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Advanced Micro Devices has released processor product data sheet documents covering specifications of low-cost AMD Athlon II and AMD Sempron central processing units (CPUs) that belong to family 15h better known as Trinity. The new low-cost chips will support all the capabilities of the more advanced brethren, will have two or four cores and will lack integrated graphics processing units.

Just like the rest AMD family 15h "Trinity" microprocessors, the new AMD Athlon II X2/X4 as well as Sempron X2/X4 chips will support main architectural features of the Piledriver architecture, including support for new instructions like SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AES, FMA, FMA4, AVX, AVX 1.1, BMI and others. The chips will use the same module Piledriver architecture with two 128-bit FPUs as well as level-two cache shared between each two cores (or one module), advanced power management, integrated dual-channel DDR3 memory controller, PCI Express 2.0 x16 controller and so on, reports CPUWorld web-site.

AMD Athlon II X2 and X4 family 15h microprocessors will have one or two Piledriver modules (two or four x86 cores), 2MB of L2 cache per module (4MB per chip), dual-channel DDR3 memory controller with official support for up to 1866MHz clock-speeds for memory and will also support Turbo Core 3.0 dynamic acceleration technology. The central processing units will not be too different from the A-series accelerated processing units when it comes to x86 performance, but since it will not have integrated AMD Radeon graphics core, it will not be able to take advantage of GPU compute technologies that are gaining importance.

AMD Sempron family 15h central processing units will also will have one or two Piledriver modules (two or four x86 cores), 1MB of L2 cache per module (2MB per chip), dual-channel DDR3 memory controller with official support for up to 1600MHz clock-speeds for memory. Given the lack of integrated GPU, Sempron will also not be able to take advantage of heterogeneous computing.

It remains to be seen how successful will AMD Athlon II and Sempron microprocessors for FM2 infrastructure be. It is not a secret that AMD ran into several issues with availability of FM1 motherboards particularly in the channel. In case the situation repeats itself with the FM2, the inexpensive microprocessors will suffer the most as the supply chain in general is more interested in moving more expensive Fusion A-series. Moreover, in case the tough economic situation persists, low-end platforms without integrated graphics solutions will simply be obsolete as discrete graphics cards are simply too expensive for low-cost PCs.

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I think AMD should abandon these Sempron chips, Intel is already phasing out their Celery.
0 2 [Posted by: moderntheorist  | Date: 08/16/12 08:02:07 AM]
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no not really , those Sempron have there usage , if you don't have enough money to buy an Custom raid solution or any other embedded computer like NETGEAR ReadyNAS for 2000usd , you can create one with similar capabilities at home , with brand new power saving socket will all the new tech ,NETGear Ready Nas comes with 1.6 GHZ intel Atom CPU power , you can create an embedded power efficient computer just like that for 200-400 USD , so those Sempron till now are getting bought for specific reasons , read the reviewers for ideas
1 0 [Posted by: medo  | Date: 08/16/12 09:27:54 AM]
I think is better for that situation to use a motherboard with integrated E350 AMD APU than that.
1 0 [Posted by: nitro912gr  | Date: 08/16/12 03:02:40 PM]
True an integrated E-xxx series will work great due to power efficiency , however most of those processors are not sold stand alone , they come integrated with the mobo , that will limits your choices and options , and i reckon the E-350 gets soldered to the mobo (not sure about that one) so the Sempron with FM 2 socket that will be able to handle 8 sata ports , and i reckon it ill operate at 45 Watts , will be great , cause there will be many more choices for mobo`s and cpu and more room for modifying and changing parts in the future .
0 0 [Posted by: medo  | Date: 08/17/12 01:01:02 PM]
you are right, I had in mind a small nas with max 10 drives, which in fact can be covered by this small mobo and an expansion card.
However it is not enough for everyone
0 0 [Posted by: nitro912gr  | Date: 08/18/12 12:51:50 PM]
I have to agree, unless they are gonna sell these things REALLY cheap, we are talking sub $40 cheap, there really isn't a point. You can often find the Athlon II X2s at $60 or less, the triples at $70 and I've seen Phenom quads at $85, so the Sempron really doesn't have a niche except maybe the sub $40 market which I can't see enough profit in chips that low to make it worth the effort.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 09/14/12 06:41:18 AM]

So basicly the Sempron and Althon are the same cpu but instead the Sempron has 2 less mb of L2 cache. What's the point. of AMD having all of these cpu's now they have their E-series their A- series Athlon series and Sempron series. I can understand the E and A series and even the Athlon series but not the sempron series anymore considering that the Athlon and Sempron series are soo close together now it doesn't make much sense to keep it around, but instead change the Sempron series to a low budget Athlon series instead.
1 0 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 08/17/12 07:12:49 PM]
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Chip Harvesting
2 0 [Posted by: seronx  | Date: 08/22/12 04:16:47 AM]


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