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This must certainly be a big design win for Advanced Micro Devices and its Athlon 64 processor since HP has description of a personal computer based on AMD microprocessor on its own web-site. HP, who co-developed Itanium 2 CPU, was rather skeptical about other 64-bit processors in the past,  however, a guy from over this web-site managed to find a document about Athlon 64 PC over

In the document published one of these days describes a personal computer branded as Model t182k. It features AMD Athlon 3100+ processor with 1.80GHz core-clock and 1MB of L2 cache, Boxster-UL6E mainboard on VIA 8KT400M, 256MB of PC2700 memory, 80GB HDD, GeForce4 MX440 graphics card and so on.

In case the document is absolutely correct, I can conclude that AMD’s performance rating for Athlon 64 processors does not seem to be adequate enough. Even the Athlon 64 chip model 2800+ functioning at 1.60GHz and tested by us earlier this year was slower compared to Intel Pentium 4 processor 2.80GHz at 800MHz Quad Pumped Bus and with the Hyper-Threading technology. The Pentium 4 processor 3.20GHz with 800MHz QPB and HT technology, coming out in a week, as well as Prescott processors 3.20GHz, set to come in the fourth quarter, will certainly be a lot faster compared to Athlon 64 3100+  in quite a lot of applications. There also will be cases when the Athlon 64 3100+ is  able to beat the rivals, hence, you should carefully investigate the performance of AMD’s newcomer before buying it.

This is a very good news for AMD since HP is the largest PC maker on the planet and also one of the largest AMD's customers.


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Anton with regard to this processor the one that was tested was not a final
version of this processor and as in the many articles I'ved read on the subject,
we are to expect further improvement in the release version. You have essentially slammed it before it has debuyed and nobody outside of AMD will know what AMD64 will be fully capable of.
Anton you also seem to come across as a person who rates performance based on gaming: leave that to graphics cards. The AMD rating system is also not based on Pentium 4c Northwood and certainly not on Prescott. You should research this area first before making such glaring statements.

I am looking forward to AMD64 are you?
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