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In a bid to promote various small form-factor systems, Intel Corp. has reportedly added BGA versions of its premium Core i-series code-named Haswell microprocessors into the lineup of chips that it will sell. The positioning of the central processing units is unknown, yet it is clear that they will be very powerful.

Based on a picture that resembles slides from Intel’s roadmap, which was published by the Chinese version of VR-Zone web-site, Intel has added three central processing units based on Haswell architecture into the so-called R-series of chips in BGA packaging: Core i7-4770R, Core i5-4670R and Core i5-4570R. The microprocessors have four cores (the i7 version even has Hyper-Threading activated) and the most powerful version of integrated graphics adapter than Intel has to offer: HD Graphics 5200 (40 execution units with on-package cache memory). The chips have 65W thermal design power.

The new Core i “Haswell” R-series microprocessors in ball-grid array packaging will offer two times more powerful graphics core than that in standard land-grid away form-factor. Intel Core i-series “Haswell” chips in LGA packaging will only feature HD Graphics 4600, which has 20 execution units and no on-package cache; the HD Graphics 5200 has 40 execution units and on-package cache to improve speed of memory bandwidth hungry graphics effects, such as multi-sample antialiasing (MSAA).

Those PC makers, who want to make powerful desktop PCs with integrated graphics will have to buy chips in BGA packaging along with mainboards, greatly improving Intel’s economy. Given the fact that all-in-one (AIO) PCs can sustain pretty high thermal designs, Intel will also offer a great performance improvement for AIO desktops. In addition, by adding improved graphics engine to chips in BGA packaging, the world’s largest chipmaker is essentially popularizing the un-upgradable form-factor.

Intel did not comment on the news-story.

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So this is their selling point to have a BGA system, because you get a better gpu on the cpu. Intel is like if you get the BGA setup instead you won't be able to upgrade your cpu but you will have 20 more execution units then the 4600 and an on die cache! lol reminds me of when I saw that youtube video when steve ballmer introduced windows 1.0 and one of the main selling points was it came with reversi. lol

Ballmer sells windows 1.0
4 1 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 04/07/13 09:34:15 AM]

Yes Intel will have HD 5200 graphics, but I need A computer with certified professional graphics drivers, hell, 2 out of 3 of the laptops that I own have OEM customizied Intel HD graphics drivers, and these OEMs are not good at providing updates for their OEM customized Intel HD graphics drivers!
Intel CAN NOT update these OEM (Modded) Intel HD graphics drivers, as Intel can only update their generic HD graphics drivers, one of my laptops has never had its OEM customozed Intel HD graphics drivers updated in the 3 years I have owned it! I would like to be able to tell if the next laptop, that I may purchase has Intel HD Generic graphics dirvers before I buy, but to be able to do this reguires administrative privileges on the laptop or PC, in order to download and install the compoments from the Intel HD graphics Driver update website, intel software that will tell me if the drivers are Intel Generic drivers, or not! I have not had a single sales person at any retailer that would allow me to do this, and very few retail sales people even realise that there are Intel Genaric HD graphics drivers, that Intel Updates regularly, and OEM customized Intel HD graphics drivers, that are rarely, if ever, Updated by the OEMs! Intel will tell you that It can not update OEM customizied Intel HD graphics when you run the software form the Intel HD graphics driver website! I can tell You this, AMD makes an firepro APU with an integrated FirePro GPU and Certified professional graphics drivers, I would buy an APPLE retina macbook pro in a New York minute, if it came with this APU! I am so tired of cleaning up artifacts from my Intel GPU rendered 3D images!
1 1 [Posted by: BigChiefRunAmok  | Date: 04/07/13 12:33:01 PM]
- collapse thread

If whoever bought the computer does not trust you enough to grant you administrative privileges, ask you mommy for help, again.
0 0 [Posted by: Deuce  | Date: 04/08/13 07:16:18 AM]

It will be interesting to see how the HD 5200 competes with AMD offerings. I can definitely see these CPU's appealing to the all-in-one makers, and being a decent solution for users who want some gaming but aren't too demanding.
1 0 [Posted by: ET3D  | Date: 04/08/13 02:29:11 AM]


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