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Technical specifications of the new Intel Corp.’s microprocessors based on code-named Haswell micro-architecture have leaked into the Internet. With higher clock-rates and architecture enhancements, the all-new product lineup is supposed to bring new levels of speeds to different classes of desktop PCs.

The list of technical specifications, which was published by Asder blogger, reveals additional information about Intel Core i7, i5, i3 and Pentium processors based on Haswell micro-architecture and also confirms specifications of the high-end desktop (HEDT) processors. It is noteworthy that currently the chip giant does not have plans for Celeron microprocessors for desktops with Haswell micro-architecture.

It is interesting to note that Intel intends to release Core i7-4471 microprocessor next quarter. The chip will have higher clock-speed than the model 4470, but will not have unlocked multiplier like the model 4770K.

It is also notable that Haswell family of products will also feature a number of low-power products with 35W thermal design power.

Intel did not comment on the news-story.

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very impressive linup -
entry level i3-4330 3.5 ghz@54watt TDP with HD4600 can easily beat AMD's newest offering Richland in pure x86 by a big difference.
on i5 side i5-4670k can easily beat AMD's top notch FX-8350 in half TDP(not consider igp's TDP coz FX does not have igp).
AMD simply have no match for i7 as i7 is 30-50% faster than FX-8350 in windows ecosystem coz windows is optimized for intel on linux difference is about 20%........i7 is still undefeated from first day.
AMD's upcoming steamroller core even can't beat i7 coz AMD says only upto 25% performance boost the only hope is AMD excavator and i think with excavator AMD can start battle for crown again coz excavator will be 25% more powerful than steamroller but excavator has much bigger hidden weapon i.e. support to discreet gpu HSA means adding a discreet gpu will increase whole systems performance by atleast 40% simply much better than intel's broadwell or skylake but i don't think this will happen soon coz HSA requires optimized ecosystem which we don't have and intel will not let that happen.
this all possible if there is no delay from AMD(Another Manufacturing Delay).
8 8 [Posted by: mudi1  | Date: 06/16/13 07:10:23 PM]
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AMD was laging until now and they sold well, and the future is the same. But lot of people liked intels owerclocking witch decreased with new generations so intel will lose some customerce and AMD will not.
0 1 [Posted by: kingpin  | Date: 06/17/13 04:48:37 AM]

Mud... do you actually... believe ... anything you just typed... or is your paycheck from Dan Synder just that large?
3 4 [Posted by: Je Saist  | Date: 06/16/13 08:24:02 PM]
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Mudi's opinion is acutally very balanced. Richland was really a joke of a stop gap product. The 5Ghz 220W Vishera is laughable in these energy conserving times. Kaveri will be out soon. AMD's only hope for immediate competition is for Kaveri to be manufactured on ST-Micro FD-SOI that is 30 - 50% better than bulk-SI at 28nm. If AMD chooses bulk, Steamroller will be creamed. Which will be a shame because HSA is a superior way of computing. Intel gets in front just with manufacturing on smaller nodes, nothing else. AMD stumbled badly between 2008-11 and are having to make up ground. But I think AMD's longterm strategy is good, providing programmers get on board. Sony and MS consoles are a start.
5 1 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 06/17/13 01:08:46 AM]

Both companies need to up their game if they want people to put their hands in their pockets and hand them cash.

Both companies bring out tiny little speed improvements every year or two. Why would people upgrade for an unnoticeable difference in performance?

Since Sandy Bridge which was demonstrated in 2009, and released first products based on the architecture in January 2011 there has been very little improvements in the x86 performance. The IGP has come on but who really uses them? The people who don't game don't need anything better than SB and the people who do game would laugh at the thought of using the IGP.

Where are the decent speed bumps? The 5GHz at sane TDPs? The 8-core chips?...
1 1 [Posted by: loadwick  | Date: 06/17/13 05:50:35 AM]
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Both companies bring out tiny little speed improvements every year or two. Why would people upgrade for an unnoticeable difference in performance?

Exactly! I had to change my setups at least once every two years in the past to keep pace. Since I bought my Ivy 2600k, Intel failed to propose anything that would help being more productive. A little overclock was enough to level the performance with new cpus.

In the end, those 2600k were really good investments. The money saved up till now was (and will be) invested in new techs that will really make a difference.
0 0 [Posted by: MHudon  | Date: 06/19/13 07:16:06 AM]

AMD shot itself with the foot, cause it can release Pilediver cores operating at 65W and better than the FX 4xxx series :

AMD Athlon X4 740 operating at 3.2 Ghz, which is weird to say the least.

There is currently 3 AMD sockets : FM1 / FM2 / AM3+

And its very hard to recommend a specific generic AMD chip, however at intel Side its much easier, any quad core with no hyperthreading BS, will be fine, starting from i5-2300 and up, however Intel Prices never go down.

I wish AMD go back to there roots which is one socket to rule them all AM2/AM3/AM3+

and create an AMD socket that accepts AMD CPU or AMD APU

And dont get me starting on AMD APU on the desktop ? they hardly have any significance, again shot on the other foot, cause AMD 7750 can provide truly double the performance of AMD best APU.

It does not Make any fking sense, if you will buy the BEST APU :

140 USD

And hi performance RAM ~ 50 USD = 190 USD, while AMD 7750 is 100 USD and you can grab a lower end CPU for 80-90 $

I see AMD APU strategy in mobile and tablets, but i dont see any strategy in Desktop PC`s, if AMD didnt shake things up in the Desktop and innovate it will lose its position in the x86 market.

So IMO AMD needs to unify things and start making 8 cores for desktop that consumes way less and have true 8 core performance and logical parts not the modules stuff and under 100W TDP.

If you think that is believable remember the athlon x4 power effiecent series that are quad core and are 45W TDP, like the Athlon x4 600e or 605e/610/615/620

1 1 [Posted by: medo  | Date: 06/17/13 06:24:08 AM]

The comments in this article are so horribly bad, that my head is about to explode.
1 0 [Posted by: phatboye  | Date: 06/18/13 01:04:57 AM]

I don't know why we are comparing amd to intels top of the line cpu market it's no secret that intel has been in the drivers seat for some time now with the cpu crown and amd hasn't. amd has shifted a lot of its focus trying to compete with intel for that performance crown in recent years since that only makes up for 10% of the consumer market and really started focusing towards the performance per watt crown with its mobile devices where that makes up the vast majority of the consumer market instead. So all this amd vs intel performance crown talk is rather moot.
0 0 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 06/18/13 03:17:48 AM]

Hitching ones wagon to a failing O/S is not the brightest idea. Once people leave the x86 O/S then no matter how good ones hardware is the market has gone elsewhere.
0 0 [Posted by: tedstoy  | Date: 06/19/13 12:20:04 AM]


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