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At least one retailer in the United Kingdom has dramatically slashed pricing of Advanced Micro Devices’ flagship microprocessor – the AMD FX-9590. Once available at the price-point comparable to Intel Corp.’s Extreme chips, the fastest central processing unit that AMD has to offer can now be obtained at around the cost of Intel Core i7-4770K, a performance mainstream CPU.

Aria PC, an online retailer from the UK, currently sells eight-core AMD FX-9590 microprocessor (4.70GHz clock-rate, 5.0GHz maximum Turbo Core speed, 16MB cache, 220W TDP) for £299 ($466.79), down from £699 ($1091). The same store currently sells quad-core Intel Core i7-4770K central processing unit (3.50GHz frequency, 3.90GHz maximum Turbo Speed clock-rate, 8MB cache, 84W TDP) for £263 ($410).

At press time, Aria PC was the only retailer to offer AMD FX-9590 processor at a discount price. Other online stores in the UK as well as e-tailers in the U.S. continued to sell the product for $900 - $1000. It is unclear whether the price-cut is an isolated campaign by Aria PC and AMD, or the price of the FX-9590 chip will be eventually decreased worldwide. 

AMD FX-9590 microprocessor based on Vishera design is only 17.5% faster compared to the FX-8350, the top-of-the-range chip available for end-users today. Meanwhile, it costs dramatically higher than a "typical" eight-core AMD FX offering.

AMD’s current top-of-the-range eight-core FX-8350 microprocessor is clocked at 4.0GHz and in terms of performance is usually behind Intel Core i7-3770K and Core i7-4770K (4 cores with HT, LGA1155) as well as Core i7-3970X (6 cores with HT, LGA2011). While in video games its performance can easily be improved by overclocking, in applications where performance difference equals or exceeds 50%, a 17.5% clock-speed boost will hardly help much. Therefore, positioning AMD FX-9590 against Core i7-3970X hardly makes any sense and it is generally more logical for AMD to compete against Core i7-4770K, not against Extreme series of products from its mighty rival.

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AMD can't chase the big numbers using a CPU that is nodes behind Intel. It will be a different story though benching Steamroller and Excavator APUs in HSA optimised software, such as Handbrake.
3 1 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 08/22/13 01:43:08 AM]
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I'm love to see a mainboard manufacturer create a board with soldiered on gddr5 to take better advantage of HSA, much like the PS4. Not likely though.
1 1 [Posted by: KeyBoardG  | Date: 08/22/13 08:34:30 AM]

The stupid $1000 prices are for morons with more money than brains.
4 1 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 08/22/13 05:20:25 AM]

The i7-4770K is still cheaper, faster, cooler, more power efficient and more overclockable (though in some ways a step back from Sandy Bridge in that regard). Hopefully Steamroller can turn things around. Intel has left a window of opportunity open with the release of Haswell being less than stellar. AMD's execution and long-term planning never fails to disappoint though.
6 0 [Posted by: lol123  | Date: 08/22/13 05:24:10 AM]

Sick joke? Does anyone buy that? Most of world cut of on standard light bulb yet some crazy cpu manufacturers offers quarter kilowatt powerhogs as top off the line ripoffs. Really is there any sale of those JOKER chips?
0 0 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 08/22/13 11:47:14 PM]


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