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Although Intel Corp. is about to start shipping its next-generation Core i7-4800/4900 “Ivy Brige-E” chips for high-end desktops (HEDTs) in the coming weeks, the company may also be readying a relatively cost-efficient six-core microprocessor based on the current-generation “Sandy Bridge-E” technology.

Officially, Intel only has four second-generation Core i7 “Sandy Bridge-E” microprocessors in LGA2011 packaging in its lineup: three six-core i7-3900-series chips and one quad-core i7-3820 product. However, this week it was discovered in an Intel document that Intel is either preparing, or already shipping, a mysterious Core i7-3910K central processing unit.

Nothing particular is known about Intel Core i7-3910K processor (product code CM8061901142700, s-spec SR0TN), except the fact that this is a six-core chip with relatively low 3.0GHz default clock-speed and unlocked multiplier. Since the chip belongs to the i7 line of products, it probably has Hyper-Threading technology activated.

Give that Intel hardly needs a reasonably priced six-core microprocessor for successful competition against its only rival Advanced Micro Devices in the channel, it is more likely that the Core i7-3910K is aimed at system makers. Moreover, just like the Core i7-3910XM, which officially does not exist, but is available inside select laptops, the chip may already be on the market inside certain PCs.

Intel did not comment on the news-story.

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what would be the expected price range?
1 0 [Posted by: massau  | Date: 07/25/13 03:49:20 AM]
- collapse thread

between overpriced and ridiculously overpriced

4 3 [Posted by: medo  | Date: 07/25/13 06:07:35 AM]
so in the range of 449.99 and 999.99€?
1 1 [Posted by: massau  | Date: 07/25/13 01:20:12 PM]
Between 'forget it' and 'are you f^#king serious?'... or maybe between 'ok, that's just stupid' and 'it's AMD for me from now on. Screw the extra few percent more FPS. I need to pay rent and buy groceries.'
2 2 [Posted by: anubis44  | Date: 07/25/13 09:37:50 PM]

I need to eat and sleep.Over price nunintell products,My rent is over due.I better stop paying such ridiculous prices.
0 2 [Posted by: Urhu  | Date: 07/26/13 09:28:20 AM]

Perfect. I will HAPPILY pay the 499$, overclock it to 4.25 to 4.5 ghz and have a 30% lead over any AMD product ever made.
1 1 [Posted by: amdzorz  | Date: 07/26/13 10:15:55 AM]


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