Noctua Demonstrates World’s First CPU Cooler with Active Noise Cancelling Technology

Noctua and RotoSub to Launch Cooler with Noise Cancelling Technology in Mid-2014

by Anton Shilov
06/13/2013 | 11:59 PM

Noctua, a leading maker of cooling solutions for personal computers, last week demonstrated a prototype of a microprocessor cooler with active noise cancellation (ANC) technology. The joint project between Noctua and its partner RotoSub, a commercial cooler with ANC, is at a late stage of development and is expected to be released in about a year from now.


The active noise cancellation (ANC) prototypes exhibited at Computex Taipei 2013 demonstrated the progress Noctua has made in its ANC project with RotoSub. While the 120mm ANC fan for watercooling radiators is still at an earlier stage, development on the 140mm CPU cooler project is almost completed. Based on the award-winning NH-D14, the upcoming R-ANC cooler promises to deliver substantial performance improvements over Noctua's current flagship model.

Active noise control (ANC) is a method of reducing unwanted noise by actively generating an anti-sound, cancelling out the noise. The noise, like any sound, is composed of alternating compression and rarefaction phases, which the human ear perceive as sound. By creating an inverted sound, with a rarefaction phase during the noise's compression phase and vice versa, the noise pressure wave is cancelled out, reducing the noise.

RotoSub ANC technology relies on a microphone, a controller, a set of magnets and a coil. When microphone recognizes the noise produced by a fan, it creates a magnetic field which causes migration of the fan blades. The latter issue sounds that cancel the sounds caused by the airflow/fan.

The RotoSub fan solution has an active noise control system built into the fan itself, effectively reducing noise and minimizing extra sizes. No external components are required, the active noise control is contained within the fan itself.

Noctua is now working to implement the RotoSub ANC system in mass production and aims for a release in Q2 – Q3 2014.