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Advanced Micro Devices on Wednesday officially confirmed the postponement of its highly-anticipated FX-series central processing units. The code-named Zambezi chips based on the Bulldozer micro-architecture will be 60 to 90 days late and will emerge in August or September, according to the company.

During the company's press conference dedicated to the launch of AMD 9-series core-logic sets, AMD announced that its long-awaited FX-series microprocessors will be available within the next 60 to 90 days from now, which points to August or September. Mainboards based on the new AMD 9-series chipsets with AM3+ socket will support both existing high-performance multi-core Phenom II microprocessors as well as AMD FX-series chips with up to eight cores.

Early this week it turned out that AMD had  advised its partners that its next-generation high-performance desktop chips would only be launched in September. Apparently, the currently available B0 and B1 stepping Zambezi/Bulldozer processors can function at around 2.50GHz/3.50GHz (nominal/turbo) clock-speeds and at such frequencies they cannot deliver performance AMD considers competitive, a person with knowledge of the situation said on Monday.

As a consequence, AMD needs to tune the design of the processor and create B2 stepping of the chip with better clock-speed potential amid similar thermal design power (TDP), which will take several months to complete.

Although sales of high-performance microprocessors do not peak in Summer, production ramp usually takes time and therefore launch in September means that the company will only be able to ship "Bulldozers" in high volume sometimes late in 2011 or even in 2012. This will slowdown revenue growth of the chip developer and will also hit its reputation, as this is by far not the first or second delay of Bulldozer in general and Zambezi in particular. AMD itself believed that its multi-core Zambezi FX CPUs will allow it to compete head-to-head with Intel's high-end Core i-series "Sandy Bridge" processors that can sell for as much as $300 and more per chip.

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0 4 [Posted by: jimbo75  | Date: 06/01/11 07:30:47 PM]
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Investors would disagree, they were expecting DT BD in Q2...

PS: you can find the full disclosure at, under 2010 analyst day meeting:
1 1 [Posted by: jumpingjack  | Date: 06/01/11 08:43:36 PM]
There are two kinds of roadmaps: one for the public, another for the partners.

Based on public roadmap, Bulldozer client products are to be launched in Q2 2011, whereas Bulldozer server products launch is scheduled at Q3 2011.
1 2 [Posted by: Anton  | Date: 06/02/11 04:44:21 AM]

Thats a shame now it REALLY better be fast when it hits the market outwise forget about trying to compete with Sandy-E and Ivey
0 1 [Posted by: vid_ghost  | Date: 06/01/11 09:18:54 PM]

AMD needs expert managers rather than just expert engineers...
What a mess!
1 1 [Posted by: Pouria  | Date: 06/02/11 12:24:10 AM]
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I think you have that backwards. Their products have been second rate for a long time meanwhile their PR dept. has been saying "it's coming soon" forever. They need better engineers to stop making the PR guys look dumb.
0 1 [Posted by: AnonymousGuy  | Date: 06/04/11 02:57:45 PM]
Ever seen a soccer game between for example World Stars and another team?

They are all stars and about the best of the world but watching that play sucks because they are not match together and the coach is just a ceremonial thing but the players all are stars again.

I wrote my comment like this:
"AMD needs expert managers rather than just expert engineers..."

I meant both of them but don't forget LEADING is always important and if you mean the engineers, this is Managers again to add more engineers and so on...
0 1 [Posted by: Pouria  | Date: 06/05/11 09:27:22 AM]

Here is the answer to unexcepted bulldozer delays
AMD used 'standard cells' instead of 'full custom' structure. Standard cells allows for fast and cheap design of CPU, but casues hot spots under CPU work, and forces to use low frequencies. Intel joined 'full custom' to remove hot spots, with mature 32nm process. By this way, they have safe and stable 3.5 GHz from Sandy Bridge.
0 0 [Posted by: Tristan  | Date: 06/02/11 03:33:50 AM]
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Nah, to change the cell type would require a silicon level respin (i.e., a C0 stepping) rather than a metal layer respin (B2) and would take six months. Indeed the B2 stepping must be in the fabs already if AMD are to launch in September, so the work is already done, and presumably the results are known and satisfactory.

I expect that a lower-price 2.5GHz Bulldozer might see release now though - after the full speed release of course. Gotta do something with those B1s.
0 0 [Posted by: psychobriggsy  | Date: 06/02/11 05:42:11 AM]

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0 5 [Posted by: jimbo75  | Date: 06/02/11 09:00:29 AM]
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You, personally, will get a ban, if you try to insult me once again.

I guess Charlie needs to check, double-check and re-check AMD's public roadmaps and intentions.

Desktop Bulldozer chips were supposed to become available in Q2 2011.
Server Bulldozer chips were supposed to become available in Q3 2011.

Will server Bulldozer chips be available in Q2 thanks to the fact that they got "switched" with desktop flavous? No.

Will desktop Bulldozer chips be available in Q3 instead of Q2 (even AMD's public slides point to up to 90 days delay, which means September)? Yes. How is that situation called? A delay.

Now, where is the "switch"?
3 1 [Posted by: Anton  | Date: 06/02/11 11:50:56 AM]
A person with knowledge of the situation said on Monday.


I have knowledge of situation I call FUD

I'm not talking about the switch I am talking about the steppings

ES = Q1 and before (Testing samples)
B0 = Q1 and before (Production Tests)(OEMs get this)
B1 = Q2 Launch date delayed to Q3 for Llano (Full production)(Reviewers get this)
B2 = Q3 increased clocks (Minor Revision 1)
B3 = Q4 increased clocks and latency(lowered) + turbo core boost 100 MHz (Medium Revision 1)
0 0 [Posted by: seronx  | Date: 06/07/11 10:30:23 PM]

lol this is my first time to this site and i cant believe how butt hurt this anton guy got from 1 guy leaving a harmless comment

0 0 [Posted by: BucketForYourTears  | Date: 07/26/11 11:13:16 PM]


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