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We have recently got a chance to dig through some latest AMD roadmaps, which dissipated all our doubts and concerns about the upcoming launch dates and expansion of K10 generation of new AMD processors. It was evident that Q3 is obviously the earliest when new quad-core CPUs can appear this year, and as for the dual-core K10 solutions, we shouldn’t expect them before Q4 2007. Moreover, AMD is shooting for 1 million quad-cores by the end of 2007 including server Opteron CPUs that will make the biggest share of the shipment volumes.

Yesterday members of the press got a chance to see the first quad-core AMD processors with their own eyes. At this time, those who were present at the event are bound by the NDA agreements, however some info has still been released to the public. Most of it was disclosed by TG Daily site. According to them, AMD demonstrated Phenom FX (Agena FX) processors for Socket F+ (Socket G) working with R600 based graphics cards and DDR2-1066 memory. By the way, this system configuration proves that K10 processors feature DDR2-1066 support implemented in their memory controller.

They also showcased new mainboards based on AMD’s own chipsets developed by ATI engineering team. As you may remember, the list of chipsets supporting K10 CPU is quite long. They showcased three mainboards: Seahorse, Wahoo and Hammerhead. The first one is an inexpensive solution for Socket AM2+ platform based on AMD 690 chipset. The second one (Wahoo) is most likely based on RD790, and features two Sockets F+ (Sockets G) for quad-core Agena FX processors, three graphics card slots (PCI Express x16 + PCI Express x8 + PCI Express x8) and four DIMM slots. The third mainboard (Hammerhead) can accommodate only one Socket AM2+ processor, but boasts four graphics card slots onboard. There are four DIMM slots for the memory.

By the way, the demo system performed not only video encoding. They rendered images, calculated physics, detected motion and performed photo face recognition. Some of these tasks will over time become the prerogative of hybrid Fusion processors combining traditional processor and graphics cores in one. AMD believes that hybrid processors will come forward by 2012.

DailyTech site has also shared some very interesting news. Our colleagues reported that AMD will introduce their Phenom FX trademark this coming Monday. Robert Rivet, AMD executive vice president and chief financial officer, revealed more definite launching schedule for the upcoming quad-core server Barcelona processor. According to hi, it should happen in July or August 2007. Desktop Agena FX (Phenom FX) processors are scheduled to arrive a little later, but they will only be used in Quad FX Socket F or Socket F+ (Socket G) systems.

He also promised that we would see Agena (Phenom X4) processors this year, too. Robert Rivet claimed that we will be able to buy these processors by Christmas, i.e. in the end of December. They are formally due in Q3 2007. So, it may take some time for the shipments to take their pace. Consumers’ buying activity is usually very high in November and December, therefore it was very important for AMD to stress that you would be able to get yourself a Phenom X4 processor for Christmas or New Year.


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