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June, 2013
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Noctua Demonstrates World’s First CPU Cooler with Active Noise Cancelling Technology. Noctua  RotoSub
[2:59 pm]

Noctua and RotoSub to Launch Cooler with Noise Cancelling Technology in Mid-2014

CoolIT Calls for Liquid Cooling Technology Standards for Servers. CoolIT
[2:55 pm]

CoolIT to Present at International Supercomputing Show

UMC Joins IBM “Fab Club” Chip Alliance for 10nm Process Development. UMC  IBM  10nm  FinFET  Semiconductor
[2:50 pm]

UMC and IBM to Collaborate on Development of 10nm Fabrication Process

AMD Shares Secrets: How APUs for Next-Generation Game Consoles Were Developed. Microsoft  Sony  AMD  PlayStation 4  Xbox One  Playstation  Xbox  Jaguar  Radeon  GCN  Fusion  Business
[2:46 pm]

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony Were Unaware That AMD Develops Chips For All New Consoles - AMD

Oculus VR Demonstrates Full-HD Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Helmet. Oculus VR  Oculus Rift
[2:05 pm]

New Oculus Rift Prototype Gets 1920*1080 Resolution

Affordable Apple iPhone Model Will Be Available in Multiple Colors. apple  iphone  ios  foxconn  Pegatron
[1:14 pm]

Apple Orders 20 Million Inexpensive iPhone Smartphones to Ship in Q4 2013

Toshiba Develops World’s First Multi-Level-Cell Structure MROM Cell. Toshiba  MROM  40nm
[12:44 pm]

Toshiba Creates MLC MROM Device to Store Firmware of Smartphones and Tablets

Sony: PlayStation 4 Can Offload Computing to the Cloud. Sony  Playstation  PlayStation 4  Orbis  AMD  ATI  Jaguar  GCN  Fusion  Radeon  Microsoft  Xbox One
[12:29 pm]

Game Developers May Use Cloud Computing to Bolster PS4 Games

Nokia to Introduce Lumia EOS Smartphone with 41MP PureView Camera Next Month. Nokia  Lumia  Eos  Windows Phone  Windows Phone 8  PureView  Qualcomm  Snapdragon  Microsoft  Carl Zeiss
[11:49 am]

Nokia to “Reinvent Zoom” on July 11, 2013

Apple Evaluating Bigger Displays for Next-Gen iPhone Smartphones – Report. apple  iphone  ios
[10:52 am]

Apple Assessing 4.7”, 5.7” Display Panels for Next-Generation Products

Detailed Intel Roadmap for 2013 – 2014 Timeframe Gets Published. Intel  Haswell Refresh  Broadwell  14nm  Haswell  LGA1150  Serial ATA  Serial ATA Express  SATA Express  PCI Express  SSD  PCIe  22nm
[2:40 am]

Leaked Roadmap Confirms: Intel Has No Plans for Rockwell Desktop Chip in 2014