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After Advanced Micro Devices releases its FX-series microprocessors code-named Zambezi this September, the company will only refresh its lineup of high-end chips sometimes in the first quarter of next year. The first refresh of desktop Bulldozer family will likely precede the launch of Intel Corp.'s code-named Ivy Bridge microprocessors.

Despite of the fact that AMD's initial family of FX-series Bulldozer microprocessors will only include for models (two eight-core versions, one six-core and one quad-core models), AMD will not broaden it until at least the middle of the first quarter of next year, according to a source with knowledge of AMD's confidential plans. In mid-Q1 2012 AMD is projected to introduce four new models, which will broaden the FX lineup to eight stock-keeping units (SKUs).

The initial family of AMD desktop chips based on Bulldozer micro-architecture due in September will include models FX-8150, FX-8100, FX-6100 and FX-4100. The refresh lineup scheduled to arrive in mid-Q1 2011 will contain FX-8170, FX-8120, FX-6120 and FX-4120 models. Exact specifications of the AMD FX chips currently known only from unofficial sources.

Earlier this year it turned out that AMD had to delay commercial launch of its desktop FX-series microprocessors due to insufficient performance of B0 and B1 stepping Zambezi/Bulldozer processors, which could  function only at around 2.50GHz/3.50GHz (nominal/turbo) clock-speeds. As a consequence, AMD needed to tune the design of the processor and create B2 stepping of the chip with better clock-speed potential amid similar thermal design power (TDP), which is not a quick process. Looks like the delay of the initial family also made AMD to postpone the refresh.

AMD itself believes that its multi-core Zambezi FX CPUs will allow it to compete head-to-head with Intel's high-end Core i-series "Sandy Bridge" processors that can sell for as much as $300 and more per chip. It should be noted that the refreshed AMD FX "Zambezi" lineup will compete against Intel's Sandy Bridge E as well as Ivy Bridge microprocessors due in late Q4 2011 and March-April, 2012, respectively.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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The way things are going, AMD is going to refresh the FX lineup before it launches.
4 2 [Posted by: BernardP  | Date: 07/19/11 08:06:50 PM]
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Lol. So true.
This refresh seems to be processors with higher core count. Improved Bulldozer should come later, right?
1 1 [Posted by: Filiprino  | Date: 07/19/11 08:18:13 PM]
it sure seems that the launch of the bulldozer in september will not be the true potential, and they need a SKU/lineup refresh within six months. Goodbye Dozer / Zambezi. I'm going to the sandy bridge!
1 1 [Posted by: psycho_mccrazy  | Date: 07/20/11 07:42:06 AM]
Please re read this article, nowhere does it say replace,,,,the "refresh" is an expansion of the line.
0 0 [Posted by: Rikaroo  | Date: 07/29/11 12:59:07 PM]

Looks like AMD is going to be phasing out Dual Core cpu's from its lineup unless they come up with an utlra low budget version of an FX based Dual Core and keep the Athlon name souly for its utlra low budget Dual Core cpu lineup later on. I don't see the Sempron name being used anymore, there really is no reason to keep it around anymore.
3 0 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 07/19/11 11:11:13 PM]
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Check out bobcat. Sorry edit,, llano
0 0 [Posted by: Rikaroo  | Date: 07/29/11 01:00:15 PM]

Curious what your source is for stating that B0/B1 steppings had insufficient performance.
3 1 [Posted by: mamisano  | Date: 07/20/11 05:51:15 AM]

It seems normal to launch a small number of SKUs on a brand new line (Bulldozer). And then add more a few months later. Good to know that we will see a faster one (8170) in Q1. Don't understand why some people feel disappointed about this piece of news/rumor.
5 0 [Posted by: gjcjan  | Date: 07/20/11 09:01:49 AM]
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I agree with you, but it has to do with expectation management. For regular folks, they won't even see this news, but for enthusiasts, they interpret it as the first BD series being crippled.

Intel had the same news release on the day of SB launch - that IB performance will be 50% (or something like that) better than SB.

All and all, they have to balance enthusiasts expectation and shareholder/investors expectation. It's a tough one...
0 0 [Posted by: gamoniac  | Date: 07/20/11 10:28:12 AM]

I will be interested in finding my own price/performance/power sweetspot with a 95W 6-core that I will try to bump to 3.6 GHz base and 4.0 GHz turbo on stock voltage.
0 0 [Posted by: BernardP  | Date: 07/20/11 11:40:02 AM]

Good to see amd has a plan for the future... now it should try and move its lineup over to 28nm as 22nm wont be around for another year or so.
0 0 [Posted by: vid_ghost  | Date: 07/20/11 06:24:12 PM]
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Half-node is not used for CPU-s, 22nm is going to be the next process tech.
0 0 [Posted by: Martian  | Date: 07/21/11 06:18:49 PM]


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