nVENTIV Introduced Most Powerful Mass PC Cooling Solution

CPU Overclocking Up to 5GHz Showcased at CeBIT

by Kirill
03/18/2004 | 02:24 PM

Only a few days have passed since the introduction of the new low-cost but highly efficient phase-change cooling system aka Mach II ST. But already now, on ASUS booth at CeBIT you could see one more Mach II modification from nVENTIV at work.


nVENTIV Mach II GT is positioned as a high-end solution, which performance is the key factor determining the users’ buying decisions. Mach II GT has no performance issues to worry about. The thermal characteristics of the new system are unprecedented for the mass products of the kind. In fact, you can only achieve better results if you use specially designed cascade systems or vapor cooling (with liquid nitrogen or dry ice). The vaporization temperature is around -65C (under 0W workload), which is 15 degrees better than the results shown by Mach II. The temperature under maximum workload of 200W have also dropped proportionally: the vaporization temperature is -40C, while the CPUI surface temperature equals to -20C.

The newcomer features an enhanced thermal insulation system, compared with Mach II: thermal bus acquired new heating wires, which improved the reliability of the system in case of higher humidity. Also start-up time grew shorter. The standard package of nVENTIV Mach II GT includes a front panel LCD display (which is optional for Mach II), is compatible with any accessories designed for other nVENTIV systems and optionally comes in an aluminum case from Lian Li (black or silver).

And in order to prove that they really do what they say, nVENTIV demonstrated record breaking opportunities their new system offers. They overclocked Prescott 3.2E to 5008MHz and the CPU remained STABLE at that impressive clock rate! So, they entered the prestigious “5GHz” club on ordinary stock phase-change unit! Before that, such frequencies used to be the prerogative of vaporization cooling solutions, liquid nitrogen cooling systems or self-designed cascade systems.

Of course, this superior achievement of nVENTIV Company opens another chapter in the world’s overclocking history. This is a truly impressive result and excellent promotion for their Mach II GT system (although I don’t think that all of you will be able to repeat this success, because nVENTIV spent a lot of time and effort in order to set this record).

The pictures were taken at the CeBIT show in Hanover, where the winning system was demonstrated on ASUS booth.

You can find more details about nVENTIV Mach II GT on the manufacturer’s site.