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Advanced Micro Devices has reportedly finalized its plans for the next two years. Unfortunately, instead of accelerating release of new high-performance products, the company decided to take conservative road and delay introduction of already known products, including Kaveri, Carrizo, Beema, Mullins and Nolan.

As already expected, the code-named Kaveri accelerated processing unit with Steamroller x86 high-performance cores, new-generation graphics engine with HSA [heterogeneous system architecture] and other new capabilities will only be released in March, 2014, not on late 2013, as planned originally. As a result, the successor of Kaveri, code-named Carrizo (or Carizo), will only emerge towards the middle 2015. The chip is expected to feature Excavator high-performance x86 cores, reports DigiTimes web-site.

Further delays of high-performance micro-architectures and microprocessors greatly lowers AMD’s ability to compete for the lucrative segment of high-end microprocessors for desktops, notebooks and servers that is currently commanded by Intel Corp. By the time AMD rolls-out its A-series “Kaveri” APUs in the second quarter of 2014, its arch-rival will be ready to refresh its desktop lineup with higher-speed Intel Core i-series 4000-family “Haswell” microprocessors. In the second half of the year Intel intends to unveil Core i-series 5000-family “Broadwell” chips for notebooks.

It is rumoured that AMD has decided to delay not only high-performance products, but low-power/low-cost APUs as well. In Q1 2014 the firm is now projected to release versions of code-named Kabini accelerated processing units aimed at low-cost systems. The chips will operate at high clock-speeds and will have thermal design power of 25W. Previously, such chips were projected to emerge in late 2013.

Only sometimes in the second half of 2014 the world’s second largest supplier of microprocessors is expected to release its code-named Mullins and Beema APUs based on second-generation Jaguar-based designs with HSA features. Mullins and Beema are projected to be succeeded by code-named Nolan APUs in 2015.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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delays are the only reason intel is 10X bigger than amd.
amd makes a good product in competition to intel's certain lineup but due to delays amd's product bound to face intel's next-gen lineup and result we all know in terms of raw performance and even worse in terms of performance per watt intel is now miles ahead.

some famous amd delays-
1.phenom II deneb (45nm)-scheduled to face penryn based core2(45nm) series but due to delay faced nehlem (32nm) result nehlm wins by small margin.
2.bulldozer (32nm)-scheduled to face nehlem (32nm) based core-i series but due to delay faced sandy-bridge(32nm) result sandy-bridge crushed bulldozer in every aspect.
3.piledriver (32nm)-scheduled to face sandy-bridge(32nm) based core-i series but due to delay faced ivy-bridge(22nm) result ivy-bridge crushed piledriver in every aspect.
4.again piledriver (32nm)-scheduled to face ivy-bridge(22nm) based core-i series but due to delay faced haswell(22nm) result piledriver even can't stand infront of haswell.

official future roadmap-(if not delayed)
5.once more piledriver (32nm)-bound to face haswell refresh (22nm) based core-i series due to delay of stamroller, and evryone knows R.I.P. piledriver

Note-in terms of raw performance on windows ecosystem haswell is about 40-50% powerful than vishera but this is only half the truth real truth is behind performance per watt where haswell is about 80% better than amd's vishera.

wake up AMD.............
6 5 [Posted by: mudi1  | Date: 08/29/13 07:17:42 AM]
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3 8 [Posted by: Rares  | Date: 08/29/13 07:22:56 AM]

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2 5 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 08/29/13 09:15:05 PM]
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There is a difference between ship and launch.

Ship - APU makes its way to seller & OEM
Launch - Seller and OEM begin to sell APU to consumer
4 0 [Posted by: trumpet-205  | Date: 08/30/13 10:36:25 AM]

AMD has made it perfectly clear for months that they would ship Kaveri desktop in Q4 of '13 and laptop in Q1 of '14 and they will do so despite the haters.
1 2 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 08/30/13 10:30:44 PM]

Anyone else wondering where the rest of the original post went ???
0 0 [Posted by: JBG  | Date: 09/03/13 08:25:17 AM]


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