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January, 2014
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Friday, January 31, 2014

Apple Reports Record Quarter, Thanks to iPhone, iPad. Apple  iPhone  iPad  iPod  Mac  Macintosh  iOS  Mac OS  Business
[1:58 pm]

Apple Earns $57.6 Billion in Revenue, But Profit Margins Drop

Samsung Signs Cross-Licensing Agreement with Ericsson. Samsung  Ericsson  Apple  Galaxy  Galaxy Tab  4G  LTE  4G/LTE  3G  3.5G
[1:52 pm]

Samsung Licenses Ericsson's Patents

Epic Expects Steam Machines, VR Headsets to Reinforce Importance of PC Platform. Epic  Unreal Engine  Valve  Steam Machines  Oculus  Oculus VR  Oculus Rift
[1:50 pm]

Epic Sees Bright Future for PC As a Gaming Platform

AMD to Ship ARM-Based Opteron PCs to Software Makers This Quarter. AMD  ARM  ARMv8  Opteron  Cortex  28nm
[9:09 am]

AMD Unveils More Details Regarding ARM-Based Opterons, Plans Sample Shipments in Q1


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Leading Notebook Makers Reduce 2014 Shipment Targets. Apple  Asustek Computer  Hewlett-Packard  Lenovo  Samsung  Sony  Toshiba  Microsoft  Windows  Google  Android
[1:59 pm]

Top 9 Notebook Vendors Cut Their Shipments Goals

Asus Chairman Promises to Release Smart Watch This Year. ASUS  Waveface
[1:51 pm]

Asustek to Enter the Market of Wearable Electronics This Year

IBM Demonstrates Graphene-Powered RF Processor. IBM  Graphene
[1:47 pm]

IBM Shows Off Working Graphene-Based Circuit

Nintendo May Consider New Hardware Platforms for Emerging Markets. Nintendo  Wii  Wii U  3DS  2DS  DS  DSI
[1:00 pm]

Nintendo Mulls Development of Inexpensive Hardware, Games


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Electronic Arts: Microsoft and Sony to Support Previous-Gen Consoles for “At Least” Two Years. Sony  Microsoft  Xbox  Playstation  Business
[1:58 pm]

Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 Set to Have A Long and Happy Life

TSMC and GlobalFoundries Led Foundry Market in 2013 – IC Insights. Semiconductor  Business  TSMC  UMC  Globalfoundries  Samsung  IBM  Intel  SMIC  300mm
[1:55 pm]

Top 13 Foundries Account for 91% of Total Foundry Sales in 2013

ARM Reveals Initial Server Platform Standard. ARM  AMD  ARMv8  Cortex  Canonical  Citrix  Linaro  Microsoft  Red Hat  SUSE  Dell  HP  Hewlett-Packard
[1:50 pm]

ARM Servers Begin to Get Standardized


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lenovo to Acquire Motorola Mobility, Set to Become World’s No. 3 Smartphone Vendor. Lenovo  Motorola  Motorola Mobility  Business
[10:04 pm]

Lenovo Set to Challenge Apple and Samsung

Amazon Readies Its Own Video Game Console – Report. Amazon  Kindle  Kindle Fire  Android  Google  Qualcomm  Snapdragon  Microsoft  Xbox  Playstation  Sony  Nintendo  Wii  Wii U
[1:58 pm]

Amazon to Rival Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

Worldwide Smartphone Shipments Top One Billion Units in 2013 – IDC. Apple  Samsung  iPhone  Galaxy  iOS  Android  Nokia  Huawei  LG  Lenovo
[1:42 pm]

Samsung and Apple Remain Top Smartphone Vendors

Microsoft May Boost Xbox One’s GPU Performance by 8% - 10% - Report. Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  AMD  Radeon  GCN
[5:06 am]

Microsoft to Cease Reserving GPU Horsepower for Kinect

Lenovo Reorganizes Itself into Four Business Groups. Lenovo  ThinkPad  Ideapad  Business
[3:41 am]

Lenovo Reorgs After Taking Over x86 Server Business from IBM


Monday, January 27, 2014

Foxconn to Expand Manufacturing in the U.S. Foxconn  Apple  HP  Dell  Hon Hai Precision  Business  Microsoft  Amazon
[1:43 pm]

Foxconn to Open New Facilities in the USA


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Seagate Vows to Introduce 6TB Hard Drive in April. Seagate  HDD  WD  HGST  Western Digital
[6:39 pm]

Seagate to Fight HGST’s Helium-Filled HDDs

Samsung and Google Sign Global Patent License Agreement. Samsung  Google  Android  Business
[6:31 pm]

Samsung and Google Ink Cross-License Pact

Qualcomm Is Working on Eight-Core 64-Bit System-on-Chip. Qualcomm  Snapdragon  ARM  Adreno  ARMv8  Krait  Apple  Cyclone  Nvidia  Tegra  Kepler
[6:23 pm]

Qualcomm Readies Many-Core 64-Bit Processor


Friday, January 24, 2014

Shipments of Xbox One Total 3.9 Million Units. Microsoft  Xbox One  Xbox  Durango
[9:16 am]

Xbox One Still Lags Behind PlayStation 4

Apple and Samsung Remain Top Semiconductor Buyers in 2013. Apple  Samsung  HP  Lenovo  Cisco  Sony  Huawei Technologies  Panasonic  Toshiba  Semiconductor
[9:08 am]

Apple, Samsung Remained Top Chip Buyers in 2013

Sales of Microsoft Surface Double Quarter-over-Quarter. Microsoft  Surface  Windows RT  Windows 8  Windows  Intel  Nvidia
[5:34 am]

Microsoft Increases Shipments of Surface Tablets


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lenovo to Acquire IBM’s x86 Server Business. Lenovo  IBM  x86
[11:46 am]

Lenovo to Take Over x86 Server Biz from IBM

Folded Space Announces Deep Color Content Encoding for HD and UHD/4K Displays. 4K  UHD  UHDTV  Folded Space  Blu-ray
[11:39 am]

Folded Space Develops Video Encoding Tech That Supports 12-Bit Per Color

Qualcomm Acquires Mobile OS-Related Patents from Hewlett-Packard. Qualcomm  HP  Hewlett-Packard  iPaq  Bitfone  Compaq  webOS  Palm
[11:32 am]

Qualcomm Buys Bitfone, iPaq and Palm Patents from HP


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

AMD Launches First Two Opteron “Warsaw” Processors. AMD  Opteron  Piledriver  32nm  Bulldozer
[1:59 pm]

AMD Introduces New Energy-Efficient Server Chips

Nvidia Readies Dual-Chip Flagship Graphics Card with Two GK110 GPUs. Nvidia  Kepler  Geforce  Quadro  Tesla
[1:51 pm]

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 790 Set to Become World’s Highest-Performing Graphics Card

Apple Postpones Shipments of Mac Pro to March. Apple  Mac Pro  Macintosh  Mac OS  Intel  Xeon  AMD  FirePro
[1:20 pm]

Apple Cannot Fulfill Demand for Latest Workstations

AMD: Mullins and Beema Will Beat Intel Atom “Bay Trail”. AMD  Mullins  Beema  Fusion  28nm  Puma  GCN  Radeon  Bay Trail  Atom  Intel  Android  Windows  Microsoft
[1:10 pm]

AMD Describes Competitive Advantages of Next-Gen Ultra-Low-Power APUs

OCZ Storage Solution Roll’s Out New Vertex 460 SSD Line. OCZ  SSD  Vertex  Toshiba  19nm  MLC  NAND  Flash
[1:00 pm]

OCZ’s Vertex 460 SSDs Use 19nm NAND Flash, Bigfoot 3 M10 Controller


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Researchers Discover Natural 3D Counterpart to Graphene. Graphene  Semiconductor
[1:50 pm]

Researchers of Advanced Light Source Find New Form of Quantum Matter

Thank You, Consoles: AMD’s Posts Good Results Amid Drop of Microprocessor Sales. AMD  Xbox One  Playstation  4  Radeon  GCN  FX  Fusion  Bulldozer  Temash  Kabini  Piledriver  Orochi  Zambezi  Trinity  Llano  Brazos  Kaveri  Business
[1:40 pm]

Game Consoles Help AMD to Boost Sales Amid Declining Shipments of Microprocessors

Toshiba Completes Acquisition of OCZ Technology Group’s SSD Assets. Toshiba  OCZ  MLC  SLC  SSD  NAND  Flash  Business
[1:14 pm]

OCZ Becomes OCZ Storage Solutions

Microsoft Might Launch Windows 9 “Threshold” This November – Rumour. Microsoft  Threshold  Windows  Windows 9  Windows 8  ARM  x86
[1:08 pm]

Microsoft Rumoured to RTM Windows 9 in Late October

Intel Sells OnCue Cloud TV Division to Verizon. Intel  Verizon  HDTV  OnCue
[1:00 pm]

Verizon Acquires Cloud TV Service from Intel


Monday, January 20, 2014

Dell and Lenovo In Talks to Buy x86 Server Business from IBM. IBM  Dell  Lenovo  x86  Intel  Xeon
[1:55 pm]

IBM Again Looking Forward to Get Rid of Low-End Server Unit

Intel on Track with “Broadwell” Production in Q1 – Company. Intel  Core  Broadwell  14nm  Haswell
[1:31 pm]

Chipmaker to Initiate 14nm Manufacturing This Quarter

SK Telecom Develops 4G/LTE-A Wireless Broadband Technology with 300Mb/s Transfer Speed. SK Telecom  4G  LTE  4G/LTE  4G/LTE-A
[1:13 pm]

SK Telecom Develops 4G/LTE-Advanced 3 Band Carrier Aggregation

BDA Is Developing 4K/UHD Blu-Ray Specification. Blu-ray  4K  UHD  UHDTV  BDXL  Samsung
[1:03 pm]

BDA Confirms Ultra-High-Def Future for Blu-Ray

SanDisk Reveals ULLtraDIMM Solid-State Drive. SanDisk  ULLtraDIMM  SSD  NAND  Flash  MLC  19nm
[1:00 pm]

SanDisk Announces SSDs in DIMM Form-Factor


Friday, January 17, 2014

AMD Develops Behemoth Chip with Sixteen Cores on Single Die. AMD  Steamroller  Bulldozer  x86  Excavator  Opteron
[12:59 pm]

AMD Has Sixteen-Core Steamroller-Based Processors in the Works

Court Okays Toshiba’s Purchase of OCZ’s SSD Assets. OCZ  Toshiba  SSD  Business
[9:25 am]

Toshiba Allowed to Buy OCZ’s SSD Business


Thursday, January 16, 2014

IBM Rolls-Out x86-Based Systems Designed for Cloud, Analytics. IBM  x86  System X  PureSystems
[1:56 pm]

IBM Unveils New X6 Server Architecture

AMD Sued for Overestimating Demand for “Llano” APUs. AMD  Llano  32nm  Globalfoundries  Fusion  Radeon  Trinity  Richland  Kaveri  Business
[1:53 pm]

Class-Action Filed Against AMD for Overestimated Adoption of Llano

Microsoft Xbox One Outsold Sony PlayStation 4 in December in the U.S. – Report. Microsoft  Xbox One  Sony  PlayStation 4  Nintendo  Wii U  Xbox  Playstation
[1:16 pm]

U.S. Continues to Be Microsoft’s Stronghold as Xbox One Leaves PlayStation 4 Behind

Contract DRAM Prices Drop in the First Half of January – Market Tracker. DRAM  Business  DDR2  DDR3  DRAMeXchange  Samsung  SK Hynix  Micron  Elpida  Powerchip Semiconductor  Inotera  Nanya
[1:00 pm]

As SK Hynix’s DRAM Output Returns to Normal Levels, DRAM Prices Get Lower

Intel’s Revenue in 2013 Down 1% to $52.7 Billion. Intel  Business  Core  Pentium  Celeron  Atom  Xeon  Itanium
[12:10 pm]

Intel’s Sales Stabilized in Q4, Show Signs of Revival

TSMC Begins Volume Production of Chips Using 20nm Process Technology. TSMC  Semiconductor  20nm  HKMG
[12:00 pm]

TSMC Initiates High-Volume 20nm Production


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Amazon Working on “Bigger Than Kindle” Project – Report. Amazon  Kindle  Kindle Fire
[1:58 pm]

Rumours About Amazon’s Mysterious Hardware Products Continue to Emerge

Intel May Start Manufacturing ARM-Based Chips for Marvell – Analyst. Intel  Marvell  ARM  14nm  22nm  Semiconductor  Intel Custom Foundry
[1:55 pm]

Intel and Marvell Reportedly Negotiating Foundry Agreement

Motorola to Focus on Smartphones, No Strong Tablet Plans for Now. Motorola  Moto X  Moto G  Google  Android  Xoom  Apple  iPhone  iPad
[1:50 pm]

Motorola Wants to Concentrate on Smartphones

Vast Majority of Consumers Prefer Blu-Ray/DVD to Streaming Services - Survey. Blu-ray  Amazon Prime  Hulu  Netflix  Roku
[1:49 pm]

Despite Rise of Streaming Services, Consumers Still Prefer Physical Media

Intel: We Have All 14nm Capacity We Need. Intel  Fab 42  14nm  22nm  10nm  Semiconductor  300mm  Broadwell
[1:27 pm]

No Shortages of Next-Gen Chips Expected

HP Returns to Smartphone Market with Slate VoiceTab Family. HP  Hewlett-Packard  Slate VoiceTab  Google  Android
[11:18 am]

Hewlett-Packard Reveals Phablets for Developing Countries


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Intel Delays Equipment Move-In at Fab 42, Will Explore Options. Intel  Fab 42  14nm  22nm  10nm  Semiconductor  300mm
[1:50 pm]

Intel Cancels Plans to Make 14nm Chips at Fab 42, Will Wait for Next Process Technologies

Samsung to Make Tablets a “Key Major Focus” – Company. Samsung  Galaxy  Galaxy Tab  Galaxy Note
[1:21 pm]

Samsung to Strengthen Tablet Efforts This Year

Sony: PlayStation Vita Was Not Designed to Compete Against Smartphones, Tablets. Sony  Playstation  PlayStation Vita  Vita  PlayStation 4
[1:10 pm]

Sony Admits Weak Sides of PlayStation Vita, Will Focus on Core Gamers

IBuyPower Rolls-Out High-End Systems for Virtual Currency Mining. IBuyPower  Bitcoin  Litecoin  Dogecoin  Lottocoin  AMD  Opteron  GCN  Intel
[1:02 pm]

Boutique PC Maker Introduces PCs for Virtual Currency Mining

ARM and UMC Team Up for Low-Cost 28nm Cortex-A7 Processor. ARM  UMC  Cortex  28nm
[12:29 pm]

ARM Develops Low-Cost Cortex-A7 Implementation to Be Made at UMC’s 28nm Node

AMD Officially Begins to Sell A-Series “Kaveri” APUs. AMD  Kaveri  Radeon  GCN  Steamroller  Fusion  28nm  Globalfoundries
[12:08 pm]

Two Kaveri APU Models Now Available for Purchase


Monday, January 13, 2014

3D Gesture-Sensing Technologies in Smart Devices Poised for Growth. Microsoft  Kinect  RealSense  Samsung  Apple  Google  Intel  Sony
[1:50 pm]

Microsoft Kinect-Like Control Technologies Set to Gain Popularity

Samsung Proposes to Use Multi-Layer Blu-Ray Discs for 4K UHD Video Distribution. 4K  UHD  UHDTV  Samsung  BDXL  Sony  Panasonic  Blu-ray
[1:28 pm]

Samsung: Blu-Ray 4K UHD Standard Could Be Commercialized by End of the Year

Microsoft’s Next-Gen Windows 9 “Threshold” May Be Released in April, 2015. Microsoft  Threshold  Windows  Windows 9  Windows 8  ARM  x86
[1:00 pm]

First Details About Next-Generation Windows Unveiled

Intel May Introduce First “Broadwell” Chips in Q3 – Report. Intel  Core  Broadwell  14nm  Haswell
[12:56 pm]

Intel’s Next “Broadwell” Processors May Emerge Earlier Than Expected

Samsung Vows to Release Next-Gen Galaxy S5 in March or April. Samsung  Galaxy  Android  Google  Apple  iPhone  Galaxy Gear
[12:51 pm]

Samsung to Launch Galaxy S5 with New Smart-Watch Gadget

Intel Completes Development of 64-Bit Google Android Kernel. Intel  Google  Android  Atom  Merrifield  Bay Trail  Windows 8  64-bit  ARM  22nm
[6:56 am]

Forthcoming Intel-Based Android Devices to Feature 64-Bit Capability


Friday, January 10, 2014

IBM’s Watson Group to Explore “Cognitive Innovations”. IBM  Watson  Big Data
[1:50 pm]

IBM Establishes Watson Group

LG Electronics Vows to Lead in OLED, ultra HD TV Segments. LG  LG Electronics  OLED  UHD  UHDTV  4K  webOS
[1:15 pm]

LG Wants to Have Higher Share of Premium TV Market


Thursday, January 9, 2014

DisplayLink Connects 4K UHD Displays Using USB 3.0. DisplayLink  4K  UHDTV  UHD  USB
[1:26 pm]

4K via USB? Just PNP & OK

Apple and Samsung to Hold CEO-Level Talks Regarding Settlement of Disputes. Apple  Samsung  iPhone  iPad  iOS  Galaxy  Android  Galaxy Tab
[1:20 pm]

Two Companies Agree to Mediation amid Patent War

Valve Officially Adds Support for AMD and Intel Graphics Solutions to SteamOS. Valve  SteamOS  AMD  Intel  Nvidia  Radeon  Geforce  Steam Box  Steam Machine
[1:10 pm]

SteamOS Now Supports AMD Processors, Radeon Graphics and Intel Integrated Graphics

Samsung, Sharp, Phillips Demonstrate Prototype 8K Ultra-High-Definition TVs at CES. Samsung  Sharp  Philips  Dolby  IGZO  NHK  8K  SHV  HEVC  UHD  UHDTV  4K
[1:01 pm]

8K TV Prototypes Make Unexpected Debut at Consumer Electronics Show


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Seagate Reveals Backup Plus Fast: Large-Capacity External Backup Does Not Have to Be Slow. Seagate  HDD  Backup Plus Fast
[1:53 pm]

Seagate Installs Two HDDs in RAID 0 Mode into Backup Plus Fast External Storage

Panasonic Debuts 7” Tablet with 4.5W Intel Core i5 “Haswell” Processor. Panasonic  Toughpad  Intel  Core  Haswell  Windows 8  Microsoft
[1:30 pm]

Panasonic Introduces World’s Smallest Tablet with Intel Core i5, Windows 8.1 Pro Inside

Asus Boosts Audio Quality on Multiple Devices with Software Upgrade. ASUS  Waves  SonicMaster  Maxx Audio
[1:20 pm]

Asus and Waves Audio Ink Strategic Agreement, Provide Premium Sound Processing to Multiple Products

Micron Is Sampling LPDDR4 Chips with Customers – President. Micron  LPDDR4  LPDDR  DRAM  Mobile DRAM  20nm  25nm  8Gb  Samsung  SK Hynix
[1:10 pm]

Micron May Be the First Company to Ship Commercial LPDDR4

Plextor Formally Introduces M6-Series SSDs, Adds PCI Express SSDs into Lineup. Plextor  SSD  M.2  PCIe  PCI Express  Toshiba  Marvell  NAND  Flash  19nm
[1:04 pm]

Plextor’s New M6-Series Solid-State Drives Set to Become Available This Spring

Sony PlayStation 4 Considerably Outsold Microsoft Xbox One During Holidays – Companies. Sony  Microsoft  PlayStation 4  Xbox One  Xbox  Playstation
[1:03 pm]

Microsoft and Sony Disclose Sales Numbers of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

AMD’s Kaveri Chip Manufactured Using “APU-Optimized” Process Technology. AMD  Kaveri  Radeon  GCN  Steamroller  Fusion  28nm  Globalfoundries
[12:13 pm]

AMD Sacrificed High CPU Clock-Speeds to Build Better APU with Kaveri


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sony Announces Launch of PlayStation Now Video Game Streaming Service. Sony  Playstation  PlayStation Now  Bravia  HDTV
[1:49 pm]

Sony's PlayStation Now to Cloud-Stream Video Games to PlayStation Consoles, Bravia TVs This Summer

Alan Mulally Officially Denies Plan to Become Next Chief Exec of Microsoft. Microsoft  Business  Ford
[1:40 pm]

CEO of Ford Remains with Motor Company, Has No Plans to Succeed Steve Ballmer

Dell’s 28” 4K Display for $699 Set to Become Available in Two Weeks. Dell  4K  Ultra HD  UHD  UHDTV
[1:30 pm]

Dell to Start Selling 4K Monitor at $699 Price-Point Later This Month

Rambus and Samsung Sign New Technology Licensing Agreement. Rambus  Samsung  DRAM  XDR  DDR  LPDDR  DDR3  DDR4
[1:07 pm]

Samsung and Rambus Ink Ten Years Technology Licensing Agreement

Intel Wants PCs to Perceive Like Humans. Intel  RealSense  Core  Atom
[1:00 pm]

Intel Announces RealSense Technology

Valve and Partners Reveal First-Generation Steam Machines [UPDATED]. Valve  Steam  SteamOS  Steam OS  Steam Machine  Steam Box  Steam Controller  Alienware  Alternate  CyberPowerPC  Digital Storm  Falcon Northwest  Gigabyte Technology  IBuyPower  Maingear  Next Spa  Origin PC  Scan  Webhallen  Zotac.
[12:49 pm]

Different Specs of Steam Machines May Result into Massive Segmentation

Razer Introduces the "World's Most Modular" PC Concept Design. Razer  Christine  Nvidia  SLI  Quad SLI  Intel  Core
[12:14 pm]

Razer Reinvents Desktop to Enable Easier Upgradeability


Monday, January 6, 2014

Intel Unveils Edison PC in Secure Digital Card Form-Factor. Intel  Quark  Edison  Atom
[1:44 pm]

Intel Rolls-Out SD Card-Sized Edison PC Personal Computer

AMD Finally Introduces “Kaveri” APU with “Steamroller” x86 Cores. AMD  Kaveri  Fusion  Steamroller  Radeon  GCN
[1:40 pm]

AMD: A10-7850K “Kaveri” Is 24% - 87% Faster Than Intel’s Core i5-4670K “Haswell”

GlobalFoundries Names Ex-Motorola Mobility CEO Its New Chief Executive Officer. Globalfoundries  Semiconductor  14nm  Motorola  Qualcomm
[1:10 pm]

GlobalFoundries Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

Nvidia Announces Tegra K1 Application Processors for Mobile Electronics. Nvidia  Tegra  Logan  Kepler  28nm  Geforce
[1:06 pm]

Nvidia Unveils Code-Named “Logan” Mobile SoC with Integrated Kepler Graphics


Friday, January 3, 2014

Sony PlayStation 4 Set to Outsell Xbox One Significantly – Analyst. Microsoft  Sony  Nintendo  Playstation  Wii U  PlayStation 4  Xbox One
[1:59 pm]

Sony to Sell 30% More PS4s Compared to Xbox One, Says Market Observer

DDR4 Memory Standard Faces Updates Ahead of Commercialization. DDR4  DRAM  SK Hynix  Samsung  JEDEC
[1:50 pm]

JEDEC Wants “Little More Tuning” of Next-Gen DRAM Standard

Intel to Showcase Quark-Based Wearable Devices at the Consumer Electronics Show Next Week. Intel  Quark  Google  Google Glass
[1:28 pm]

Intel to Demo New Devices, Unleash New Quark Processor at CES

Polaroid Preps 4K UHDTV at $1000 Price-Point. 4K  UHD  UHDTV  Sony  Polaroid  Samsung  LG  Sharp  Toshiba
[1:18 pm]

4K TV for $1K Price? This Is Reality Now!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Microsoft Mulled Removing Optical Disc Drive from Xbox One. Microsoft  Xbox  Xbox One  Blu-ray  Business
[1:57 pm]

Microsoft Installed Blu-Ray Drive into Xbox One amid Concerns over Bandwidth and Game Sizes

LG’s First WebOS-Based HDTV Pictured, Detailed. LG  LG Electronics  webOS  HP  Palm  Hewlett-Packard  HDTV
[1:55 pm]

LG to Unleash Its First WebOS-Powered TVs at CES

AMD’s Radeon “Hawaii” GPU May Feature More Execution Units Than Claimed. AMD  Hawaii  Radeon  GCN  28nm  Sea Islands
[1:50 pm]

Fully Unlocked AMD Radeon “Hawaii” May Feature 3072 Stream Processors

Sony to Adopt Windows Phone Operating System for Smartphones – Report. Sony  Windows Phone  Windows Phone 8  Microsoft  Android  Google  Lumia  Nokia
[1:38 pm]

Sony May Add Windows Phone-Based Smartphones into Product Line


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

LG Reveals World’s Smallest Pocket Printer. LG  LG Electronics
[12:17 pm]

LG to Showcase Pocket Photo 2.0 Printed at CES