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Intel Corp., the biggest maker of x86 microprocessors in the world, on Wednesday unveiled previously unknown details about its forthcoming microprocessors which are expected to be produced in 2008. The new chips code-named Nehalem will not only have new micro-architecture, but will also use new platform architecture and feature built-in memory controllers as well as graphics cores.

The first mentions about Nehalem processors and micro-architecture were made in 2002 and at that time it was believed that the chip would succeed the NetBurst micro-architecture sometime in 2006 – 2007 timeframe. However, at some point the company decided to spend more time with the drawing board and development of the next-generation micro-architecture took quite a long time, which made the world’s largest chipmaker to come up with the Core 2 chips, which were still much faster compared to those based on the NetBurst micro-architecture. But next year Intel’s Nehalem is set to shine, as currently it seems that Nehalem is more than just a new micro-architecture, it is a fully-new concept for both microprocessors and platforms.

Intel claims that Nehalem as well as Westmere central processing units will use a new platform architecture and while the company does not directly state it, the new platform will hardly use processor system busses, but rather will feature point-to-point serial bus (which is currently referred to as Common Serial Bus or CSI) similar to Hyper-Transport or PCI Express.

The Nehalem chips themselves, as well as their derivatives, will feature so-called dynamically scalable architecture, which means that Intel will be able to tailor its processor designs according to needs of various market segments. It remains to be seen whether the company plans to create multi-chip modules, thanks to high-speed serial point-to-point bus, or would rather tailor its monolithic chips easily enough to offer a very broad lineup of solutions.

Intel says that Nehalem processors will have from one to eight (or even more) cores, each of which will support simultaneous multi-threading capability akin to the well-known Hyper-Threading. The company does not go into details and reveal whether all Nehalem central processing units will have monolithic of multi-chip designs, but says that the processors will have shared caches, which points to at lease a number of monolithic implementations in the lineup.

Another important innovation of Nehalem architecture is on-chip memory controller, something available now on microprocessors by Advanced Micro Devices.

But, perhaps, the most important feature of Nehalem will be “high performance integrated graphics” core on certain Nehalem designs, which, in conjunction with CSI, on-chip memory controller and some other innovations of Nehalem, will allow the company to create very small mobile and pretty powerful, yet cost-efficient, microprocessors for mainstream markets.

Intel plans to start production of various Nehalem processors using high-k 45nm process technology in 2008, whereas in 2009 the company intends to manufacture Nehalem-derivative code-named Westmere using 32nm fabrication process.


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I know this isn't the subject & the right place but I have some intresting tidbits & info for you to enjoy with!!!

IS HERE!!!(provided to me by some unknown source...
I have some intresting information to youL:
nVIDIA is releasing their 8800 Ultra and 8950GX2 as well as other GPUs in the 8300,8400 and 8600 series on the 17 of April...prices and specs are as follows :

8950 GX2 (192 Stream Processors working at 1.70GHz)
Core Clock : 575MHz
Dual GPU design comprised out of two GPUs each of which has 96 SPs for a total of 192 SPs clocked at 1.70GHz..
640-bit memory bus (320bit*2)
96 TF/48 TA
Memory Size : 1280 MB GDDR4 Memories at 2.0GHz
160 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
8950GX2 comes with optional Water Cooling thogh water cooling won't be the retail version
The version of the 8950GX2 sold in stores will not have water cooling of any type!!!
price : 649 USD

8950 GX2 will be 50% faster than a 8800GTX
high PSU requirement and power consumption..
At 649 USD the 8950GX2 is VERY expensive

8800 Ultra (128 Stream Prcessors at 1.80GHz)
Still on a 90nm process at TSMC
modified to support higher clocks than before
64 TF/32 TA
Core : 650MHz/
768MB GDDR4 at 2.2GHz /105.6 GB/s memory Bandwidth
8800 Ultra will be 30% FASTER than a 8800GTX in real world apps & Video games
& optimizations to the core to allow higher clocks (Remember 7800GTX 512 ??)
price for an 8800 Ultra : 549 USD
Cons: prices might be higher due to low supplies.(supplies will get better overtime & prices will go down)
8600 GTS Spes & prices:(G84)
midrange GPU.
80nm 300 million transistors at TSMC
64 Stream Processors at 1.65GHz
32 TF/16 TA
Core Clock at 675MHz
Memory Clock at 2.0GHz (1ns)
128 bit Memory Bus /256MB-512MB GDDR4/32 GBs Bandwidth
price : 229USD for 512MB version and 199USD for 256MB version..
pros: 8600GTS is 50% faster than a Radeon X1950 XTX 512MB in real world apps & video games..
Cons : narrow memory bus
pros: amazing performance & best bang for the buck!!! (8600 GTS 3Dmark2006 score is
6500 points in 1280x1024 res on a stock X6800 Conroe CPU)
8600 GT Specs:(G84)
same as 8600 GTS just with lower clocks
64 SPs at 1.30GHz
Core at 540MHz
128 bit memory bus
Memory Clock :1.40GHz using 1.4ns 256MB GDDR3 memories
performance for an 8600GT: same as an X1950 XTX & 7900GTX..
Cons : narrow memory bus
price : 169 USD

8500 GT Specs (Cut down G84)
48 Stream Processors at 1.20GHz
Core : 470 MHz
performance : same as an 7900/7950 GT
cons: no cons for its class...
price 129 USD
8400 GS (Cut-down G84) Specs
48 SPs at 1.0 GHz
Core at 400MHz
Memory at 1.20GHz
performance: in the range of 7900GS
Cons: No cons for its class
price: 99 USD
8300 GS (c G86) Spes
32 Stream Processors at 1.0 GHz
Core : 400MHz
128/256MB GDDR3
performance : in the range of a 7600 GT
price: 79 USD
After the this product release the prices MSRP for the 8800 GTX will go down to nice 449 USD..While the price for the 8800 GTS will go down for an impressive 299USD for the 8800GTS 640MB version and 249 USD for the 8800GTS 320MB version...

source : http//
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Imitation is the highest form of flattery, kudos to AMD.
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