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Intel Corp. will begin shipments of its Celeron D processors based on the code-named Cedar Mill core, which will allow the world’s largest supplier of x86 chips to increase performance of its low-cost chips by increasing cache size and clock-speed potential for the products.

Santa Clara, California-based Intel will unveil its Intel Celeron D processors 352 and 356 that will operate at 3.20GHz and 3.33GHz respectively and will employ 512KB of level two cache on the 28th of May, 2006, according to a news-story published by HKEPC web-site. Current Intel Celeron D chips integrate 256KB of L2 cache and operate using 533MHz processor system bus. In the third quarter of the year Intel will increase clock-speed of the Celeron D to 3.46GHz with the Celeron D model 360.

The main advantage of 65nm process technology is lower manufacturing cost, something which may allow Intel to reduce pricing on Intel Celeron D processors more aggressively while pushing the speeds of the mentioned products up. Potentially, low-cost Intel Celeron D chips pose threat to sales of AMD Sempron processors.

The first two value Celeron D chips with 512KB of cache will not be really inexpensive: $79 and $89 for models 352 and 356, respectively, or about $10 higher when compared to chips clocked at the same frequency, but with 256KB cache. The Celeron D 360 is projected to cost even more: $103.

The new processors will be available for LGA775 infrastructure, but it is uncertain whether similar chips will be sold for previous-generation mPGA478 form-factor mainboards. Thermal characteristics of the new chips are also uncertain.

Intel Corp. did not comment on the news-story.


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Even if they would be dead cheap I wouldnt buy one, a Pentium D 805 is not that much more expensive and will greatly improve your computing experience over a Celeron.
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How will a Pentium D 805 "Greatly" increase improve computing experience?

In fact, for most people, it will be completely unnoticeable. In those cases where it will be, the Celeron D will outperform it because it runs at a higher clock speed.

The only instance where the Pentium D 805 would make any sense is overclocking, and probably overclocks less than the Celeron D since it is rated at a lower clock speed, has more cache and is made on the inferior 90nm manufacturing line. The Celeron would give off less heat because of the finer lithography as well as the smaller cache, and this should translate into generally superior overclocking potential. Also keep in mind that a larger cache is a slower cache, everything else being equal, so it either has to run at lower clock speeds or take more clock cycles to access.

For $80 or $90, these processors are incredible values for normal people. It is in virtually every way better than a Pentium D 805 since it is lower power and better performing, as well as being much cheaper. If I didn't hate the whole P7 architecture so much I would be very, very tempted to buy one of these very good processors at a very low price. AMD is soooooo far behind now in terms of bang for the buck in this segment, you can be sure they will be forced to respond. Even if you hate Intel, you'll be able to buy a Sempron a lot cheaper soon.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 05/15/06 07:55:03 PM]
How can you say that TA152H?

The Sempron "almost" compete with the P4 performance. Since when the celeron with extra cache runs much faster? I must say I didn’t see benchmarks yet!.

I think the sempron line as been much superior to the celeron.

You can get the Sempron 2800 very cheap and good performance. It lacks Dual channel RAM but I don’t think that’s bad because the performance is more than adequate and you can get 1x1GB instead of 2x512MB which is not that bad for upgrade lather if you get one with 3 banks instead of 2.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 05/16/06 10:47:15 AM]


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