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For a number of years Advanced Micro Devices has been saying that the future of PC microprocessors are hybrid accelerated processing units that feature both x86 general-purpose cores as well as highly-parallel graphics processing engines. As it appears, the company not only thinks that APU is the future, but even has no plans to update its FX-series of microprocessors in 2014.

Based on AMD’s 2013 – 2014 roadmap published this week, the high-end of microprocessor market next year will continue to be served by AMD’s second-generation FX-series central processing units with up to eight code-named Vishera x86 cores. Perhaps, AMD will increase clock-speed of the chips, but micro-architecture- and design-wise they will continue to be the same products that were introduced a year ago. Given the fact that currently-available FX processors fit into AM3+ infrastructure, AMD’s high-end 2014 platform will feature the technologies from 2012 – 2013.

Traditionally, AMD’s high-end FX microprocessors relied on designs originally developed for servers. Enthusiast-class central processing units feature lower core-count but higher clock-rates compared to server units. In addition, they lack certain specific functionality. AMD’s server plans for 2014 include code-named Warsaw CPU with twelve or sixteen Piledriver cores, which should feature certain design changes compared to currently-available Opteron 4300-/6300-series products. Unfortunately, it does not look like there will be consumer-class derivative from Warsaw.


By contrast, AMD will offer code-named Kaveri high-performance accelerated processing units with two or four next-generation Steamroller x86 cores as well as AMD Radeon R7 graphics engine featuring GCN architecture, AMD TrueAudio as well as HUMA [heterogeneous unified memory architecture] shared memory controller. In a number of applications that take advantage of GPGPU technologies, A-series “Kaveri” APUs will likely outperform FX-series “Vishera” chips. However, in other applications those processors will be behind multi-core offerings.

While the destiny of FX-series CPUs remains unclear for 2014, it is unlikely that AMD will not even try to offer something that actually offers serious performance for enthusiast-class systems.

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A combination of less than idea PC sales and financial disarray are responsible for AMD not releasing an FX processor this year. If both of these conditions do not change at any point in time simultaneously, then the FX series is truly dead. Support the competitor and buy a Kaveri or 8 core fx chip. The fx chip should be faster given that multitasking has enormously improved (in apps) since it was first launched. Only the odd app is single threaded, and kaveri will win on these, but at 3.7ghz, and max of 25% architecture improvement, well, no need to spell it out any further. BTW, the 8 core chip is 4 ghz.
4 2 [Posted by: ericore  | Date: 11/14/13 09:14:54 PM]

again piledriver................
0 0 [Posted by: mudi1  | Date: 11/14/13 09:52:19 PM]
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Hopefully the FX 9000 piledriver series is not the only new products to the AM3+ for 13/14.
220W not even 'supported' with the first 990FX 140W mobo's. I want to upgrade the CPU but the 9000 series would be a last resort upgrade for AM3+. Sad.
I did at one time say that I didnt care how much it cost or how much power it used I just want a faster CPU. But its abnormal getting a CPU that cant be air cooled.
0 0 [Posted by: campdude  | Date: 11/15/13 04:52:20 PM]
the 9000 *is* the LAST new cpu for am3+..
0 0 [Posted by: amdzorz  | Date: 11/15/13 07:30:04 PM]
There is a ray of hope that AM3+ will exist in 2015...we just saw up until 2014 end.I do not know enough about the history on how they announced the phenom support on AM2.But things have changed. It could be possible that 9000 series is the end since any announcement lately has been delayed beyond launch date. Therefore no announcement would definitely mean nothing new...not even delayed new. Sad.But the end of the article says "While the destiny of FX-series CPUs remains unclear for 2014, it is unlikely that AMD will not even try to offer something that actually offers serious performance for enthusiast-class systems."
0 0 [Posted by: campdude  | Date: 11/16/13 02:07:54 AM]

0 1 [Posted by: campdude  | Date: 11/14/13 10:28:55 PM]

The 8350 is nice until you need that single thread speed. Dolphin emulator struggles because the audio emulation just needs a lot of raw power. This announcement is disappointing.
1 0 [Posted by: KeyBoardG  | Date: 11/14/13 11:29:09 PM]
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1 5 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 11/14/13 11:47:50 PM]
I think that's wishful thinking in this particular case my friend.
2 1 [Posted by: JBG  | Date: 11/15/13 12:01:10 AM]
Explain to me how you know for sure AMD doesn't have a blueprint in the bottom drawer for an FX processor based on Steamroller cores. Given that you don't, then please explain how in the worst Desktop PC market conditions in 20 years where, every man and his dog is buying a smartphone and tablet instead, that it would be a good business decision to release a FX processor. It is clear that AMD's current strategy is to corner the gaming market with affordable devices. The comparison is how Nokia dominated the mobile phone market between 1992-2010 by designing affordable handsets to deliver to the maximum amount of people. AMD APUs + HSA + Mantle + sweetprice node (ie 28nm) are the secret herbs and spices for this success. Big cores are not completely necessary in this strategy, but not out of the question either. AMD is content for the moment to let extreme enthusiasts pair an Intel i7something with AMD graphics. The next step in this strategy will be for AMD to pair ARM + AMD graphics for tablets. Hence how the roadmap from Temash to Mullins has been downgraded- Efforts are now concentrated in this area with the blessing of the HSA Consortium.
2 4 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 11/15/13 02:58:25 AM]
Necessary move on AMD's part, delaying on their enthusiast parts, as the enthusiast parts that for AMD, as well as Intel, have always had their R&D and sale prices subsidized, by the sales of the mainstream SKUs that are both company's bread and butter! x86, although great for gaming, has never been suitable for low power mobile devices, and the current market favors the mobile devices, for companys that want to stay in business to be able subsidize the enthusiast SKUs, kind of like the automakers subsidize formula 1 racing! AMD Taking the ARM instruction set, and marrying it to its HSA technology to produce power efficient APUs, that will give Apple some APU competition in the cell phone/tablet market, should be the top priority, to flee the x86 highend market and live to fight there another day!
0 0 [Posted by: BigChiefRunAmok  | Date: 11/16/13 04:16:27 PM]
wishful thinking.. AMD has announce and said they were not interested in the high end lloonngg ago.. i was quite surprised by the lame 9000fx entry. but it is the last hurra.
2 2 [Posted by: amdzorz  | Date: 11/15/13 07:31:46 PM]

With SSD and instant-on technologies, PCs are pretty fast now for normal users, as far as UI goes. I think Intel and AMD are focusing on the right goals by lowering power consumption (with acceptable performance) and improve integrated graphic/compute capability.
1 0 [Posted by: gamoniac  | Date: 11/14/13 11:49:10 PM]

WOW! No steamroller for desktop. Guess it just didn't make financial sense.

Sucks as an AMD desktop fan but. That being said though I am happy that the company under Rory Reid is actually being run now as a legitimate business and moved out from under Intel's shadow.
Business is about making money and that's something AMD have not been able to do for many years now. It's a large boat to turn but he's steering them in the right direction I feel.

Better business = More money = More R&D resources = better CPU's = More competition = win for the consumer
2 1 [Posted by: JBG  | Date: 11/14/13 11:57:43 PM]

the market has shifted greatly in the past 3 years. tablets, smarts phones are where the majority of the tech market is at right now. Powerful cpu's have now taken a backseat to efficient cpu's where battery life is more important then raw performance. This is why intel has slowed down its performance increases in their cpu's and put the majority of their focus on energy efficiency now.
2 3 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 11/15/13 03:24:20 AM]
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Have a look at the massive amounts of money Intel makes from big-core, high TDP server CPUs and see if you want to revise your statement after that.
3 5 [Posted by: lol123  | Date: 11/15/13 03:32:23 AM]
I'm talking consumer market yutz
4 1 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 11/15/13 10:18:02 AM]

Inside sources suggest excavator is coming directly as FX. AMD is trying to surprise Intel just the way it surprised Nvidia with R9 series.
3 4 [Posted by: Atlastiamhere  | Date: 11/15/13 05:26:16 AM]
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1 4 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 11/15/13 08:01:38 AM]
What inside sources.
0 0 [Posted by: KeyBoardG  | Date: 11/15/13 04:13:59 PM]
mm no. they are going to see how "mantel does" commercialy and if it here is enough adoption to pursue.

if there is future Fx chips will be fm-based. if it stalls or has to low a adoption rate well see dev pick am3+/am4 fx back up.. and maybe a new cpu by REALLY late 2014 early 2015. but it will be a tweak as there will not be enough time to spin new silicon.
2 1 [Posted by: amdzorz  | Date: 11/15/13 07:34:37 PM]
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0 4 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 11/16/13 01:29:23 AM]

I've just witnessed a video showcasing AMD playing battlefield 4 at 1920x1080 res with a minimum frame-rate of 28, in the particular indoor scene. Obviously, they have an ssd in there, and obviously outdoors is harder on FPS, but the best about it is, this isn't the mantle version. Meaning you can expect a minimum 20% FPS increase to 50% FPS, and 25-50% greater FPS stability once they release the mantle version or update. That's very nice. I wouldn't say battlefield 4 is the most cpu dependent game, but it isn't lackluster either.;feature=player_embedded
0 1 [Posted by: ericore  | Date: 11/15/13 11:53:44 AM]

I am realsorry about this myself, but there is no repeat no new highend desktop chip from AMD this year. The most we can hope for is mcm-warsam base-respin chucked on am3+. 2015 is the year for execavator designs, and AMD could easily dump a very highend 2p chip on fm2+ socket. Who the fuck knows at this point? AMD has dumped, postponed, killed, redesigned, swapped around so many chips in the last coupla years I have completely lost track with them. Still 2015 on 0.2 maybe even fd-soi?
0 1 [Posted by: TopHatKiller  | Date: 11/16/13 10:10:51 AM]

They may be concentrating on a future Excavator-based FX and Kaveri while the new FX upgrade might just me a 28nm shrink that would probably bring us cheaper and more efficient CPUs.

If they move to 28nm, the chips will be cheaper to manufacture, thus allowing for better profit and more competitive prices. The decision might actually be a good idea as fighting the i7 4770K could be quite difficult.

Build a future FX 8450 run at 4.2 GHz (with a top Turbo frequency of 4.5 GHz) and sell it for 175$ while it uses just 65W and you'll surely have a winner.

That will be a good upgrade for any AM3+ owner.
0 0 [Posted by: East17  | Date: 11/16/13 06:24:27 PM]

Well...basically AMD is handing Intel its remaining server marketshare (pretty much only at 3% as of right now). 32 nm won't be competitive at all in 2014. 16 cores will also be uncompetitive, because we already have IVB Xeons with 15 cores and I know that Haswell Xeons are going to have > 16 cores at the high end.

Once 14nm comes out of Intel, AMD is pretty much dead. Intel will be able to fit even more graphics horsepower on the die, all while using even less power. They're betting all their chips (no pun) on APU's but Haswell already showed that Intel is plenty capable of doing "good enough" garphics.
1 0 [Posted by: AnonymousGuy  | Date: 11/17/13 01:19:38 AM]
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Sheerest nonsense of the most depressingly uniformed sort. 2014:0.28 2015:0.02 2016/17 ).014xm, intel's "0.022" trigate is nothing of the sort, it's nearer 0.024/0.026, the only haswell with 15+ cores is an unconfirmed EX chip - apart from intel's difficulty in building huge chips on their trigate process, these things go for $50000 a pop. As for i's "graphical horsepower" i'll spend the rest of the next 18 months laughing about that one.
0 1 [Posted by: TopHatKiller  | Date: 11/18/13 12:39:59 PM]
The folks who buy server chips don't care about $5k a pop. If you've got that much money you care about maximum performance at minimum power to fit in your giant array of racks. AMD has nothing to compete (Intel had 95.6% as of last's not even close), and staying on a 32nm process that's already 2 years old for another year is just going to end them.

I've said several times now that AMD is clearly just coasting into either bankruptcy or a buyout. To sum up AMD:

-Laughable IPC. Easily 2 years behind Intel nowadays.
-No server presence
-6 months behind Nvidia (Nvidia had 6 months to fully deploy the 700 series line and charge premium prices).
-3:1 outnumbered in pro graphics marketshare

But hey, at least they're getting paid $20 for every console sold. Just need to sell one to every person on earth and maybe they'll make as much as Intel makes.
1 0 [Posted by: AnonymousGuy  | Date: 11/18/13 08:49:18 PM]
try and find an amd graphics card that stays on shelf more than 2 days.......miners eating them up like hot cakes.
IPC laughable, if you actually did the math FX is faster than an I5(show me a used pc that only runs one thread at a time) can hang hang with an I7.
microserver is the new market for servers.
AMD makes $100 per console sold, 4.2M ps4 sold.
3.8M xbones sold.
sounds like money to me.

AMD about to double in share prices

cache is where AMD is behind,and this Uarch is thrashing it to hell.
0 0 [Posted by: Cain Marko  | Date: 03/12/14 12:21:21 PM]

You guys do know if it weren't for AMD we probably wouldn't have 64-bit right? Back in the day, intel said it was impossible. Then AMD made it. Plus intel was the under dog up until 2009 or 2010.
0 2 [Posted by: hankthecreep  | Date: 11/18/13 09:20:49 PM]

They were also the first to break the 1 ghz mark
0 2 [Posted by: hankthecreep  | Date: 11/18/13 09:21:40 PM]

Dear AnonGuy,Please check one of your facts before posting, you know, just one. Not all of them or anything; that would be asking to much from people like you, obviously.
0 0 [Posted by: TopHatKiller  | Date: 11/19/13 01:02:09 PM]


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