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Correction: Ultra Low-Power Desktop Intel Processors Will Be in Mobile Form-Factor.

In addition to low-power quad-core processors for desktop computers, Intel Corp. also intends to release a broad family of chips with 35W thermal envelope designed for small form-factor, yet high-performance, desktop systems. The processors will be the same as the company’s mobile offerings in terms of specs, but will be compatible with desktop infrastructure.

As reported earlier, the first breed of 35W chips for high-performance desktops made using 45nm process technology will be released already this month, whereas additional chips will be added into family on the 28th of December, according to certain documents. The family of ultra low-power chips for desktop computers will include both dual-core and quad-core central processing units, which are projected to be compatible with rather rarely available FCPGA6 infrastructure.

Last year Advanced Micro Devices released a broad lineup of desktop processors with 35W or 45W thermal envelopes, but the company has not updated that family for some time now and many chips have become outdated.

Even though the line of Intel’s 35W chips consists of microprocessors developed for mobile computers and it was not hard for Intel to start offering the very same chips in FCPGA6 form-factor for desktops, the new products may face demand from numerous system builders and end-users, who are looking forward truly high-performance PCs in very small form-factors. Since AMD is unable to supply up-to-date offerings with 35W power consumption, Intel’s line will have no rivals on the market and the CPUs will not be very affordable.

Diversification of the product mix will also help Intel to boost its revenues and profits amid global economic downturn.

Intel did not comment on the news-story.

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Sorry to piont out that Intell's worst product "3.2 Prescot" overheats & a lot of reports to their reps in Pakistan do not heed to complaints.
Faizan Khan (Boss)
Qamar Faisal
faisal Habib

A lot of messages to them, but no reply; even contacted through local rep.

All the discussion groups I posted the problem were agreeing that the defect in the product was in the notice of Intel before launching the product some 5/6 years back. Inspite they launched its sale.
In my study I came to the point that The Heat-Sink of cooler is much smaller thermal-value for 95W CPU.

I bought 2 of the CPUs both have the same problem of over-heating.

Now see how the new product behaves & what Intell says?

0 0 [Posted by: Haajee  | Date: 11/19/08 06:02:56 PM]


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