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A group of overclockers from Advanced Micro Devices has managed to set the world's record for the highest frequency of a microprocessor by overclocking an eight-core FX-series microprocessor code-named Zambezi to whopping 8.429GHz. The achievement showcases potential of AMD's Bulldozer micro-architecture to scale in terms of frequency, but it remains to be seen whether AMD will be able to deliver truly high-performance products.

The eight-core AMD FX-8150 central processing unit, set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2011, achieved a top speed of 8.429GHz (although two cores functioned at the time), - surpassing the previous record of 8.308GHz. AMD has officially achieved the Guinness World Record for the “Highest Frequency of a Computer". The record was set on August 31, 2011, in Austin, Texas, by “Team AMD FX”, a group comprised of elite overclocking specialists working alongside top AMD technologists, who will also be named in the Guinness World Records. The professional overclockers combined high voltage increases along with extreme cooling solutions to set the record.

“The record-breaking processor speed that resides in the AMD FX CPU clearly demonstrates performance gains for the new AMD "Bulldozer" multi-core architecture, which will provide x86 computing power for this CPU and future AMD accelerated processing inits. Along with world-record frequencies, the AMD FX processor will enable an unrivaled enthusiast PC experience for the money – extreme multi-display gaming, mega-tasking and HD content creation," said Chris Cloran, corporate vice president and general manager, client group at AMD.

According to AMD, extreme overclocking that involved liquid nitrogen and liquid helium demonstrates that Zambezi microprocessors made using 32nm silicon-on-insulator process technology do not contain so-called cold bug.

Previously, overclockers from around the world only managed to hit 8.0GHz and higher clock-speeds using old Celeron microprocessors based on Cedar Mill micro-architecture and made using 65nm fabrication process. The latest AMD Phenom II and Intel Core i-series chips could "only" achieve 7.182GHz and 7.307GHz, respectively. With the emergence of the new FX chips, overclockers will likely have a new favourite as, based on AMD's claims, a lot of such chips can hit 5GHz or higher frequencies with proper air coolers or inexpensive sealed liquid-cooling solutions. AMD indicated that after a few days of testing, eight processors our of unspecified number tested by Sami Maekinen were found to be able to hit over 8GHz in the expert hands using extreme cooling.

AMD's Bulldozer micro-architecture is tailored to achieve high clock-speeds in many situations thanks to flexibility of power consumption trimming technologies and other innovations. However, AMD will not officially launch microprocessors running at 5GHz, 6GHz or 7GHz, but will stick to more conservative 3.50GHz - 4.0GHz clock-speeds. It remains to be seen whether chips capable of hitting 8.40GHz frequencies offer competitive levels of performance at stock clock-speeds as not all of AMD's customers are overclockers.

“We applaud AMD for their entry into Guinness World Records for achieving the Highest Frequency of a Computer Processor. We congratulate everyone involved in this record-breaking achievement," said Freddie Hoff, adjudicator for Guinness World Records.

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6 5 [Posted by: veli05  | Date: 09/13/11 07:46:03 AM]
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The overclock was achieved on only 1 module (2 cores).

"AMD's Bulldozer micro-architecture is tailored to achieve high clock-speeds."

Oh my, how the tables have turned. AMD is now launching a modern version of the Pentium 4 processor. I guess that's what you have to do when you can't compete in power consumption, performance per clock, and performance per core = the very factors made AMD successful in the first place!

1 3 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 09/13/11 02:41:08 PM]
The high overclock headroom isn't from the loss of IPC because that was improved

The high OC headroom is do to the Square design
2 0 [Posted by: seronx  | Date: 09/13/11 06:17:28 PM]
So you think AMD has a processor with similar IPC to SB and they will sell such a processor in an 8-core configuration sub-$300 price level?

Unicorns exist.
0 2 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 09/13/11 11:23:58 PM]
The IPC was truly improved, it's not a lie. Different thing is it will be the same as Sandy Bridge.
1 0 [Posted by: Filiprino  | Date: 09/14/11 12:30:52 AM]
It's slightly less 2 vs 3

But for Sandy Bridge the 3rd Integer Instruction was really only used in SMT(2500K vs 2600K you can see most of the IPC being used 3Int+2Mem

2600K vs FX-8150
3Int+2Mem vs 2Int+2Mem
i7 2600K considering 100% "Core" Utilization(SMT helps achieve this) but all cores being used
4 x 3int/2mem = 12 Int/8 Mem
FX-8150 considering 50% "Core" Utilzation but all Cores can be used
8 x 2int/2mem = 16 Int/16 Mem x 50% Utilization = 8 Int/8 Mem

Phenom II had variable IPC
You could get 3 Ints or 3 Mems or 2 ints and 1 mem or 2 mem and 1 int to much variables

Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer have a stable and static set of Functional Units

In most benchmarks we are not seeing the Windows Task Manager so we have no idea what the utilization is in said leaked benchmarks
1 0 [Posted by: seronx  | Date: 09/14/11 04:23:30 PM]
the first pentium 4 had a pipeline length of 20 when the CPU's at the time had 10.
the last version of the p4 has 30 stage pipeline when the rest of the CPU's used 12.
today CPU's have a pipeline length of 14 and BD's will be 18.
a major change, but hardly a pentium4.
besides, the pentium4 was bandwidth starved and cache poor. both of which will not be a problem for bulldozer.

so bulldozer is not, in any way shape or form, a new pentium 4. its pipeline length was chosen with power efficiency in mind, not for going to the max on frequency.
1 0 [Posted by: Countess  | Date: 09/14/11 03:06:00 PM]

I truly do hope that AMD have a winner on their hands with this chipset, but the frequent delays and the above mentioned publicity stunt seem to erode my faith a little bit. I've been both AMD and Intel, generally favouring those who give me the most power for the least cash. Here's to hoping that Intel drops their prices for Ivy Bridge because of fierce competition from AMD. THAT would make me a happy camper indeed.
5 2 [Posted by: crointel  | Date: 09/13/11 07:54:28 AM]
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You are indeed wise way to go AMD hope your processor give Intel a run for they money at least in the Maintream market.. Most certainly i can live with Mainstream
2 1 [Posted by: blazzin  | Date: 09/13/11 10:20:10 AM]
Agree with you. I Have Phenom B55 @3.8Ghz daily for all around needs and I loved it. But When I need Higher (Photo editing) performance I bought SB 2500K running @4.6Ghz. When u got best deal for your need, being a fanboy is kinda stupid.

I really hope that BD (SB 2600K par), can <10%-20% cheaper than it's rival. If not, maybe I'll wait for Ivy.
0 0 [Posted by: jpunk  | Date: 09/14/11 09:34:39 PM]

The bigger question to be asked here is can an 8.5 GHz Bulldozer compete with a 5GHz Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge. Guinness Records are all good, but how does that translate to real world performance
4 2 [Posted by: regsrini  | Date: 09/13/11 08:00:31 AM]
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My concern exactly.
3 1 [Posted by: crointel  | Date: 09/13/11 08:21:08 AM]
I think the bigger question is does a $250 bulldozer compete with a $250 i7. Can you even buy an i7 for $250?

A friend offered a LGA1366 motherboard for $50. I declined because even though is was a great price I'd need to buy the cheapest i7 for $320 to use it. For $375 I can buy a Phenom X6, motherboard, and 8GB RAM, and a 1TB drive
10 0 [Posted by: user99  | Date: 09/13/11 08:49:28 AM]
I Agree
3 1 [Posted by: blazzin  | Date: 09/13/11 10:21:32 AM]
What you talking about Willis?

Who cares about LGA1366 when you can get a $225 2500k @ 4.5ghz that is almost as fast as a Core i7-990X $999 CPU?

Your comparison of Ph X6 + 8GB RAM vs. LGA1366 is odd, and esp. so when 2500k smoked the X6 on this very website:

A good LGA1155 mobo is $130-150, CPU $225. AM3+ board is also $130-150, the X6 1075/1100T CPUs are $170-190, barely cheaper with 2x the power consumption in overclocked states and 30-40% less performance.

Besides the point, LGA1366 was a great platform in 2008, but by 2009, you could have had much cheaper i5 750/i7 860, both of which are miles better than the X6. So it's been 2 years of socket LGA1156 dominance over X4/X6 chips at far lower prices than LGA1366 with similar performance.
1 3 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 09/13/11 02:49:52 PM]
A 2500K is 3.3Ghz not 4.5Ghz and 40% more money than the Phenom II. Most people don't know how to overclock or even know what it means.
0 0 [Posted by: user99  | Date: 09/14/11 09:43:56 AM]
Who don't know how 2 OC, will OC SB. it just need 1 Click or 5 at most.

Yes, 2500K is 3.3Ghz, but it's still better than any Thuban X6 @stock. But, like I said. I have six SB 2500K all running @4.6Ghz daily with only 1 click Auto OC. come one...It's not that Hard.
0 1 [Posted by: jpunk  | Date: 09/14/11 09:47:12 PM]
Sure a stock 2500K is faster in most applications but it's also 40% more expensive. To do a fair value comparison you need to find an intel CPU that costs the same as the X6.
0 1 [Posted by: user99  | Date: 09/15/11 08:53:13 AM]
Are you sure? Because Phenom II X6 1100t here sell (Indonesia) @Rp 2.050.000 ($230), and SB 2500k @Rp 1.850.000 ($208).
0 0 [Posted by: jpunk  | Date: 09/15/11 05:53:12 PM]
I guess my market is different. $179 for the X6 vs $240 for the 2500K
0 0 [Posted by: user99  | Date: 09/19/11 10:18:29 AM]
Those that achieve 5Ghz on Sandy Bridge can be counted with one hand. Normally you can get 4 - 4.4Ghz.

AMD achieved 4.8Ghz with good air cooling or an Antec cheap water cooling kit.
2 2 [Posted by: Filiprino  | Date: 09/13/11 02:50:34 PM]
And what happens if Bulldozer has similar performance per clock to Phenom II?

4.4ghz sandy bridge with 35+% instructions per clock advantage over Phenom II/BD = 5.94ghz

So unless this new chip is miles better per clock cycle, its 4.8ghz should never be compared to a 4.4ghz of SB.

Welcome to the era of Pentium 4 (3.2-3.4ghz) vs. Athlon 64 (2.0ghz). A64 made every hardcore enthusiast take notice that IPC is king and here we are 5 years later and the new hardware enthusiasts need once again to be reminded that comparing frequencies of 2 different CPU architectures is meaningless, without considering performance per clock!!
0 2 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 09/13/11 03:00:51 PM]
Zambezi has better IPC than Thuban.
2 0 [Posted by: Filiprino  | Date: 09/14/11 12:33:15 AM]

It is just smells hope for awhile.
But I like this kinda Advertisements from AMD. Ads are necessary for them.
7 0 [Posted by: Pouria  | Date: 09/13/11 11:00:27 AM]
- collapse thread

Why aren't you running Adblock? I'm always amazed when people mention ads...because I haven't seen one in the last 3 years.
3 0 [Posted by: AnonymousGuy  | Date: 09/13/11 01:13:31 PM]
FYI, I running AdBlock but I do like these kinda commercials, also like those Comics from AMD. I haven't had any problems with them by my AdBlock Add-On if you mind that.
2 0 [Posted by: Pouria  | Date: 09/13/11 02:01:55 PM]
Joe Smith walks into Best Buy:

"AMD sells an 8 core processor for the same price as Intel's 4 core. OMGodz!!!! 2x the powar!!!"

Selling slow 6 and 8 core processors was AMD's brilliant marketing strategy all along like the Pentium 4 Mhzzzz myth. It's so obvious to veteran PC users, it's not even funny.

The new generation of desktop PC users are falling for it faster than panties from a hooker in Vegas.

Next up on AMD's future for 2013: Convince the world Windows 8 needs 16 cores for UBER-tasking.
2 4 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 09/13/11 02:53:41 PM]
panties from a hooker in Vegas Fall off faster the more cash you have!

^______^ they have money coming out of their Va~gee~~Gee

AMD likes it FAST Intel likes it SLOW, we will see who will make the Va~gee~~Gee (customers) sing once bulldozer is released.
1 1 [Posted by: vid_ghost  | Date: 09/13/11 04:28:23 PM]


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