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Advanced Micro Devices, the world’s No.2 maker of x86 microprocessors, last week released some details concerning its high-end gaming platform previously named 4x4. The firm now wants the technology to be called Quad-Father and says that enthusiasts with not limitless budgets will also be able to obtain an appropriate system.

AMD said that it will not only offer systems running two of its dual-core processors with system integrators, such as Alienware or VoodooPC, but will also offer bundles of two processors in one package, making the 4x4, or Quad-Father, technology available in the do-it-yourself (DIY) markets. The pricing on such bundles will start from approximately $1000, according to AMD’s Pat Moorhead.

It is currently unclear whether typical AMD Athlon 64 X2 processors, which pricing varies from $152 to $301, AMD Athlon 64 FX chips, which are usually priced in between $800 and $1100, or a new series of desktop-oriented processors will serve the Quad-Father platforms. The company at this time reviews possibilities to enable “step by step” 4x4, where end-users could get only one chip initially and then add another one some time later.

During the press conference AMD demonstrated CineBench benchmark and said that the 4x4 platform provides 80% performance benefit compared to a similar one with a single dual-core microprocessor. The company did not estimate, what the performance will be like, when two quad-core processors are plugged in.

Advanced Micro Devices needs to offer a platform for enthusiasts that offers higher performance compared to Intel’s Core 2 Extreme-based computers. With the Quad-Father AMD talks about “megatasking”, a usage environment where users play games and perform compute-demanding tasks, such as rendering or video encoding.

Pricing of final systems is also unclear.


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There are already Kentsfield engineering samples "in the wild." 12/2006 launch. And current mobo that support Core2 will also support Kentsfield quad core, I believe. So, would you rather upgrade your processor only next year to quad after running the worlds best dual core (price/performance it is...) with minimum hassle? Or buy into the marketing stunt that is '4x4'? Gee, tough choice.
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Or the people who are running 4x4 upgrade to dual quad-cores :)
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 08/01/06 02:30:54 PM]

Is no one here 25 or older? Back in the day you could go dual with Pentium 2's and Pentium 3's on standard chipsets.

It filled that niche for people who wanted more than a single processor but didn't need the features of the P2 and P3 Xeons with higher-end chipsets.

This is simply an option between dual-core Athlons and dual/dual-core Opterons. AMD just slapped a gimmickey label on it.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 08/02/06 07:30:44 PM]

Kentsfield isnt the same as this tech, Kentsfield is 4 cores running through the same ram and bus. so basically the 4 cores will be bottlenecked like crazy with no bandwidth left.

AMD has done it the right way 3-4yrs ago by using their Hypertransport tech ( ) which will give the 4x4 cores its own bandwidth. it will crush Kentsfield like a old rusty tin can...

go actually read the specs before spewing Kentsfield over this news...
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 08/02/06 09:01:24 PM]


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