ASUS Bids on Passive Coolers for Graphics Cards

ASUS Unveils New Cooling System for Graphics Cards

by Anton Shilov
07/25/2005 | 06:35 AM

ASUSTeK Computer Monday unveiled its new SilentCool passive cooling system for graphics cards, which is proclaimed to be significantly more efficient than similar products from other companies, yet, still noiseless, as it does not feature or require any fans.


“In the past, enhanced video capability also comes with louder noise. With ASUS SilentCool Technology, users can now enjoy high-performance graphics card applications without hearing the noisy cooling fan rotation,” said Kent Chien, Director of ASUS Graphics Business.

SilentCool cooling solution consists of a number of heatsinks: one main and two additional, connected to the main one using heat-pipes. The main cooling module is large aluminum radiator with copper base, two additional modules are made of copper and their exact placement may be adjusted in order to best fit into different computer cases. Supplementary cooling modules are needed to allow better heat absorption from higher-end graphics processing unit (GPU), which consume 80W or even more.

ASUS SilentCool scheme

At press time it was unclear how much thermal power the SilentCool in its current implementation can absorb and whether it can be used for powerful graphics cards, such as the GeForce 6800- and RADEON X8-series. From design standpoint, SilentCool may fit onto different graphics cards, as its heatpipes are located in such a way that length of the board is not important, however, on high-end GeForce 6800 GT/Ultra and GeForce 7800-series graphics cards memory chips are located under 45? angle to the GPU, which require a special design of a cooler.

ASUS Extreme N6600GT Silencer. Click to enlarge

Currently, SilentCool is available on ASUS Extreme N6600GT Silencer graphics card. More ASUS graphics solutions will implement this exclusive technology in future, the company indicated.