Asetek Introduces Fourth-Generation Sealed Loop Liquid Cooling Solutions

Asetek Further Increases Efficiency of Sealed Loop LCS with Micro-Channel Cold-Plates, Larger Heat-Exchangers

by Anton Shilov
10/30/2012 | 10:49 PM

Asetek, a leading supplier of liquid cooling for the computer industry, on Tuesday announced its fourth generation of sealed loop, all-in-one liquid cooling solutions (LCSs) as well as ChillControl software, giving computer enthusiasts greater control over acoustics tuning, temperature monitoring and cooling performance.


The new Gen4 cold plate is paired with a completely redesigned pump that provides better coldplate efficiency. Asetek’s new pump produces higher pressure and distributes coolant more optimally. Gen4 products provide 20% less thermal resistance than the previous generation, resulting in lower CPU core temperatures, which provides computer enthusiasts the highest thermal headroom for overclocking at the lowest noise possible. In addition, the fourth-generation sealed loop LCS from Asetek will be available not only with 120mm*120mm heat-exchanger (HEX), but also with new 140mm*140mm heat-exchanger, which have 36% more cooling surface than 120mm*120mm HEX.


Asetek Gen4 micro-channel cold plate (left) incorporates center inlet, dual outlet flow first introduced in Asetek WaterChill Antarctica design.

“Asetek Gen4 products combine the micro-channel cold plate technology from our Gen3 products with the center inlet, split-flow design of Asetek’s WaterChill Antarctica architecture cold plates. The split-flow Antarctica architecture was state-of-the art when we introduced it back in 2004 and by combining it with newer micro-channel technology, we are pushing the theoretical performance limits of copper cold plate design,” said André Sloth Eriksen, founder and chief executive of Asetek


New Asetek 140mm*140mm heat-exchanger (left) has 36% more cooling surface than 120mm*120mm HEXs.

ChillControl VI adds CPU core temperature reporting into its dashboard for at-a-glance monitoring of the overall cooling system performance. Intuitive fan curve sliders enable finer control over fan profiles to fit user performance and noise preferences. New lighting controls add color cross-fade capability based on liquid temperature or time intervals.

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can expect Asetek’s fourth-generation products, including the first ever DIY all-in-one liquid coolers with 140mm and 280mm radiators, to be available from Asetek’s partner network soon.