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In a bid to enable even slimmer notebooks (ultrabooks) and business-oriented tablets, Intel Corp. will release Core i-series and Pentium-series “Ivy Bridge” processors with thermal design power of just 10W or 13W. Makers of actual computers will be able to further limit maximum heat dissipation to improve user experience with their products.

Intel plans to reveal a family of Core i3, i5, i7 and Pentium processors based on dual-core Ivy Bridge design with 13W and 10W TDP in the first quarter of 2013, according to a slide from an Intel presentation published by VR-Zone web-site. The chips are specifically designed for ultra-low power applications, such as ultra-thin notebooks/ultrabooks or business tablets and will barely provide truly high performance. Still, they will be able to run all modern applications and in typical use cases will dissipate only 7W of power, which puts them in line with certain Intel Atom Z-series or AMD Fuzion Z-series system-on-chips specifically tailored for tablets.

All Core i-series processors (i7-3689Y, i5-3439Y, i5-3339Y and i3-3229Y) will operate at 1.40GHz – 1.5GHz clock-speed, feature two cores with Hyper-Threading technology Turbo Boost dynamic acceleration (except Core i3-3229Y) as well as Intel’s highest-performing HD Graphics 4000 graphics core. Intel Pentium 2129Y will sport two cores at 1100MHz frequency and Intel HD graphics core.

By introducing Core i and Pentium processors based on dual-core Ivy Bridge design with power consumption between 7W and 13W, Intel brings its highest-performing CPU micro-architecture to devices that previously utilized low-power micro-architectures, such as Intel Atom. In general, this demonstrates the company’s commitment to bring down power consumption of its mainstream chips down to the levels when they become competitive in ultra-mobile segments. At the same time, Intel shows that Atom micro-architectures will from now on be focused around minimum power consumption so to compete against ARM.

Intel did not comment on the news-story.

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12 15 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/06/12 04:39:49 AM]
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Intel and x86 wont die. but Intel wont be a CPU leader any more either.
12 10 [Posted by: JanGozi  | Date: 12/06/12 11:09:36 AM]
It's just a crapptastic point of view onto Intels wishes to stick their smelly architecture to every silicon ecosystem where it doesnt belong.

Look what they did to VIA and their Nano which is better SKU than Atom accompanied with its power hungry chipset. And VIA CPUs which traditionally had small market are quite a rarity to be found.

Intel you make me puke (Thats more appropriate view)
15 12 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 12/06/12 12:47:22 PM]
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10 16 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/06/12 01:02:06 PM]
I think most of the big Company are dishonest.
And they try to knock out the other and be the only one on the market. Generally people do not trust Company's and business men any more.
That is maybe one of the resection reason.
12 0 [Posted by: JanGozi  | Date: 12/07/12 01:19:42 PM]
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0 12 [Posted by: dudde  | Date: 12/08/12 04:37:48 AM]

You can put this in your Nana's computer. It's powerful enough to play scrabble, solitaire, tic-tac-toe and crib. You can also stuff it into your young teenager's computer so they can't play porn and snuff vids smoothly.

Addit: I'm obviously taking the piss.
13 12 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 12/06/12 05:14:54 AM]
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Believe it or not, those are much more powerful than any ARM processor, and C and E series AMD APU

12 1 [Posted by: maroon1  | Date: 12/06/12 12:13:28 PM]
Woow, how smart you must sound to yourself. Ofc they're better as they're supposed to be dual cores equipped with latest instruction sets AVX (supposedly) while Bobcat is SSE3 only.

Until Jaguar they're be the fastest. But the problem is that they'll eat up market for which Jaguar is designed for as AMD again had the stupidest decision, and this time a need to wait for 20nm TSMC which will be available at least six month after these INTEL POWER HOGs V2 hit the market. AMD repeated themselves by making same idiotic decision as they did when they didnt deliver first Bobcats on 45nm SOI in their own fabs while they had them. That way Bobcat 1.0 could be onto market 18 month before with healthier opportunity to grow up as it would only be 8-12 month after INTELS POWER HOGs V1.0 aka. Atoms hit the world, while it wouldnt impose huge stuckup for AMDs Fabs as its a small die. It might be even smaller than on 40nm TSMC node.
12 12 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 12/06/12 12:52:32 PM]

ARM isn't a direct competitor for intel. ARM is a long ways away from competiting directly against intel. ARM doesn't have the resoruces to go head to head with Intel right now, if they buy AMD then yes they would be able to compete with intel on some levels esp in ULV levels in TDP/Perfromance, but as of right now the only direct competitor ARM can be closely match to is VIA in performance. No doubt ARM has come a long way in a short amount of time, but as for it being a direct compeitior to intel it still has a long way to go.
4 1 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 12/06/12 12:25:36 PM]

Y-MS1 and Y-MS3 would no way comply to 13W TDP in their dual core 2.60GHz boost mode. But that's intel they always better market their products than they really are.

And they're better at making marketing hype about unreleased products. So when the real ones hit the market (if ever) the people (under influence of lazy review sites and big intels logo) assume that Intel's hardware is just a same as Intel's slideware.
5 5 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 12/06/12 01:03:48 PM]
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11 14 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/06/12 01:14:53 PM]
OmeganHuman is right again. Not too many down votes for his comment. When will you start learning from the brains-trust here on Xbit Avon. It's never too late because you're still a young boy with little education, stealing lines from websites and copying your adversary's language whilst paying flattery. Oh where is 789 to help you with up and down votes, your Daddy troll? He might be banned already if the mod is sharp today. But it's harder to catch his 8+ phantom votes.
12 11 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 12/06/12 08:32:29 PM]

I think most of the big Company are dishonest.
And they try to knock out the other and be the only one on the market. Generally people do not trust Company's and business men any more.
That is maybe one of the resection reason
13 2 [Posted by: JanGozi  | Date: 12/07/12 01:21:20 PM]


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