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Advanced Micro Devices intends to released its A-series Fusion "Trinity" accelerated processing units (APUs) for mainstream desktops on the 1st of October, 2012. Partners of the company already have appropriate chips at hands, therefore, availability of the microprocessors with integrated graphics cores should be immediate and wide.

According to Hermitage Akihabara web-site, which managed to picture five AMD Fusion "Trinity" chips for desktops in FM2 form-factor in Japan, AMD intends to make the A-series 5000-family accelerated processing units officially available on October 1, 2012. At present, certain Japanese partners of AMD already have five APU models at hands that have OPN codes and model numbers, which means that they are production ready. Potentially, AMD can formally announce such products at any time it finds it strategically important.

Based on the fact that certain partners of Advanced Micro Devices already have dual-core, quad-core and unlocked versions of Trinity APUs, it is likely that the company will roll out a broad family of microprocessors with high-performance integrated graphics this October, in time for Holiday sales.

The AMD A-series "Trinity" APUs feature up to four x86 cores powered by enhanced Bulldozer/Piledriver architecture, AMD Radeon HD 7000-series graphics core with DirectX 11-class graphics support, DDR3 memory controller and other improvements, such as new dynamic acceleration Turbo Core technology, improved video playback engines and so on. The new chip is made using 32nm process technology at Globalfoundries, just like its predecessor code-named Llano, but thanks to architectural improvements it is projected to be 25% - 50% faster - depending on the task - than the first-gen A-series APU.

AMD did not comment on the information regarding release date of Trinity, but earlier rumors did point at the launch of the APU in October.

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Whatever ... Just release the darn thing already - so late to the game. AMD market share currently really sucks vs. Intel. I haven't heard any OEM talking of releasing any Win8 PC/Notebooks with AMD processor.
2 0 [Posted by: defaultName  | Date: 08/13/12 03:08:38 PM]
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Yeah, but problem is, AMD is not even doing well in the APU section, they have nothing on the market that most would buy (Aka Trinity or Vishera), they only recently released the firepro cards, something most have been asking for since release of HD7xx series (8 months late).

So is it the lack of money or plain incompetence? I think both. On the plus side, AMD do have Brazos and llano but the OEM`s are not very supportive in win8 tablets
0 0 [Posted by: keysplayer  | Date: 08/13/12 04:56:43 PM]

This looks like a targeted segment of the market just as the chap said AMD would do when he took over as MD.
In not chasing Intel but going after the bread and butter market is not such a silly idea. As AMD does not have as deeper pockets as Intel who can command a good press via their advertising $ from most if not all reviewers.
AMD's market is not in Europe or the USA which is were we get most if not all the press releases and reviews from. The non-English speaking world is a far bigger market than the insular English speaking segment.
These cpu's are looking very attractive to the non power users.
0 2 [Posted by: tedstoy  | Date: 08/13/12 03:48:31 PM]


Meanwhile, Trinity A10-5700 is already available in some pre-built desktop systems. So it's just that AMD won't release the new APU to retail:
0 0 [Posted by: BernardP  | Date: 08/13/12 05:52:00 PM]

I don't understand why people see that negatively the whole thing.

AMD at the moment is the best choice in laptops up to 600 euro, if you want some serious GPU. And since more and more applications use the gpu, it is important for most people to have a balanced packet than just a great cpu and crap gpu, like the intel powered laptops at this price range.

In the desktop part just take a look at those numbers. The top models are 4 core and they promise 25-50% better performance, that means AMD finally managed to improve the per core performance in bulldozer design and they didn't just added more cores.

I believe they do way better than we all expected and we will see more in the future.
2 1 [Posted by: nitro912gr  | Date: 08/14/12 03:19:13 AM]
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0 3 [Posted by: tecknurd  | Date: 08/14/12 05:38:51 PM]
Overclocking on last year's AMD A series CPUs didn't gave that big gains, so no it is not just higher clock speed.
Ivy bridge may not be completely crap but are way behind every other gpu out there, the only serious combination in laptop space is to have intel cpu and nvidia or amd gpu. Those laptops however exist at beyond 600 euros, and not everyone is willing to spend more money on a laptop, but everyone want a complete package.

By the way intelhd 4000 which is the only serious gpu so far, is not the same gpu you can find in below 600 market segment.

I don't know what haswell will be, but this definitely doesn't matter now. Also it is the first time I read about memory bandwidth being a problem for the amd cpus, care to explain and provide some more info and links?

Also as a side note, amd cpus are way behind intel's, but there are not crap, they do the job good enough to be a good choice for someone who wants some serious gpu in the same packet. On the other hand most of intel's gpus can't do the job, so that's crap. Because many people have no use for a great cpu and a gpu that barely show the desktop graphics.
But they can wait a little longer for an operation to complete with a slower cpu and strong enough graphics do make their programs work well.
0 1 [Posted by: nitro912gr  | Date: 08/15/12 05:14:57 AM]
I am not going to do the research that more memory bandwidth for AMD's APU is required. xbitlabs and anandtech provided the benchmarks.

AMD APU and Intel HD Graphics are integrated graphics. They are not meant to compete against the dedicated graphics. Yes, you can buy a notebook with Intel HD 4000 graphics for 600 euros or $737. There are some sacrifices like screen size, but can get a complete packaged for the price that you want and still get Intel HD 4000 graphics.

I would not buy AMD's APU if I am on a budget. If I am going with AMD processors, I would go with an AM3+ processor and a dedicated graphics card. The reason for this is it is cheaper than going with AMD's APU. Going with AMD APUs is costly because have to include DDR3-1866 or faster memory to just get some performance. This type of memory is costly.

AMD processors are crap because they can not compete against an i3. Also Intel's Pentium, now stated as the economy processor, competes for price conscious people. Even the Pentium beats AMD processors. I still say that AMD processors are crap.
0 2 [Posted by: tecknurd  | Date: 08/15/12 02:09:54 PM]

hopefully by October those fm2 APU does not giveup to the lower tier of INTEL core i5 like the current a8.
1 0 [Posted by: idonotknow  | Date: 08/14/12 08:45:48 AM]

I already have several laptops in the house along with iPad3, iPod, Kindle. One old desktop is in the garage, the other one is my favorite workstation with a 24 inch Dell IPS panel.

No mobile device can replace my workstation in my home office. Peace,quiet, relax in the comfort of a leather chair. I have total control of the internet, along with numerous applications running aside.

I will not ditch my desktop workstation anytime soon. In fact, I want to upgrade. It currently has a Core 2 Duo 650. Next time, it must be at least a Quad, a dedicated graphic, and a SSD.

What draws me to my workstation is performance and speed. I don't care for the cheapy APU. Sell them to those who can't afford a laptop.
0 2 [Posted by: Tukee44  | Date: 08/14/12 09:46:26 PM]


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