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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Display Makers Begin Production of Monitors for Next-Gen Apple iPhone Next Month. apple  iphone  ios  Sharp  Japan Display  LG  LG Display  LG Electronics
[2:55 pm]

Sharp and Others to Start Making Next-Gen Apple iPhone Displays in June

Alleged Images of GeForce GTX 770, GTX 780 Hit the Web. Nvidia  Kepler  Geforce  28nm  GK104  GK110
[2:37 pm]

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 700-Series May Be Approaching

Microsoft Xbox Infinity Set to Be “Tolerant” to Today’s Internet Connectivity. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox Next  Durango  AMD  Jaguar  Radeon  ATI  GCN
[1:58 pm]

Microsoft Will Not Require Internet Connection for Single-Player Games, Blu-Ray Disc Playback

Nintendo Wants Smartphone Apps to Boost Wii U Game Console. Nintendo  wii u  wii  android  ios  google  apple
[1:03 pm]

Nintendo Asks Developers of Popular Smartphone Apps to Port Their Games to Wii U

Nokia Confirms New Lumia 928 Flagship with PureView Camera.
[12:50 pm]

Nokia’s Lumia 928 Loses 41MP Sensor, Will Get 8.7MP Instead

Asrock to Install Audiophile-Quality Integrated Audio Sub-System onto Next-Gen Mainboards. Asrock  Purity Sound  Lynx Point  Intel  Core  Haswell
[12:12 pm]

Asrock Introduces Purity Sound Technology for Intel 8-Series Mainboards

Cray Announces “Affordable” XC30-AC Supercomputers. Cray  Intel  Xeon  XC30  XC30-AC  Dragonfly  Aries
[11:41 am]

Cray’s XC30-AC Supercomputers Begin at $500 Thousand

Qualcomm Elects Jonathan “Father of Apple iPod” Rubinstein to Board of Directors. Qualcomm  Apple  HP  Hewlett-Packard  Palm
[11:27 am]

Legendary Apple, Palm Executive Becomes Director of Qualcomm

Seagate Unleashes Complete Line of SSD Products for Consumers and Businesses. Seagate  SSD  LAMD  Toshiba  NAND  Flash  eMLC
[10:39 am]

Seagate Introduces Lineup of Solid-State Drives for Consumers and Businesses

Western Digital Teams Up with SanDisk for Solid State Hybrid Drives. WD  Western Digital  SanDisk  SSHD  SSD  HDD  NAND  Flash  iSSD
[9:13 am]

SanDisk and WD Join Forces for Consumer SSHDs