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Advanced Micro Devices has begun to sell its AMD Sempron processors produced using 90nm process technology with model numbers 2600+, 2800+ and 3000+ for Socket 754 infrastructure across the world: the chips can be acquired in Australia, Japan, Sweden and some other countries. While the processors are listed in AMD’s price-list, AMD’s officials deny to comment on them.

AMD Sempron 2600+, 2800+ and 3000+ chips with built-in PC3200 memory controller are marked as SDA3000AIO2BA, SDA2800AIO3BA and SDA2600AIO2BA, which means that the chips are made using 90nm SOI process technology, require 1.4V core voltage and have 128KB or 256KB L2 cache depending on the model number. Generally, the marking looks similar to another processor – AMD Sempron 3100+ – made using 90nm process technology that was unconfirmed by AMD.

Code-name of AMD’s 90nm Sempron processors is unclear. But according to documents AMD sent to customers, the first Sempron 3100+ processor at 90nm had same revision as AMD's 90nm Athlon 64 processors code-named Winchester, D0. The difference between Sempron and Athlon 64 is smaller L2 cache, 256KB versus 512KB on Athlon 64, and the lack of 64-bit capability.

According to various online stores, AMD Sempron processor 3000+ operates at 1.80GHz and has 128KB L2 cache, the Sempron 2800+ functions at 1.60GHz and is equipped with 256KB L2 cache, the Sempron model 2600+ runs at 1.60GHz and builds-in 128KB of L2 cache. All chips are in PGA754 form-factor and have TDP of 62W.

Official pricing for AMD Sempron processors in PGA754 packaging models 2600+, 2800+ and 3000+ is $78, $88 and $101 respectively in 1000 unit quantities.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Advanced Micro Devices manufactures the absolute majority of its central processing units in its Fab 30 located in Dresden, Germany. 90nm fabrication process with Silicon-on-Insulator technology allows the company to shrink costs of manufacturing and continue to improve performance of its chips in future.


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Now lets see how well these Semprons overclock. :) Low clock speed + proven CPU design at higher speeds + 90nm = Fun overclocking
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