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November, 2012
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

AMD Expects x86 to Remain Important Architecture for 25 – 30 Years. AMD  x86  Bulldozer  Piledriver  Excavator  Steamroller  Intel  ARM  Cortex
[6:04 pm]

AMD Does Not Expect x86 Architecture to Extinct for Several More Decades


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chief Exec of AMD Happy with Thanksgiving Weekend Sales, Has Positive Expectations for 2013. AMD  Business
[3:08 am]

Promising Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales May Point to Successful Holiday Season


Thursday, November 22, 2012

AMD’s Steamroller High-Performance Core Slips to 2014, Excavator May Face Delays. AMD  Steamroller  Excavator  Piledriver  Bulldozer  Richland  Kaveri  x86 32nm  28nm  20nm  14nm  Globalfoundries  TSMC
[1:58 pm]

AMD May Be Reconsidering High-Performance x86 CPU Cores Roadmap


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Intel’s Haswell Could Be Last Interchangeable Desktop Microprocessors - Report. Intel  Broadwell  14nm  Haswell  Core
[4:22 pm]

Post-Haswell Chips to Feature BGA Packaging, Set to Be Sold with Mainboards


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Imagination Technologies Faces Rival for MIPS Buyout. Ceva  ARM  MIPS  PowerVR  Imagination  Imagination Technologies
[7:05 pm]

Ceva Proposes to Acquire MIPS Technologies for $75 Million

Fujitsu and Oracle to Reveal More Details About 16-Core SPARC Chips at Tech Conference. Fujitsu  Oracle  LSI  Sparc  40nm  TSMC  Sun Microsystems  28nm  SPARC T5
[1:51 pm]

Lack of Speedy Innovation Calls Fujitsu and Oracle to Discuss Already Known Chips at ISSCC


Monday, November 19, 2012

Intel’s Slow Progress on Ultra-Mobile Market Led to Early Retirement of CEO – Analysts. Intel  Business
[1:46 pm]

Financial Analysts Consider Reasons for Paul Otellini’s Early Retirement

AMD Readies Another Round of Reorganization, Lay-Offs. AMD  ATI  Business
[12:50 pm]

AMD to Take Further Restructuring Actions in the First Half of 2013


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Intel Preps Special Atom System-on-Chips for Advanced Storage Systems - Report. Intel  Briarwood  Centerton  Atom  x86
[2:43 pm]

Intel Develops Atom “Briarwood” SoCs for Storage Applications


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AMD Hires JP Morgan Chase to Explore Options of Company’s Future. AMD  Business  Mubadala  Globalfoundries  Apple  Samsung
[11:57 am]

AMD’s Management Considers Sale of Company, Patent Portfolio

Intel Solidifies Positions on the High-End Desktop Market with New Extreme CPU and Mainboard. Intel  Core  LGA2011  Sandy Bridge-E  Ivy Bridge-E  22nm  32nm  HEDT
[2:57 am]

Intel Unveils New Core i7 Extreme Microprocessor and Mainboard


Monday, November 12, 2012

Intel Announces First Xeon Phi Products for High-Performance Computing. Intel  Xeon  Xeon Phi  Knights Corner  22nm  MIC
[8:17 am]

Intel Introduces Xeon Phi 3100 and 5110P Coprocessors


Thursday, November 8, 2012

AMD Substantially Cuts Prices on Entry-Level Desktop Chips. AMD  Fusion  Athlon  Piledriver  Llano  Business  Trinity
[12:47 pm]

AMD Slashes Prices of A-Series APUs and Athlon II CPUs

Nvidia: Denver Is Custom ARMv8 64-Bit Processor with Secret Sauce. Nvidia  ARM  Denver  Boulder  ARMv8  Echelon  Cortex  Geforce  Tegra  Tesla  Quadro  GPGPU
[11:56 am]

Nvidia Expects Denver Microprocessor to Be Competitive in ARM Servers

Intel’s Future Itanium and Xeon Chips Set to Be Socket-Compatible. Intel  Itanium  IA64  Xeon  Kittson  Poulson  HP  Integrity  Superdome  HP-UX  Hewlett-Packard
[6:31 am]

Intel to Finalize Unification of Itanium and Xeon Platforms Later This Decade

Intel Launches Eight-Core Itanium 9500 “Poulson” Mission-Critical Server Processor. Intel  Itanium  Poulson  32nm  IA64  Kittson  Tukwila  Bull  Hitachi  HP  Inspur  NEC  HP-UX  OpenVMS  NonStop  GCOS  ACOS  Unix
[2:02 am]

Intel Upgrades Mission-Critical Servers with Itanium 9500 “Poulson” Chip


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

AMD Reportedly Working on Cost-Efficient Eight-Core FX Microprocessor. AMD  FX  Piledriver  Vishera  Viperfish  32nm  Bulldozer  Zambezi
[1:57 pm]

Makers of Mainboards Add Support for AMD FX-8300 Chip

AMD’s Market Share Drops Below 17% Due to Market Conditions, Competition with Intel. AMD  Intel  Via Technologies  x86
[12:55 pm]

AMD’s Market Share Decreases as Market of Chips Shrinks

MIPS Gets Acquired by Consortium of Companies Led by Imagination, ARM.
[12:29 pm]

ARM, Imagination and Bridge Crossing Share MIPS's Patents and Technologies


Monday, November 5, 2012

Apple Exploring Ways to Replace Intel’s Chips Inside Macintosh PCs with Own Designs. Apple  ARM  Intel  Samsung  Mac  Macintosh  macbook  iMac  Mac Pro
[12:57 pm]

Apple Develops High-Performance ARM Microprocessor to Substitute Intel’s Chips

Intel Sets Launch Date for New Core i7 Extreme Processor. Intel  Ivy Bridge  Ivy Bridge-E  32nm  Sandy Bridge  Sandy Bridge-E  Core
[12:08 pm]

Intel to Release Core i7-3970X Extreme Processor in Mid-November

AMD Rolls-Out Opteron Chips with Piledriver Micro-Architecture. AMD  opteron  Abu Dhabi  Piledriver
[8:33 am]

AMD Speeds Up Opteron Chips with Piledriver Cores


Sunday, November 4, 2012

AMD’s Roadmap Slide Does Not Predict Steamroller Cores in 2013. AMD  Richland  FX  Kaveri  Vishera
[2:02 pm]

AMD Has No Steamroller APUs and CPUs for 2013 – Report


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Financial Analysts Have Mixed Feelings About AMD’s ARM Server Plans. AMD  ARM  Opteron  SeaMicro  Freedom  Steamroller  Excavator  Jaguar  ARMv8
[4:52 am]

AMD's ARM Datacenter Plans Have Pros and Cons