Corsair Super-Sizes Hydro Liquid Coolers to Maximize Performance

Corsair Adds Extra-Large Radiators and Fans to Closed-Loop Liquid Coolers

by Anton Shilov
01/17/2013 | 08:28 PM

The popularity of closed-loop liquid coolers is pretty high these days thanks to their high efficiency, relatively affordable price and low noise levels. However, since there are only just a couple of actual manufacturers, the difference between solutions from numerous vendors in many cases is negligible. To further differentiate itself from others, Corsair this week introduced H90 and H110 liquid coolers with 140mm fans.


"Many PC enthusiasts choose liquid cooling for its extreme cooling efficiency and quiet operation. To take liquid cooling the next level, we super-sized the Hydro Series H110 and H90, providing users our best cooling-to-noise ratio ever," said Thi La, senior vice president and general manager of memory and enthusiast component products at Corsair.

The Corsair Hydro series H90 is a low-noise, high-performance liquid CPU cooler, with a more compact square 140mm radiator and a single low-speed, high static pressure 140mm fan. The large radiator and spacious surface area combined with lower fan-speeds produce better performance than smaller 120mm single fan coolers with lower noise. The H90 is compatible with many cases with a rear or top 140mm fan mount, including premium cases from Corsair itself.

The Corsair Hydro series H110 is a low-noise, high-performance liquid CPU cooler with a double-length 280mm*140mm radiator. The H110 radiator's large surface area provides more contact room for heat dissipation and for side-by-side mounting of dual fans. Each fan is a specially-designed low-speed 140mm static pressure fan, which moves much more air per decibel of noise than 120mm fans. Combined, the larger radiators and lower fan-speeds produce better performance with much lower noise levels than smaller 120mm dual-fan coolers. The H110 fits cases with dual 140mm top fan mounts and 20mm screw spacing.

Closed-loop liquid coolers are widely available today from numerous brands. While all vendors put their colours and labels onto the products originally manufactured by the likes of Asetek or CoolIT, only a few companies actually try to improve liquid cooling solutions to significantly differentiate from the rivals. Boosting the size of radiators and fans is a wise move from Corsair, which now supplies a whole range of enthusiast PC components, from fans and memory modules to liquid coolers and cases.

The Hydro series H110 and H90 liquid coolers feature an enhanced copper cold plate with soaks up heat more efficiently than previous generation designs. Both coolers are compatible with most modern CPU platforms including AMD AM2, AM3, AM3+, FM2 and FM1 and Intel LGA 1155, LGA 1156, LGA 1366, and LGA 2011.

The Corsair Hydro series H110 and Hydro series H90 liquid coolers are immediately available from Corsair’s worldwide network of resellers and distributors. Suggested retail prices in the U.S. are $129.99 for the H110 and $99.99 for the H90.