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Chief executive officer of Intel Corp. said that the company's forthcoming microprocessors are already in sample production. The world's largest maker of chips is on track to start their volume production using 22nm fabrication process in late 2011.

"We are on track to deliver 22nm [process technology]. Last year, at IDF, I showed you the first working wafer with SRAM devices on it. This year, I'm happy to report that our first first microprocessor designed for 22nm is moving through our fabs as we speak here today. It's on track for delivery in the second half of next year," said Paul Otellini, chief executive of Intel, at the Intel Developer Forum Fall 2010.

Although the high-ranking executive did not reveal actual code-names of the chips, at present we do know that in 2012 the company plans to release code-named Ivy Bridge microprocessors for desktops, notebooks and workstations as well as code-named Knights Corner chip that is designed for highly parallel workloads and which is based on the MIC architecture. Since Ivy Bridge was planned years earlier than Knights Corner, it is most likely that at present Intel is manufacturing samples of the former at its plants.

Not a lot is known about Ivy Bridge at this point. Given the fact that the design of Sandy Bridge - the father of Ivy Bridge set to be made using 32nm node - is oriented on consumers and brings massive improvements in areas such as performance of graphics; it is logical to assume that Ivy Bridge will further improve its predecessor in key aspects, such as memory performance, graphics processing performance and so on.

"Great graphics performance is required, but it is not sufficient anymore. If you look at what users are demanding, they are demanding an increasingly good experience, robust experience, across the spectrum of visual computing. Users care about everything they see on the screen, not just 3D graphics. So, delivering a great visual experience requires media performance of all types: in games, in video playback, in video transcoding, in media editing, in 3D graphics, and in display," stressed Mr. Otellini.

By starting to make microprocessors using 22nm process technology in late 2011 Intel will leave behind its rivals much behind. At present, a little less than a year after Intel started to make chips using 32nm fabrication process no company manufacturers volume chips at that node. In fact, Intel's arch-rival Advanced Micro Devices only intends to initiate mass production of 32nm chips sometimes in the first half of 2011 because of issues with 32nm SOI process technology at Globalfoundries.

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intel is producing a nice competitor to bulldozer
0 0 [Posted by: XPERTECH  | Date: 09/15/10 06:01:08 PM]

Bulldodzer on 32nm is still about one year away, but is already facing tough competition.

The good side of this is that AMD will (again) have to keep prices low on Bulldozer to compete. The fact that Bulldozer doesn't have on-die graphics will help AMD achieve that goal.

Clarkdale pricing has shown that Intel wants us to pay for its built-in graphics, even if we don't need them. Because of this, pricing on Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge could be higher than many are hoping for.

Intel is leaving some breathing room at the lower-end for AMD, while preserving its fat margins on its higher-end chips
0 0 [Posted by: BernardP  | Date: 09/16/10 08:19:08 AM]
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This is bad news for AMD. AMD have been bleeding cash for years they have to start making money again ASAP. No company can survive constantly running at a loss like this. Selling low priced bulldozer chips is simply not going to cut the mustard anymore and the approx 12 month wait for Bulldozer is just too long. AMD need bulldozer within 6-9 months, they must get a decent head start on these 22nm chips or be left in the dust again. Intel can do whatever they hell they want because AMD still have no answer for Nehalem after 2 years.
0 0 [Posted by: dizzystuff  | Date: 09/19/10 05:17:13 PM]

At present, a little less than a year after Intel started to make chips using 32nm fabrication process no company manufacturers volume chips at that node.

What misleading info ... real cpu "volume shipments" on 32nm were only for oem's on Jan7, and after lot of oems were troubled with 45nm gpu onside of that 32nm chips then some little volume reach market in mid Feb. Real volume shipments on 32nm could be considered when Westmere-6C (and not that dual cores w/ sideback GPU) reach the market an even those aren't sold in too much quantity. So intel can claim that there's ENOUGH 32nm CPU VOLUME SHIPPED TO WAREHOUSES

32nm is more of waporvare than ever before, even the BESTSELLER Atoms are not yet shipped on 32nm node. So that much about volume shipments. Itmight be lack of competition whichdoesnt want to have ridiculous bragging rights how they were first on some node full year before all others.

But 45nm node was whole different thing for Inteland real success story. Penryns, Silverthorns and even Nehalems all before AMD shipped their first 45nm CPU.

When they ship SB before bulldozer than we might consider that 32nm brags a success story, but that goddamn Llano should be there sooooon (according to damn). Just soon enough to be AM3 compatible??

0 0 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 09/19/10 09:28:24 AM]

And Global Foundries/Abu Dabi is talking about virtual fabs ...
0 0 [Posted by: East17  | Date: 09/20/10 02:35:39 AM]


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