Cooler Master Extends Power Supply Units’ Warranty

Cooler Master Extends PSU Warranty to Five Years

by Anton Shilov
07/31/2007 | 10:14 PM

In the world where warranties only tend to shrink, Cooler Master announced extension of warranty on certain power supply units (PSUs) to five years. But given that enthusiasts tend to upgrade their power supply units relatively frequently, they may never use this extended warranty.


“As part of our total commitment to quality, Cooler Master is pleased to announce that we will be extending the warranty period of our Real Power and Real Power M series power supply units to a period of five years. With this newly extended warranty, Cooler Master users can purchase Real Power and Real Power M PSUs with even greater confidence,” a statement by the company reads.

Both Real Power and Real Power M series PSUs are engineered for high efficiency, quiet operation, and stable power output. Cooler Master’s Real Power PSUs offer active power factor correction (PFC) for over 80% total efficiency, the company said. Real Power-series PSUs offer output from 520W to 1000W, according to the company’s web-site.

Back in the days computer enthusiasts did not take performance of their power supply units, as computer components required modest amount of power. However, as graphics cards and central processing units become really powerful, they started to consume tremendous amounts of power and PSUs became really important. However, their importance is often exaggerated by overclockers and enthusiasts. As a consequence, they acquire power supply units for one or two years, which means that they will hardly utilize five year limited warranty.