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Rory Read, the recently appointed chief executive officer of Advanced Micro Devices, called employees of the company to set up aggressive goals and "look ahead as the predator". The new CEO is confident that AMD can be leader on the market in multiple ways.

"I really like to compete and win, I feel passion for what we are doing. [...] It is worth doing, it is worth doing it right. We can be the leaders. We do not need to look left or right. That is not what we are. We got to become the hunters, we have to look forward, we have to attack the hill. When you set your objectives on something that you believe in, you look ahead as the predator, you become the aggressor, and you deliver on those goals. [...] I believe so much in this team and what we can do together," said Rory Read, the head of AMD, at an employee event.

As the president and COO of Lenovo Group, Mr. Read helped to transform Lenovo into the world’s fastest growing major PC manufacturer and achieving its largest worldwide market share ever. Based on his comments to employees, Mr. Read is confident that AMD will be able to increase its market presence significantly in the years to come.

But while Mr. Read was upbeat during his first employee address, he said at an event for investors last week that the company needed to maintain the balance when it comes to execution and product planning. At Lenovo, Rory Read chose "protect and attack" strategy to grow Lenovo's market share and at the same time sustain ThinkPad and China businesses. With such approach, the new chief executive officer is likely to expand AMD's product lineup.

Historically, AMD has tried to address parts of the market that were underserved by larger rival Intel Corp. or offer certain products that could offer similar performance as Intel's, but at lower price-points. In generally, this meant that AMD had to follow its competitor in a lot of ways. Perhaps, with Mr. Read in charge, AMD will change drastically.

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lets hope that the prices won't explode or rise really high it would be the worst thing what could happen.
1 0 [Posted by: massau  | Date: 08/31/11 10:17:35 AM]

AMD can't raise prices unless they have competitive products. If Bulldozer is as good as Sandy Bridge, for example, then it's perfectly reasonable that AMD repositions its processors into the $200-350 price bracket. The reason AMD is forced to sell their CPUs are much cheaper prices right now is because Phenom II and Athlon II X4 are uncompetitive.

Let's hope the engineers did a good job with Bulldozer because he can't do much about that now.
1 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 08/31/11 02:23:44 PM]

oh christ, newly minted and already a business/marketing cheer-leading session from Mr. Read. let's hope he realizes the business he's stepping into isn't one about assembling various off the shelf items, but is about pioneering new computing technologies, about technical wayfinding, and let's hope he can find and empower the best technical visioneers doing all the hard work. architecture isn't a game of predator/prey, it's a game you play with yourself of defining where you want to go, and making that path enticing enough for others to follow.
0 0 [Posted by: rektide  | Date: 08/31/11 07:47:08 PM]

Bulldozer isn't nearly as good as Sandy Bridge, Read is no Jerry Sanders, Jr., and AMD is a habitually passive and unprofitable company attempting to make a come back in a downwardly spiraling economy.
The Forecast is very gloomy indeed.
0 1 [Posted by: Narmer  | Date: 09/01/11 05:12:03 AM]


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