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Advanced Micro Devices has quietly started to sell two new multi-core AMD FX-series microprocessors with four and six cores. The new chips are based on Piledriver micro-architecture and support all the modern instructions and technologies. The new products are positioned for affordable performance-mainstream desktop personal computers.

The new AMD FX processors available for pre-order at ShopBLT online store are FX-4350 as well as FX-6350. The new central processing units feature much higher (200MHz – 400MHz) clock-speeds than previous offerings and therefore it is logical to expect decent performance gains over predecessors. AMD FX-4350 costs $142.86, whereas AMD FX-6350 is priced at $154.76.

According to CPU World world web-site, specifications of the chips currently listed for pre-orders are as follows:

  • AMD FX-6350 - six-core, 3.90GHz/4.20GHz, 6MB L2 + 8MB L3 cache, 95W - $155
  • AMD FX-4350 - quad-core, 4.20GHz/4.30GHz, 4MB L2 + 8MB L3 cache, 95W - $143

AMD FX "Vishera" central processing units sport up to eight Piledriver (second-generation Bulldozer) x86 cores with 1MB L2 per core, dual-channel DDR3 memory controller, 8MB L3 cache, Turbo Core 3.0 dynamic performance boosting technology and new instructions. Piledriver’s Front End now has a more precise branch predictor and a larger instruction window. The execution units acquired an enhanced scheduler and learned to process individual instructions faster, such as integer and floating-point division, for example. Moreover, the developers claim that they have increased the L1 TLB size and improved the data prefetch and arbitrating algorithms in the L2 cache.

Piledriver x86 cores use a new resonant clock mesh technology developed by Cyclos Semiconductor, which allows to cut power consumption by 10%, or boost clock-speed by 10% (compared to Bulldozer) without increase of TDP.

AMD FX chips are compatible with AM3+ infrastructure as well as Scorpius platform featuring AMD 990FX core-logic sets.

Despite of high core count and high clock-speeds, AMD chips cannot offer performance comparable to Intel Corp.’s Core i7-3770K as well as Core i5-3570K “Ivy Bridge” microprocessors, which is why AMD has to sell its premium chips at affordable prices.

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Keep it quiet, no benchmarking pleaz.
1 3 [Posted by: Tukee44  | Date: 03/11/13 08:54:37 PM]
- collapse thread

Why? Not to embarrass AMD even further? )
2 2 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 03/12/13 01:26:29 AM]

AMD is dead as far as i am concerned.
Benchmarking these would be pointless.
0 1 [Posted by: MichioQuietAmD  | Date: 03/12/13 07:13:00 AM]

to all of u thickheaded who do not like AMD, go to any site and try to see the PRICE/PERFORMANCE chart and comment.
1 1 [Posted by: brvnbld  | Date: 03/12/13 10:14:56 AM]

this 8 cores 8350 I´M using at this time is wonderful for my little virtualbox sever that provides a few little guest systems for me to play with FIRE inside those virtual guest systems without too much worry of the main system. if a guest system got trashed with virus or spam things i can just DELETE/REPLACE a single large GB file and it is as new and clean environment as NEW could ever be.
0 0 [Posted by: idonotknow  | Date: 03/12/13 01:42:11 PM]


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