Sunday, April 7, 2013

AMD: PC Gaming Is Coming Back in a Big Way. AMD  Radeon  ATI  Electronic Arts  Gaming Evolved
[9:05 am]

AMD Sees PC Gaming Prospering

Apple Closing In to Launch iRadio This Summer. apple  iphone  ipad  ipod  iTunes  business
[2:00 am]

Apple Signs Contracts with Major Labels over Radio

Microsoft Xbox Next Will Beat PlayStation 4 in Sales - Atari Founder. Microsoft  Sony  Xbox  Playstation  Xbox Next  Orbis  Durango
[12:46 am]

Nolan Bushnell Believes in Durango Due to Better Software Development Tools


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Intel to Enable High-End Small PCs with Core i “Haswell” Chips with Improved Graphics Engine in BGA Form-Factor. Intel  Haswell  Core  22nm  Denlow
[11:28 pm]

Intel to Offer Leading-Edge Core i “Haswell” Chips with Improved Graphics in BGA Packaging


Friday, April 5, 2013

BlackBerry’s Inexpensive BB10-Based Smartphone Allegedly Pictured. Blackberry  RIM  BlackBerry 10  BB10  Qualcomm  Texas Instruments  OMAP  Snapdragon
[10:46 am]

BlackBerry Readies Affordable R-Series QWERTY Handsets

“Blue” Updates Will Transform Windows 8 into Windows 8.1 – Reports. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  Blue  Windows RT
[9:22 am]

Major “Blue” Updates Will Not Mean New Software Names

Microsoft Exec Sees No Problem in “Always Online” Video Game Consoles [UPDATED]. Microsoft  Xbox  Durango  Xbox Next
[7:45 am]

Microsoft Studios Creative Director Defends “Always Online” Hardware

AMD and Adobe Team Up for GPGPU-Accelerated Premiere Pro Software. AMD  Fusion  ATI  Radeon  FirePro  Adobe  Premier Pro  OpenCL  Nvidia  Geforce  Quadro  GPGPU
[6:22 am]

AMD’s APUs, Radeon HD, FirePro Chips to Offer Breakthrough Performance in Premiere Pro


Thursday, April 4, 2013

MSI Begins to Sell G-Series Mainboards Aimed at Gamers. MSI  ASUS  Asrock  Qualcomm  Qualcomm Atheros  Killer  ROG  Fatal1ty  Intel  Creative Labs  SoundBlaster
[2:59 pm]

MSI Starts to Sell Motherboards with Pro Gamers Features

Samsung Urges Enterprises to Migrate to SSDs: You Cannot Afford Waiting! Samsung  SSD  HDD  nand  flash
[2:55 pm]

Samsung Calls Enterprises to Adopt SSDs, Debunks Myths About Solid-State Drives

Fixed Core-Logic Sets for Intel Core “Haswell” Platforms to Become Available in July. Intel  Haswell  Core  Xeon  22nm  USB
[2:51 pm]

Intel 8-Series Chipsets with Fixed USB 3.0 to Arrive by Mid-July

AMD Vows to Bundle Battlefield 4 in Forthcoming "Never Settle" Campaigns. AMD  Radeon  ATI  Fusion  Battlefield  DICE  Electronic Arts  GCN  Sea Islands
[2:49 pm]

AMD to Add Free Battlefield 4 Game into Future Promotions of Graphics Cards

Facebook Teams Up with HTC for “First” Smartphone. Facebook  HTC  Qualcomm  Snapdragon  Google  Android
[2:45 pm]

HTC Introduces First Smartphone with Home by Facebook

Prices of Windows RT-Based Tablets Collapse in the U.S. Microsoft  Windows  Windows RT  Windows 8  ASUS  Lenovo  Dell
[2:41 pm]

Dramatic Price Drops of Windows RT-Based Tablets May Signal Failure of the Platform

Seagate Begins to Use 1TB Platters for 4TB Hard Disk Drives. Seagate  1TB  barracuda  Desktop HDD  Hitachi GST  HGST  Western Digital
[2:23 pm]

Seagate Quietly Adds 4TB Hard Disk Drive with 5900rpm into Lineup

AMD Shows Convertible PC Designs, Demos “Temash” and “Kabini” in Action. AMD  Fusion  Kabini  Temash  Jaguar  Radeon  GCN  ATI  28nm  Turbo Dock  Windows 8
[9:54 am]

AMD Demonstrates Next-Gen Elite Mobility APUs

TSMC Is Ahead of Its Own 20nm Roadmap – Report . TSMC  Semiconductor  20nm  28nm  300mm  Apple  AMD  Nvidia  Qualcomm
[5:35 am]

TSMC Boosts 20nm Output Volume with Accelerated Fab 14 Plans

AMD to Expand “Never Settle” Free Video Game Bundles to Select Fusion APUs. AMD  Trinity  Richland  Fusion  32nm  Radeon  ATI
[1:21 am]

AMD to Provide Free SimCity Video Game with Select APUs Starting This Month


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Intel Boosts Performance of Integrated HD Graphics 4000 by 10% with New Drivers. Intel  Ivy Bridge  Haswell  OpenCL
[2:59 pm]

Intel Reassures Commitment to Computer Graphics with Driver Update

All-Optical Switching Promises Terahertz-Speed Hard Drive and RAM Memory. HDD  DRAM
[2:52 pm]

Quantum Tricks Drive Magnetic Switching into the Fast Lane

Google to Unleash Second-Generation Nexus 7 Media Tablet in July. Google  Nexus  Asus  Qualcomm  Snapdragon  Nvidia  Tegra  Android
[2:45 pm]

Asus, Google Prep Second-Gen Nexus 7 with Qualcomm Snapdragon Inside

Microsoft Xbox Next Set to Be “Hot, Compelling Device” – GameSpot. Microsoft  Xbox  Durango  Xbox Next  AMD  ATI  Radeon  Fusion  Jaguar  GCN  Sony  Playstation  Orbis
[2:36 pm]

Major Video Game Retailer Expects Xbox “Durango” to Be Very Competitive

The End of Moore’s Law Is on Horizon – AMD. AMD  Semiconductor  28nm  20nm  Moore's Law  Intel  ARM  Globalfoundries  TSMC
[2:15 pm]

AMD Reiterates Slow Transition to 20nm Node

Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium Publishes Final Specification of HMC Technology. HMC  DRAM  Altera  ARM  Cray  Fujitsu  GlobalFoundries  HP  IBM  Marvell  Micron Technology  National Instruments  Open-Silicon  Samsung  SK Hynix  ST Microelectronics  Teradyne  Xilinx
[2:15 pm]

Specifications of Hybrid Memory Cube Finalized

EVGA Unveils GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition: Apple Gets Another High-End Graphics Option. apple  Macintosh  GeForce  EVGA  Kepler  Nvidia  Mac Pro
[2:11 pm]

Apple Mac Pro High-End Desktop Gets Another High-End Upgrade Option

Intel Readies Higher-Performance NUC Systems with Core i5 “Ivy Bridge” and “Haswell” Processors. Intel  NUC  Ivy Bridge  Core  Haswell
[10:31 am]

New Intel NUCs Small Form-Factor PCs in the Works – Report

Contract Price of Commodity DDR3 Memory Up 2% in Two Weeks – DRAMeXchange. DRAM  Business  DDR2  DDR3  Samsung  SK Hynix  Micron  Elpida  Powerchip Semiconductor  Inotera  Nanya
[9:59 am]

DRAM Price Keeps Growing As Demand Rises Amid Limited Output

Intel Custom Foundry to Manufacture Chips for Cisco. Intel  Cisco  Semiconductor  22nm  14nm  32nm  Business
[9:32 am]

Intel Reportedly Lands Chip Orders from Cisco


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Futuremark Introduces 3DMark for Google Android Devices. Futuremark  3DMark  Android  Google  Microsoft  windows  windows rt  windows 8
[2:58 pm]

3DMark Now Available for Google Android

Samsung Readies Galaxy Mega: Huge Phablets Incoming. Samsung  Galaxy  Galaxy Mega  Exynos  Snapdragon  HTC  Huawei
[2:57 pm]

Samsung Preps New Lineup of Phablets with 5.8", 6.3" Displays

Microsoft Pushes Back Announcement of Xbox Next to May – Expert. Microsoft  xbox  Durango  xbox next  amd  ati  radeon  fusion  jaguar  gcn  sony  playstation  orbis
[2:55 pm]

Microsoft Delays Formal Announcement of Xbox Next “Durango” Game Console, Possibly, to 21st of May

Intel Projects Ultrabooks with Core i “Haswell” Processors, Touch-Screens to Cost $599. Intel  Haswell  Core  22nm  USB  Windows 8  Microsoft
[2:53 pm]

Intel Expects 75% of Intel Powered PCs to Be Touch-Enabled by End of 2013

Toshiba Predicts Emergence of New Energy-Efficient Enterprise Hard Drives. Toshiba  HDD  Business
[2:51 pm]

Toshiba Expects Special HDDs for “Cold” Datacenters

Apple iWatch Due This Year – Component Suppliers. Apple  iWatch  iOS  iPad  iPhone  Samsung  LG Electronics  LG
[2:50 pm]

Apple May Release Its Smart Watch This Year

Nvidia: Next-Generation Mobile Chips to Outperform Current-Generation Video Game Consoles. Microsoft  Xbox  Sony  PlayStation  Nvidia  Tegra
[2:07 pm]

Next-Generation Mobile Devices to Have Raw Computer Power Comparable to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

GlobalFoundries Demonstrates 3D TSV Capabilities on 20nm Technology. GlobalFoundries  20nm  TSV  Semiconductor
[1:41 pm]

GlobalFoundries Successfully Implements TSVs onto 20nm Manufacturing Process

ARM and TSMC Tape-Out First ARM Cortex-A57 Processor on TSMC's 16nm FinFET Technology. ARM  Cortex  ARMv8  TSMC  16nm  FinFET  Semiconductor
[10:01 am]

TSMC Produces World’s First ARM Cortex-A57 64-Bit Chip Using 16nm FinFET Technology


Monday, April 1, 2013

Epic: Unreal Engine 4 Will Not Support Current-Gen Consoles, Nintendo Wii U. Epic Games  Epic Unreal Engine  Xbox  Playstation  Wii U  Microsoft  Sony  Nintendo
[2:47 pm]

Unreal Engine 4 to Support Only Next-Generation Platforms

IEEE Launches Study Group to Explore 400Gb/s Ethernet. Ethernet  400Gb/s  Dell  HP
[2:30 pm]

IEEE 802.3 Study Group to Examine Ways to Boost Bandwidth of Ethernet Networks

Facebook to Demonstrate “Optimized” Smartphone This Week. Facebook  HTC  Android  Google
[2:20 pm]

Facebook and HTC to Showcase Smartphone with OS Optimized for Facebook Users

Nvidia Begins to Refresh Kepler Product Family with GeForce 700M Family Launch. Nvidia  Geforce  Kepler  28nm
[2:10 pm]

Nvidia Introduces New Lineup of Mobile Graphics Processors, One New Kepler Chip

AMD A-Series “Trinity” Accelerated Processing Units Can Drop Clock-Speed Under High-Loads [UPDATED]. AMD  Fusion  Trinity  32nm  Piledriver  Radeon  ATI
[8:18 am]

AMD Admits: A-Series “Trinity” APUs Reduce Their Clock-Speeds During High-Loads


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Denial of Service of Service Attacks Surge and Expose Enterprise Infrastructure Vulnerabilities – Report.
[3:00 pm]

DDoS Now Leads to Major Financial Losses, Says IDC

Lenovo Interested to Buy NEC Smartphone Business – Report .
[3:00 pm]

NEC In Talks with Lenovo Over Mobile Phone Unit