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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Researchers Make One Step Closer to Quantum Computing. Quantum Computing
[2:53 pm]

New Technology to Enable Quantum Computing at Room Temperature

Microsoft Could Buy Nook Media E-Book Company for $1 Billion. E-Book  Microsoft  B&N  Nook  Barnes & Noble
[2:41 pm]

Microsoft May Buyout B&N’s Stake in Nook Media LLC

Sony: We Never Wanted PlayStation 4 to Be “Always Online” Console. sony  playstation  xbox  xbox next  Microsoft  Durango  orbis
[1:19 pm]

Sony PlayStation 4 Will Not Require Permanent Internet Access

TDK Launches New Solid-State Drives Based on Own Controller. TDK  SSD  GBDriver  NAND  Flash  eMLC
[12:49 pm]

TDK Introduces Industrial SSDs Powered by GBDriver RS4 Controller

Toshiba Condemns Microsoft’s Dual Operating System Approach to New Devices. Toshiba  Windows  Microsoft  Windows 8  Windows RT
[12:17 pm]

Toshiba Accuses Microsoft of Confusing the Market with Windows 8 and Windows RT

Nokia Investors Ask Chief Exec to Change Company’s Direction. Nokia  Lumia  Windows Phone  Windows Phone 8  Symbian  Google  Android
[11:40 am]

Stephen Elop Insists on Windows Phone as Investors Doubt Success

Intel Xeon Phi Gets OpenCL 1.2 Support Thanks to New SDK. Intel  Xeon  Xeon Phi  MIC  OpenCL  Knights Corner  22nm
[11:07 am]

Intel Releases SDK with OpenCL 1.2 Support for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors

Unknown AMD SoC Features 8 Bulldozer Modules, 1024 Stream Processors, 512-Bit Memory Bus [UPDATED]. AMD  Steamroller  Richland  Kaveri  x86  28nm  20nm  Globalfoundries  TSMC  FX
[10:47 am]

Mysterious Block Diagram Shows Ultra-High-Performance AMD System-on-Chip

Co-Founders of Fusion-io Resign from the Company as Former HP Exec Takes the Reigns. Fusion-io  Business
[9:50 am]

Fusion-io Changes Management as Shane Robison Becomes New Chief Executive

AMD Announces Memory Modules Designed for Gaming. AMD  Radeon  ATI  DRAM  DDR3
[9:02 am]

AMD Introduces AMD Radeon RG2133 and Upgraded AMD Radeon RAMDisk