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Intel Corp. is working on a new Atom system-on-chip that will feature graphics core inherited from code-named "Ivy Bridge" microprocessor and thus supporting DirectX 11 capabilities. The new chips are already listed in Intel's drivers and will likely be released in foreseeable future.

Intel Atom "ValleyView" (VLV) processor will have two current-generation Atom cores, will have integrated memory controller "Pondicherry" memory arbiter as well as Intel generation 7 graphics core (Ivy Bridge) found inside Core i-series "Ivy Bridge" chip, according to findings made by Phoronix web-site. The chip will support output to two DisplayPort monitors as well as to one HDMI panel in addition to other outputs.

The chip will be made using 32nm fabrication process, which may mean that it will be releases in 2012 and as it is essentially an upgraded CedarView processor with improved memory sub-system, much more powerful graphics core with DirectX 11 and OpenCL support and other improvements. Some sources isniste that the chip is to be made at 22nm node and will be available in 2013. The new Atom SoC is projected to be paired with code-named Balboa Park chipset, which suggests that the VLV is the heart of Intel's future-generation low-power/low-cost platform. Intel has confirmed existence of Valleyview chip in plans.

"ValleyView is a CedarView-like chip but with an Ivy Bridge graphics core," Jesse Barnes of Intel's open-source technology center is reported to have said.

Intel has already started adding support for next-generation microprocessors, including Valleyview and Haswell into its drivers for Linux operating system. Adding support to drivers does not reflect availability of hardware shortly, but rather represents major features of future products.

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Which is still crap. Intel should license graphics from nvidia, specially kepler parts considering how power efficient they are (based on leaked benchmarks at least. Waiting for reviews).
1 2 [Posted by: eddman  | Date: 03/21/12 07:45:05 PM]
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I agree with you. Intel could make a killing if they could say "Integrated Graphics powered by Nvidia". Who knows...a partnership like that might not be allowed for anti-monopoly reasons. Or it might simply be an enormous technical problem trying to integrate another company's graphics die into your cpu die.
0 0 [Posted by: AnonymousGuy  | Date: 03/22/12 04:23:35 AM]

what's the point of having DirectX 11 on these chips when none of them can actually run DircetX 11 without completely choking out.
0 2 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 03/22/12 01:56:00 AM]
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Ive always been like boy i wish i could run crysis on my atom soc, but then was like oh no, the graphics suck on it, but the CPU is awesome, the cpu could deffinetly handle all the modern games ... /sarcasm,

Are yall all total retards, Atom processor cores are crap not even worthy of netbooks, they cant even handle the cpu side of games from 10 years ago like far cry 1. They are only suited for tablets, phones, file servers and media devices (like tv's). They are obviously upgrading the graphics so that it can be used to drive a fancy interface on a tv, as well as improve decoding of video. They possibly also forsee the need for a chip like the A5X in the new ipad which has a horrible cpu, but strong graphics to power the high resolution screen.
1 1 [Posted by: cashkennedy  | Date: 03/22/12 09:31:56 AM]

It looks as though the monopoly by gamers on high-performance video cards over the last five years is manifesting itself in a slightly different arena. Who could possibly imagine that they would actually optimize a ridiculously underpowered aystem-on-a-chip processor to display television and streamed video (most undoubtedly 1080 HD!) on net books, pads, tablets and cell phones. I'm shocked, I tell you, absolutely shocked!
0 0 [Posted by: Wizwill  | Date: 03/22/12 11:50:04 AM]


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