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Advanced Micro Devices plans to offer its customers versions of its A-series Fusion Llano accelerated processing units (APUs) with unlocked multiplier. The K-series chips will be aimed at overclockers, but it is unclear whether the latter will be interested in such chips, considering the fact that Llano was not designed to be a performance champion.

Initially the company will offer two versions - A8-3870K(3.0GHz)  and A6-3670K (2.70GHz) of its processors with four “Husky” cores and integrated AMD Radeon graphics adapters with 400 (600MHz) or 320 (444MHz) stream processors, respectively. Since the processors will come with unlocked multiplier, which allows to easily set higher clock-speed without affecting other components, the novelties will not feature automatic Turbo Core technology. The chips are in production now and projected to be launched sometimes in the fourth quarter of this calendar year, sources with knowledge of AMD's plans indicated.

With the release of AMD A8-3870K and A6-3670K accelerated processing units AMD follows its larger rival Intel Corp., which released Core i-series “Sandy Bridge” central processing units with integrated graphics adapters and unlocked multiplier aimed at performance enthusiasts earlier this year.

Intel’s Core i7-2600K microprocessor, despite of being designed for mainstream systems, offers very high levels of performance in general-purpose applications that rely on x86 horsepower and thus poses interest for enthusiasts, who usually utilize discrete graphics adapters. AMD’s Llano A-series APUs cannot compete against Intel’s latest microprocessors in terms of x86 performance in mainstream applications that do not need high-performance built-in graphics cores.

As a result, it is hard to imagine that a lot of overclockers will actually be interested in AMD's A-series "K" chips even with unlocked multiplier: they are unable to set performance records even at high clock-speeds and they will inevitably end up computing against AMD's FX line due in Q4 2011. The number of cores and their clock-speed potential of A-series APU will be lower compared to those of AMD FX-series “Zambezi” processors that will be “unlocked” by default and will sport more advanced Bulldozer micro-architecture.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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Hmm - methinks many are chasing gpu oc too - perhaps this unlinks the two a bit - early days - but perhaps some interesting results ahead for the k series maybe using improved cooling - tho it seems system memory speed is a major barrier to more go for the igp.

perhaps an oc gpu boosts hybrid graphics (they have a new name for it curse them - = combining the onboard gpu w/ a discrete add on gpu = ~70 - 80% faster) - as the onboard gpu (igp/fusion/apu whatever) is perhaps the achillies heel re the added discrete gpu in a dual gpu scenario - not to mention if open gl takes off.

100w TDP isnt bad, given it includes graphics & lotsa chipset functions - in fact - its excellent. A 45nm AMD CPU alone used that+ til recently. methinks a similar discrete gpu (amd 5650 etc.) to the APU would use ~65w alone on a desk top.

Its natty. All the vast majority can eat, unified w/ 1 manufacturers drivers, onboard w/ a ~120-140watt total power figure

Desktops may seem slow sellers, am skeptical & amd dont care - the main game is steal market share from intel. Can hardly do worse & it looks as tho they are acing it.

1 1 [Posted by: msroadkill612  | Date: 09/07/11 09:15:02 PM]

What ever happened to the well known Black Edition (BE) branding for enthusiast unlocked processors?

Why are they copying Intel's 'K' naming scheme? It makes no sense at all. Whoever is in marketing there needs to stop destroying brands just as soon as they get known in the marketplace.
1 1 [Posted by: psychobriggsy  | Date: 09/08/11 01:08:14 PM]

I don't get the K suffix either. Maybe it's because the K suffix has been soo popular since Intel introduced them and everyone now knows what K means that they are using that suffix as well now. Personally i think OC would be better branded with unlocked cpu versions.
1 0 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 09/08/11 07:51:28 PM]

it seems AMD knows ahead of time that zembazi with the FX unlock cpu will not be ready for 2011 as indicated earlier so a new escape goat is needed to fill the spot for this time one with the K as 3870k and 3670k. happy w8ing for that zembazi one.

0 0 [Posted by: idonotknow  | Date: 09/09/11 01:46:10 PM]

Once these chips launch and if the price is right ($160 or below), I'd say that AMD has put the finishing death blow on Intel in the low-end market segment. It will be pointless to buy a Core i3 and low-end graphics card. However, AMD needs to roll out these Bulldozer chips before the end of 2011 or everyone will just flock to Ivy Bridge. Hopefully Bulldozer has a huge overclocking potential (5 GHz with a $20 aftermarket cooler) or I doubt it will even be able to outperform Sandy Bridge.
1 0 [Posted by: DirectXtreme  | Date: 09/10/11 06:39:06 AM]


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