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Intel Corporation on Thursday outlined more plans concerning the transition to 65nm process technology. The company plans to re-equip one of its fab and build a new one in Ireland so that to make 65nm chips there in 2006. So far Intel has outlined plans to transit three of its foundries to the advanced manufacturing technology.

Under an agreement with the Irish Development Authority (IDA), Intel Corporation today disclosed plans for an additional $2 billion investment in its facilities in Ireland to enable 65nm process technology and build Fab 24-2 on the Ireland campus.

The investment will add an additional 60000 square feet of manufacturing cleanroom space plus the necessary manufacturing equipment to enable the latest 65nm technology within both Fab 24-2 and existing Fab 24 facilities. Production for the new module is expected to begin the first half of 2006. Fab 24 is about to begin production of 90nm using 300mm wafers.

Under terms of an agreement with the IDA, Intel will receive grants and other potential incentives as it continues to invest in Ireland. Intel's 2004 capital expenditure forecast range of $3.6 billion to $4 billion will accommodate the spending for the early stages of this project.

Intel’s 65nm manufacturing technology will feature transistors measuring only 35nm in gate length. Besides, the fabrication technology will make use of Intel’s second-generation strained silicon technology as well as low-k dielectrics.

By the year 2006 Intel is likely to have three 300mm facilities capable of producing central processing units at 65nm process technology: F12 in Arizona, D1D in Oregon and F24/F24-2 in Ireland.


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How fugging silly...

These fools can't do a 90 nano process and they actually want people to believe they are moving to 65 nano. Sure, and Pigs Fly every day...
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Intel can't do it right, and the other can do it too!
The other will face the same problems.

They are going to 65nm, like ibm is also going, because of the issues they are having. They believe that, maybe at 65nm these problems will all disapear.

Why do you think AMD doesnt have 90nm ready. How many years they have taken to pass the 2.2Ghz mark. Or intel the 3.2Ghz.
They have passed it but only haded 200Mhz to it recently.

Why is AMD redesigning they core with 512Kb cache and at 130nm yet. To get more yield's of course! 1MB is too much for the processor at 130nm.

AMD processor's perform very good even with little/less cache, they only have those size for marketing proposes. Intel have 1MB so they have it too. If Intel launch a 2MB, we will have to see what they will do.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 05/21/04 05:12:36 AM]
AMD and IBM already HAVE 90 nano chips that DON'T OVERHEAT, that DO scale properly, and that have way higher IPC than even Pentium M, the only chip InHell has that is worth anything. AMD has chips available in various cache sizes as is best for performance of a given chip. As InHell showed more cache doesn't do much for their chips, so more is NOT always better. The PROPER size cache(s) for a chip architecture is what you want. InHell is in deep sh*t and they are on a media campaign to mislead consumers while they attempt to scrap their defective 90 nano process and pull some new magical 65 nano process out of their azzes...

DON'T hold your breath cause InHell has a LOT of internal problems to overcome, not the least of which is trying to copy the Opteron/A64 designs.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 05/21/04 07:43:19 AM]


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