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August, 2013
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Intel to Release Haswell-Based Celeron Processors in Early 2014 - Report. Intel  Celeron  Haswell  22nm
[2:10 pm]

Intel to Launch Celeron Processors Based on Haswell Micro-Architecture in Q1 2014

Samsung to Showcase 31.5” UHD Monitor, 98” UHD Large Format Display Next Week. Samsung  UHD  UHDTV  4K
[2:00 pm]

Samsung Electronics to Debut Ultra HD Displays at IFA 2013

Broadcom Announces Connectivity Platform for Wearable Computing Devices. Broadcom  Wi-Fi  NFC  Bluetooth
[12:15 pm]

Broadcom Introduces WICED Platform for Integrating Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and Location Technology into Wearable Devices

Samsung Begins to Mass Produce DDR4 Memory Using 20nm Process Technology. Samsung  DDR4  DRAM  20nm  Intel  Xeon
[11:44 am]

Samsung Initiates Production of Server-Class DDR4 Memory Chips and Modules

Microsoft Windows 10 Set to Be Company’s First Cloud Operating System – Rumour. Microsoft  Windows RT  Windows  Windows 8  Windows Phone 8  Windows Phone
[10:14 am]

Microsoft Roadmap for Next Three Years Revealed and Explained


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Apple and Samsung Will Not Create Duopoly on the Market of Wearable Electronics – Broadcom Executive. Broadcom  Apple  Samsung  Google  iPhone  iOS  Android
[2:53 pm]

Wearable Computing Devices Expected to Be Tailored to Smaller User Bases with Particular Needs

DARPA Expert Believes Moore’s Law to Remain Viable Till 2020 - 2022. 7nm  5nm  Intel  AMD  Semiconductor  28nm  20nm  Moore's Law  ARM  Globalfoundries  TSMC  IBM
[2:50 pm]

7nm or 5nm Process Technologies Could Mean the End of Moore’s Law

Kingston Rolls-Out Solid-State Drives for Big Data, Virtualization Environments. Kingston  SSD  NAND  Flash
[2:41 pm]

Kinston Introduces New SSDNow E50 Enterprise-Class Solid-State Drives

Imagination to Optimize Its GPU IP Cores for TSMC’s 28nm and 16nm Process Technologies. Imagination  Imagination Technologies  PowerVR  TSMC  16nm  28nm  Semiconductor
[2:30 pm]

Imagination and TSMC Optimize GPU IP Libraries for TSMC’s 28HPM and 16nm FinFET Technologies

ORNL Discovers Semiconducting Materials with Unprecedented Performance. Semiconductor
[12:18 pm]

ORNL’s Discovery Could Lead to Revolution in Industry

Intel Changes Plans: Core i “Broadwell” Processors Will Be Available in LGA Packaging, But There Is a Catch. Intel  Haswell Refresh  Broadwell  14nm  Haswell  LGA1150  Serial ATA  Serial ATA Express  SATA Express  PCI Express  SSD  PCIe  22nm
[5:38 am]

Intel’s 9-Series Chipsets to Open Doors to “Haswell Refresh”, “Broadwell LGA” Platforms

Logitech Rolls-Out Ultrathin Touch Mouse . Logitech
[1:32 am]

Logitech Reveals Ultra-Portable Mouse

Nintendo Announces 2DS Portable Game Console to Address Price-Sensitive Buyers. Nintendo  2DS  3DS  DS
[12:23 am]

Nintendo Drops Stereo-3D Technology from New Portable Game System


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nokia’s Stephen Elop Has Highest Chances to Become Next Microsoft Chief Executive - Bookmakers. Microsoft  Nokia  Windows  Windows Phone  Business
[11:43 pm]

Bookmakers See Stephen Elop as Favourite for Next Microsoft Chief Executive

Toshiba Opens Up New Semiconductor Facility in Thailand. Toshiba  Semiconductor
[10:41 pm]

Toshiba Semiconductor Thailand Begins Operations

Nintendo Cuts Wii U Deluxe Price to Boost Sales. Nintendo  wii  wii u
[2:57 pm]

Nintendo Announces New Wii U Deluxe Price


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Samsung to Showcase Smart Wrist-Watch Next Week – Company. Samsung  Galaxy  Galaxy Gear  Android
[2:57 pm]

Samsung to Unleash Galaxy Gear Smart Watch in Early September

Further Details Regarding Intel SSD Overclocking Emerge. Intel  SSD  NAND  Flash  Serial ATA  SATA  SATA Express  PCI Express  PCIe
[2:55 pm]

Intel SSD Overclocking Options Get Published

SanDisk Celebrates Company’s 25th Anniversary. SanDisk  Toshiba  NAND  Flash  SLC  MLC
[1:52 pm]

SanDisk Turns 25 Years Old

Microsoft Starts to Release Windows 8.1 to Hardware Partners. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT  Blue
[2:52 am]

Microsoft Begins the Roll-Out of Windows 8.1 “Blue” Operating System


Monday, August 26, 2013

AMD Further Delays Launches of New APU Products – Report. AMD  x86  Kabini  Kaveri  Mullins  Beema  Nolan  Steamroller  Excavator  Jaguar
[2:30 pm]

AMD’s Kaveri Launch Slips to March, 2014; Carrizo Delayed Even More

Intel: Custom Microprocessor Business Set to Expand. Intel  Xeon  Atom  Broadwell  Haswell  Dell  HP  IBM  Facebook  Google  Apple  x86  Microsoft  AMD  Opteron  SeaMicro
[2:00 pm]

Intel Shipped Custom Chips to 18 Customers Last Year

Microsoft Needs a Businessman and An Outsider At the Helms - Jon Peddie. Microsoft  Business  Windows  Surface  Windows 8  Windows RT  Windows Phone
[1:56 pm]

Next Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Described

OCZ Collaborates with Mellanox to Optimize SAN-Less Fault Tolerant VMware Environments. OCZ  SSD  Mellanox  SAN  VMware
[9:02 am]

SAN-Less Fault Tolerant VMware Clusters Demonstrated at VMWorld


Friday, August 23, 2013

Intel Set to Enable Overclocking of Solid-State Drives. Intel  SSD  NAND  Flash  Serial ATA  SATA  SATA Express  PCI Express  PCIe
[7:58 am]

Intel to Demo SSD Overclocking at IDF Next Month

Pre-Orders of Sony PlayStation 4 Already Higher Than Launch Sales of PlayStation 3. Sony  Playstation  PlayStation 4  Orbis  Xbox One  Microsoft  Business
[6:01 am]

Sony Already Has Orders for One Million PlayStation 4 Consoles

Steve Ballmer’s Internal Letter to Microsoft Employees Over Retirement Plan. Microsoft  Business
[12:45 am]

Steve Ballmer: Microsoft Is an Amazing Place, I Love This Company

Nvidia Mulls Releasing New Graphics Cards for High-End Market – Rumour. Nvidia  Kepler  GK110  28nm  GeForce
[12:33 am]

Nvidia May Unleash More GK110-Based Graphics Solutions


Thursday, August 22, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Steve Ballmer to Retire from Microsoft in Twelve Months. Microsoft  Business
[9:20 pm]

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer to Retire Next Year

Toshiba Starts Construction of New NAND Flash Memory Production Facility. SanDisk  Toshiba  NAND  Flash  Business
[2:26 pm]

Toshiba Begins to Build Fab 5, Phase 2

AMD Showcases Radeon Sky Cloud Gaming in Action at Gamescon. AMD  Radeon Sky  Radeon  GCN  ATI  28nm  Southern Islands  Sea Islands  Otoy  CiiNow  G-cluster Global
[2:14 pm]

AMD and CiiNow Demonstrate Cloud Gaming Technologies Using Radeon Sky

Apple iPhone 5S Lineup Pictured: Black, White and Gold iPhones Incoming. apple  iphone  ios
[2:00 pm]

Apple to Expand iPhone 5S Family with Premium Gold Model

AMD to Sell and Lease-Back AMD Singapore Facility. AMD  Business  Fusion
[11:59 am]

AMD Gets One More Asset Lighter


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Intel to Release Atom SoCs with Airmont, Goldmont Micro-Architectures, New GPUs Next Year. Intel  Atom  Cherry Trail  Airmont  Willow Trail  Goldmont  Merrifield  Moorefield  Morganfield  x86  Android  Google
[2:54 pm]

Intel Slightly Redesigns Atom Plans, Intends to Release Cherry Trail SoCs in 2014

Corsair Introduces 7mm Force LS Solid-State Drives. Corsair  SSD  Phison  MLC  NAND  19nm  Toshiba  Flash
[2:50 pm]

Corsair’s Force LS SSDs Use Toshiba NAND Flash, Phison Controller

Skyera to Use SK Hynix’s 16nm NAND Flash for 500TB SkyEagle Enterprise Storage Systems. Skyera  SSD  NAND  Flash  SK Hynix  Hynix  16nm  MLC  eMLC  MLC HET
[1:59 pm]

Skyera Teams Up with Hynix for NAND Flash Memory for 0.5PB SkyEagle Systems

AMD: Current-Generation GCN Graphics Architecture Fully Compatible with DirectX 11.2. AMD  GCN  Southern Islands  Sea Islands  Radeon  ATI
[1:36 pm]

AMD’s GCN Architecture Needs New Driver to Support DirectX 11.2

MHL 3.0 Spec Enables 4K Video and 7.1 Audio Output on Mobile Devices. MHL  HDMI  4K  UHD  Ultra HD  UHDTV
[12:57 pm]

MHL Specification Now Supports 4K Video, 7.1 Audio Output

Canadian Government Keeps Close Eye on BlackBerry. BlackBerry  RIM  Business
[12:28 pm]

Authorities Look Close on BlackBerry's Review of Strategic Options

Retailer Slashes Pricing of AMD FX-9000 Microprocessors to Boost Sales. AMD  FX  Vishera  Piledriver  32nm
[11:59 am]

AMD’s 220W FX-9590 Now Priced In-Line with Intel Core i7-4770K

Nvidia to Bundle Ubisoft Games with GeForce Graphics Cards This Fall. Nvidia  Geforce  Ubisoft
[11:56 am]

Nvidia and Ubisoft Form Gaming Alliance for This Fall's Hottest Games


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

HP Unveils Servers with Nvidia Grid Support and Thin Clients Solutions. HP  Hewlett-Packard  Nvidia  Grid
[2:56 pm]

Updated HP Graphics Server Blades Deliver High Performance for Virtualized Environments

Sony Slashes PlayStation Vita Price in the U.S., Adds Support for PlayStation 4 Streaming. Sony  PlayStation  Vita  3G  PlayStation Vita
[1:50 pm]

Sony Cuts PlayStation Vita Pricing in the U.S., Makes 3G Option Free

Microsoft Announces 51 Games for Xbox One Game Console. Microsoft  xbox  xbox one  Durango  xbox next
[1:39 pm]

Microsoft Xbox One Will Not Starve for Games in Foreseeable Future

AMD to Start Shipping Next-Generation Graphics Processors in October. AMD  GCN  ATI  Radeon  Curacao  Hainan  Sea Islands  28nm  Oland  Bonaire  Volcanic Islands  Hawaii
[1:26 pm]

AMD’s New Graphics Processors Due in Two Months – Rumour

Sony Announces Launch Lineup of PlayStation 4 Games. Sony  PlayStation  PlayStaton 4  ORbis
[12:55 pm]

Sony Discloses First-to-Be-Released PS4 Titles

AMD Bundles Discrete Graphics Chips with Embedded Microprocessors. amd  piledriver  x86  32nm  radeon  eyefinity
[12:31 pm]

AMD Expands Embedded Computing Offerings

Asustek Rolls Out World's First Intel Thunderbolt 2-Certified Mainboard. ASUS  Thunderbolt  Intel  DisplayPort  4K  Haswell  Lynx Point
[12:05 pm]

Asus Z87-Deluxe/Quad Features Two Thunderbolt 2 Ports with 20Gb/s Bandwidth

Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Launch Dates for Europe, U.S., Latin America. Sony  PlayStation  PlayStation 4
[11:40 am]

Sony’s PS4 Will Be Available in November, Japanese Launch to Be Delayed


Monday, August 19, 2013

PC Performance Enthusiasts’ Web-Site Disqualifies Results Obtained on Windows 8 OS. Microsoft  Windows  Windows 8
[2:15 pm]

Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System Has Unreliable Real-Time Clock

G.Skill Announces Ripjaws DDR3 SO-DIMM Modules. G.Skill  DRAM  DDR3  Ripjaws
[1:59 pm]

G.Skill Introduces Enthusiast-Class Memory Modules for Laptops

Toshiba Reveals World’s Highest-Performing 7mm Hard Drives. Toshiba  HDD  7mm
[1:55 pm]

Toshiba Announces 7200rpm 2.5”/7mm HDDs

Gigabyte Rolls Out A88X-Series Mainboards for AMD’s Next-Gen APUs. Gigabyte  FM2+  AMD  Kaveri  Steamroller
[8:39 am]

Gigabyte Unleashes a Family of FM2+ Motherboards


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Researchers Develop Smart Glass Material.
[2:19 pm]

New Glass Dynamically Modifies Sunlight

MyDigitalSSD Unveils “World’s Fastest” Cache Solid-State Drive. MyDigitalSSD  SSD  NAND  Flash  Toshiba  MLC  19nm
[2:08 pm]

Toggle MLC NAND-Based Caching SSD Could Mean High Performance at Low Price


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Intel to Talk About Next-Generation 1.6Tb/s Optical Interconnections for Servers Next Month. intel  corning  facebook  MXC
[1:50 pm]

Intel to Discuss MXC Optical Interconnection Technology at IDF in September

Microsoft’s Own Chip Enables Ultimate Precision of New Kinect Sensor. Microsoft  Kinect  Xbox One  Xbox
[1:11 pm]

Microsoft’s New Kinect Is Based on Microsoft’s Own Chip – Report

Sony Set to Bring $199 PlayStation 3 12GB Console to the U.S. Sony  PlayStation  Business
[12:59 pm]

Lowest-Cost PlayStation Heading to the U.S.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Microsoft Xbox One to Function without Kinect Sensor. Microsoft  Kinect  Xbox  Xbox One  Durango  Xbox Next
[2:54 pm]

Kinect No Longer Mandatory for Xbox One Operation

Rambus: We Are Focused on Products, Not Patents. Rambus  Business
[2:40 pm]

Rambus Vows to Concentrate on Development, Not Lawsuits

LSI Shows Off Next-Generation SandForce SSD Controller’s Capabilities. LSI  SandForce  Toshiba  19nm
[2:30 pm]

New LSI SandForce Controllers to Improve NAND Flash Reliability, Endurance and Cost

Enthusiasts Overclock G.Skill’s TridentX DDR3 Modules to 4.40GHz. G.Skill  DRAM  DDR3  Asus  Haswell  Core  TridentX
[2:20 pm]

New DDR3 Memory Module Clock-Rate Record Set: 4404MHz

First Nvidia Tegra 4i-Based Smartphones Due in Calendar 2014 – Chief Executive. Nvidia  Tegra  Wayne  Grey  ARM  Cortex  Geforce  4G/LTE
[2:02 pm]

Modem Certification of Tegra 4i Will Be Completed Late in the Year

Intel Announces Google Android-Based Education Tablet Reference Designs. Intel  Atom  Android  Google
[1:57 pm]

Intel Introduces Reference Designs for Education Market

AMD Introduces “Never Settle Forever” Free Game Bundle Program. amd  radeon  gcn  ati  southern islands  sea islands
[1:33 pm]

AMD to Provide One, Two or Three Free Titles with Graphics Cards

Microsoft Delays Launch of Xbox One on Several Markets. Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  Durango  Business
[10:08 am]

Microsoft Shrinks List of Xbox One Launch Countries for 2013

Microsoft to Launch Windows 8.1 “Blue” in Mid-October. Microsoft  Windows 8  Blue  Windows  Xbox  Windows RT
[9:56 am]

Microsoft Reveals Windows 8.1 “Blue” Release Date


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

x86 Microprocessors Continue to Command over Half of the $61 Billion Processor Market. Intel  Qualcomm  AMD  Samsung  Apple  Freescale  Nvidia  TI  Texas Instruments  Broadcom  Mediatek  ST-Ericsson  Business  IC Insights  Semiconductor
[2:50 pm]

Tablet and Cellphone Processors Offset PC MPU Weakness, But x86 Still Dominate

Samsung Rolls-Out Enterprise-Class SSD Based on 3D V-NAND Flash Memory. Samsung  SSD  V-NAND  3D V-NAND  NAND  Flash
[2:25 pm]

Samsung Reveals World’s First 3D V-NAND-Based SSD for Enterprise Applications

Mushkin Demonstrates New-Gen Ultra-High-End PCI Express Scorpion Deluxe SSD. Mushkin  SSD  Ventura  Scorpion Deluxe  NAND  Flash  PCI Express  USB
[2:20 pm]

Mushkin Shows Off New High-End Solid-State Storage Solutions

Gigabyte to Add Support of AMD FX-9000 “Extreme” Processors to Mainstream Mainboards - Report. AMD  FX  Vishera  Piledriver  32nm
[2:15 pm]

Gigabyte to Support AMD FX-9000 Chips with Mainstream Mainboards

SanDisk Launches High-Performance X210 SSD for Business Users. SanDisk  SSD  NAND  Flash  MLC  19nm
[2:10 pm]

SanDisk’s X210 SSD Boasts 505MB/s Read Speed, Advanced Power Management

IntelliProp Announces SSD Controller with Advanced Enterprise Features. IntelliProp  SSD  MLC  SLC  NAND  Flash
[2:05 pm]

IntelliProp IPA-SA129-CT SSD Controller Supports ECC:BCH Error Correction, True End-to-End CRC, AES-XTS-256-Bit Encryption

Apple Is Greatly Undervalued, Promising Products Are In the Pipe – Carl Icahn. apple  ipad  iphone  ipod  mac  mac os  ios  business
[2:00 pm]

Carl Icahn’s Multi-Billion Tweet Raises Apple Stock

OCZ Technology Showcases Range of Flash-Based Enterprise Storage Solutions at Flash Memory Summit. OCZ  SSD  NAND  Flash
[9:28 am]

OCZ Demos Latest SSD Offerings for Enterprises at Solid-State Memory Conference

Western Digital Founds New Storage Association to Promote Critical Role Of Magnetic Storage Technologies. HGST  Seagate  Toshiba  WD  Western Digital
[9:18 am]

WD, Other HDD Makers to Promote the Role of Magnetic Storage Technologies in Modern Life


Monday, August 12, 2013

Larry Ellison Expects Dark Days for Apple Without Steve Jobs. apple  oracle  business  ios  ipad  iphone  mac  macintosh  mac os
[2:20 pm]

Founder of Oracle Foresees Dark Days for Apple Without Steve Jobs

ZTE to Sell FireFox OS-Based Smartphone on Ebay for $80. Mozilla  Firefox  ZTE  LG  LG Electronics  Alcatel  Huawei  Qualcomm  Snapdragon
[2:15 pm]

ZTE to Sell ZTE Open FireFox OS Phone in the U.S. and the UK

Nvidia “Working Really Hard” on Second-Generation Microsoft Surface – Chief Executive. Nvidia  Windows RT  Windows 8  Windows  Microsoft
[2:05 pm]

Nvidia Confirms: Second-Gen Surface Tablets Will Use Tegra 4 Application Processors

Samsung and Cheil Industries Acquire Novaled AG. Samsung  Cheil  Novaled  OLED
[1:58 pm]

Samsung Boosts OLED Capabilities by Acquiring Part of Novaled

Intel and Unisys Tem Up for Secure Computing Platform for Cloud Computing, Big Data and RISC Migration. Intel  Unisys  Xeon  RISC
[7:58 am]

Intel and Unisys Develop New-Generation Xeon-Based Mission Critical Server Platform

BlackBerry Board of Directors Begins to Explore Strategic Alternatives. Blackberry  RIM  Business
[7:04 am]

BlackBerry BoD May Sell the Company, Consider Other Options


Friday, August 9, 2013

Apple Wins Patent Case Against Samsung, Could Mean Partial U.S. Sales Ban for Korean Maker. Apple  Samsung  Business  iOS  Android  iPhone  iPad  Galaxy  Galaxy Tab
[8:17 am]

Some of Older Samsung Galaxy Products May Face Import Ban in the U.S. as ITC Rules in Favour of Apple

Acer to Expand Google Android- and Chrome-Based Product Offerings. Acer  Business  Iconia  Windows  Windows 8  Windows RT  Microsoft
[6:48 am]

Acer Blames Microsoft Windows for 33% Drop in PC Sales


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Apple’s and Samsung’s Channel Dominance Leaves Little Room for the Others – Analysts. Apple  Samsung  Business
[2:55 pm]

Tough Times Ahead for Smartphone Vendors as Apple and Samsung Set to Continue Dominating

Nvidia Graphics Processors Revenue Increases Thanks to High-End Offerings. Nvidia  GeForce  Quadro  Tesla  Kepler  Business
[2:50 pm]

Nvidia’s GPU Revenues Are Up Nearly Across-the-Board

SATA-IO Finalizes Serial ATA 3.2, SATA Express Specifications. SATA  Serial ATA  SSD  SSHD  NAND  Flash
[2:10 pm]

SATA 3.2 Specifications Bring-In New Features for SSDs, SSHDs

Amazon and Nuance Sign a New Pact, Could Result in Siri-Like Capabilities on Kindle Devices. Amazon  Nuance Communications  Siri  Apple  Samsung  HTC  Huawei
[2:05 pm]

Amazon Licenses “Mobile and Consumer” Technologies from Nuance, A Provider of Voice Solutions

Sales of Nvidia Tegra Application Processors Drop Dramatically. Nvidia  Tegra  Wayne  Grey  ARM  Cortex  Geforce  4G/LTE
[2:00 pm]

Nvidia’s Customers Cease to Buy Tegra 3 As Tegra 4 Shipments Slip to Second Half


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New AMD Code-Names Surface as AMD’s Volcanic Islands and Pirate Islands Get Uncovered. AMD  Volcanic Islands  Pirate Islands  20nm  14nm  16nm  Crystals  Radeon  ATI  Sea Islands  Maui  Iceland  Topaz  Tonga  Amethyst  Bermuda  Fiji  Treasure  Carrizo  Amur  Bhavani
[2:50 pm]

Software Update Uncovers Code-Names of AMD Volcanic Islands, Pirate Islands Product Series

Nvidia Establishes Tech Center to Advance Car Industry. Nvidia  Quadro  Tegra  Business  Audi  Bentley  BMW  Lamborghini  Maserati  Rolls Royce  Tesla Motors  VolksWagen  VW
[2:35 pm]

Nvidia Opens Up Technology Center in Ann Harbor, Michigan

Acer Cuts Price of Its Windows 8-Based Iconia W3 Tablet. Acer  Windows 8  Microsoft  Intel  Atom
[2:30 pm]

Acer Slashes Price of World’s First 8” Windows 8-Powered Slate

AMD Reveals Official Name for Next-Gen Never Settle Bundle. AMD  Radeon  Sea Island  Southern Islands  ATI
[2:25 pm]

AMD: We Are Doing Stunning Things with Future Never Settle Bundles

Plextor to Show Off Next-Generation M6 Solid-State Drives Next Week. Plextor  SSD  NAND  Flash  Toshiba  Marvell  19nm
[2:20 pm]

Plextor’s New SSD to Feature Toggle NAND Flash, Extreme Performance

Global PC Gaming Hardware Sales Shrug off PC Market Decline – Study. Business  JPR  Intel  AMD  Nvidia  Razer  Corsair  OCZ
[2:15 pm]

Total Available PC Gaming Hardware Market to Shrink to $17.791 Billion This Year

AMD Confirms Delay of Kaveri Chip to Early 2014. AMD  Kaveri  Steamroller  28nm  Fusion  Beema  Mullins  Carizo  Nolan
[2:10 pm]

No Steamroller in Commercial Products This Year

Ultrabooks and Ultra-Thin Notebooks to Make Up 70% of SSD Shipments in 2013 – Report. SSD  NAND  Flash  SanDisk  Seagate  WD  Western Digital
[2:05 pm]

SSD Shipments to Grow 87% Compared to Last Year, Says IHS iSuppli

Ex-Nvidia Executive: CUDA and PhysX Are Doomed! Nvidia  CUDA  PhysX  Tesla  Tegra  Quadro  OpenCL  GPGPU
[1:59 pm]

Roy Taylor Condemns Proprietary Technologies


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sony Declines to Spin Off Entertainment Division. Sony  Business
[2:52 pm]

Sony’s Board Votes Against Spinning Off Entertainment Unit

TSMC Slightly Reschedules Volume Production Using 20nm Process Technology to Early 2014. TSMC  Semiconductor  20nm  16nm  300mm
[2:48 pm]

TSMC to Start 20nm Volume Production in February, 2014, at Fab 14/Phase 5

Microsoft Slashes Price of Surface Pro by $100. Microsoft  Surface  Windows 8  Surface Pro  Windows RT  Business
[2:46 pm]

Microsoft Cuts Price of Windows 8-Based Tablet

28nm Chips Account for Nearly One Third of TSMC’s Wafer Revenue. TSMC  Semiconductor  28nm  40nm  65nm  55nm  80nm  90nm  130nm  150nm  Business
[2:44 pm]

TSMC’s Q2 2013 28nm Revenue Total $5.19 Billion

Crossbar Startup Develops 1TB Resistive RAM Technology. Crossbar  RRAM  NAND  Flash  SSD
[2:42 pm]

Crossbar RRAM: 20 Times Faster, 20 Times More Energy Efficient

Seagate Invests into eASIC, Developer of SSD Controllers. Seagate  eASIC  SSD  NAND  Flash
[2:40 pm]

Seagate Makes Equity Investment in eASIC

Samsung Starts Mass Producing Industry’s First 3D Vertical NAND Flash. Samsung  NAND  V-NAND  Flash
[2:37 pm]

Samsung Overcomes NAND Scaling Limit with 3D Vertical NAND Flash

Google, IBM, Mellanox, Nvidia, Tyan to Develop IBM Power-Based Open Servers. Google  IBM  Mellanox  Nvidia  Tyan  Power  Tesla
[2:24 pm]

Google, IBM, Mellanox, Nvidia, Tyan Announce Development Group for Data Centers

Microsoft Boosts Xbox One’s GPU Clock-Rate by 6%. Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  Durango
[8:06 am]

Microsoft Increases Frequency of Xbox One GPU


Friday, August 2, 2013

Intel Begins Construction of the World’s First 450mm Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility. intel  450mm  semiconductor  10nm
[7:14 am]

Intel Initiates Construction of D1X Module 2 Development Facility in Hillsboro, Oregon

Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 “Are Very Close, Very Good” – John Carmack. Sony  PlayStation 4  Playstation  Microsoft  Xbox One  Kinect  Business  Xbox  Xbox Next  AMD  Fusion  Jaguar  GCN  Radeon
[5:49 am]

Legendary Game Developer Not Sure Which One of Next-Gen Consoles Is Better

Michael Dell, Silver Lake and Special Committee Reach New Buyout Agreement Terms. Dell  Microsoft  Sliver Lake  Business
[3:30 am]

Revised Agreement Increase Total Consideration to at Least $13.88 per Share


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Samsung's Galaxy S III Beats Apple iPhone 5 in New Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study. Samsung  Apple  Galaxy  iPhone  iOS  Google  Android  Motorola  Blackberry
[2:59 pm]

Owners of Samsung Galaxy S III More Satisfied Than Owners of Apple iPhone 5

Spansion Acquires Fujitsu's Microcontroller and Analog Business. Spansion  Fujitsu  Flash  Semiconductor  Business
[2:56 pm]

Spansion Enters Market of Microcontrollers and Analogue Chips

Google’s Motorola Unveils Moto X: Smartphone Assembled in the U.S., Designed by Users. Google  Motorola  Moto X  Android  Qualcomm  Snapdragon
[2:53 pm]

Google’s Motorola Moto X Promises Ultimate Customization, Advanced Capabilities

Toys R Us Reveals Microsoft Xbox One Launch Date in U.S., Europe. Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  Durango  Business
[2:49 pm]

Xbox One Arrives in Late November in the U.S. and Europe

Activision: Next-Gen Consoles Will Last Long, Bring New Gaming Experiences. Microsoft  Sony  PlayStation  Xbox One  Xbox  PlayStation 4  Orbis  Durango  Activision
[2:48 pm]

Bobby Kotick Praises Next-Generation Consoles from Microsoft and Sony

Dell Begins to Ship Credit-Card Sized PCs to Beta Testers. Dell  Ophelia  Wyse  Citrix  VMware  Google  Android
[2:42 pm]

Dell Initiates Shipments of Ophelia HDMI Sticks to Testers

Toys R Us Reveals Sony PlayStation 4 Launch Dates in U.S., Europe. Sony  Playstation  PlayStation 4  Orbis
[2:09 pm]

Sony PS4 Arrives in Late November in the U.S., Early December in Europe

AMD’s New Design Centre in India to Develop Software and Hardware. AMD  Fusion
[1:42 pm]

AMD Opens Up New Design Centre in Hyderabad, India